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VirtualBox E1000 Guest-to-Host Escape

Facebook’s GraphQL gets its own open-source foundation

Show HN: TabNine, an autocompleter for all languages

Ozone: The Earth’s protective shield is repairing

The history of humans trying to reduce one another to a personality profile

Swift Intermediate Language Ownership Model Proposal

Linux compatibility in IncludeOS

Easy-To-use, FPGA-Accelerated Hardware Simulation of RISC-V Systems in the Cloud

Reddit AMA on a free alternative to Photoshop used by 1.5M people

Using Wi-Fi to “see” behind closed doors is easier than anyone thought

Mundane: Rust cryptography library backed by BoringSSL

A Lisp Way to Type Theory and Formal Proofs (2017) [pdf]

Designing an Engineering Performance Management System from Scratch

Math for common angle and tipping points of branching valley networks. (2012)

The relationship between age and wisdom-related performance

Compartmentalized computing with CLIP OS

New Lower-Cost, AMD-Powered M5a and R5a EC2 Instances

Principles for a Contract for the Web

The first domesticated foxes [video]

MemSQL is now free to use for databases with up to 128GB of RAM usage

Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing (2017)

VMware acquires Heptio, the startup founded by 2 co-founders of Kubernetes

China’s Gait Recognition Can Identify People by Walk and Body Shape

The Complete JavaScript Handbook by Flavio Copes

How to explain the KGB’s amazing success identifying CIA agents? (2015) raises $29.5M Series A for its AI+Humans software building platform

11 techniques to fit large neural networks on edge devices

Intel announces Cascade Lake Xeons: 48 cores and 12-channel memory per socket

Out of all major energy sources, nuclear is the safest (2017)

Existing laser tech could be used for “porch light” to attract alien astronomers

Can Hong Kong Sell Its Residents on Watery Graves?

A technical report on convolution arithmetic in the context of deep learning

’Almost all’ Pakistani banks hacked in security breach, says FIA cybercrime head

Florida passes Amendment Four, restoring voting rights to convicted felons

Scylla 3.0 announced – Secondary Indexes, Cassandra 3.0 compatibility and more

Show HN: DiagramJS – Create beautiful node diagrams using JavaScript

Untagging Tor: A Formal Treatment of Onion Encryption [pdf]

Coordination-Free Consistent Transactions Using In-Network Concurrency Control [pdf]

Who called 1688 a “Glorious Revolution”? (2016)

Show HN: The Feed Directory

Fishing for Hackers: Analysis of a Linux Server Attack (2014)

25% of Employees at Amazon, Apple, and Others in Tech Regret Taking Their Jobs

TRE: A Regex Engine with Approximate Matching

Children’s screen time has little effect on sleep, says study

FCC pushes carriers to implement caller ID authentication by 2019

AMD outlines its future: 7nm GPUs with PCIe 4, Zen 2, Zen 3, Zen 4

A Model to Predict Effectiveness and Cost of Software Security Assurance Tools

Apple’s new iPad Pro is not compatible with any external storage devices

Researchers train AI to spot Alzheimer’s disease ahead of diagnosis

Researchers have busted the encryption in several Crucial and Samsung SSDs

Facebook now adds fbclid query string to URLs, busting CloudFlare’s cache

Automated visual testing in Nightmare with Percy

The Linux Foundation Announces Intent to Form New Foundation to Support GraphQL

CppCon 2018: “Modern C++ in Embedded Systems – The Saga Continues”

Curated collection of CSS snippets

Apple Abandons the Mass Market, as the iPhone Turns Luxury

Google Workers Reject Silicon Valley Individualism in Walkout

Ted Cruz is still using a blacklisted Cambridge Analytica app developer

The Potentiometer Handbook (1975) [pdf]

Interstellar object may have been an alien probe, Harvard paper claims

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors [pdf]

Bitcoin Will Burn the Planet Down. The Question: How Fast?

Show HN: Curated list of best niche job boards

I paid $300 for DNA-based fitness advice and all I got was junk science

Avoidable career mistakes (and how to conquer them)

Building a Serverless “Voter Ipsum” API as Quick as Voting #noServerNovember

Calculator.PDF (even works in Google Chrome)

Front-End: Web Components TDD/DDD Tool that works with components of any library

Facebook’s attention economy delivers traffic but no money for media orgs

Russia: Now everyone who uses a messaging app must be identifiable

Apple forgot to lock Intel Management Engine in laptops, so get patching

Predictably, online media go nuts over ‘Oumuamua and Harvard scientists

Imperative Loop or Functional Stream Pipeline? Beware of the Performance Impact

Seagate’s Roadmap Shows How We Can Expect 100 TB HDDs in 2025

Show HN: Start IntelliJ projects with an XKCD comic

PostgreSQL Performance Tuning Tutorial

Cigar-shaped interstellar object may have been alien probe, Harvard paper claims

Show HN: Predict how well people will react to your writing

It’s called vomit fraud. And it could make your Uber trip really expensive

Elon Musk’s SpaceX looks to a $750M leveraged loan

Why aren’t we all using Japanese toilets?

Facebook Admits It Was Used to Incite Violence in Myanmar

Inside Tesla’s factory, a medical clinic designed to ignore injured workers