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Google Kubernetes Engine’s third consecutive day of service disruption

Linux apps running on iOS via userspace x86 emulation and syscall translation

What does WhatsApp’s upcoming monetisation mean for the company and its users?

Making rain simulation as real as possible

Most advanced XSS detection suite

A web based mission control framework by NASA

Show HN: Convert a Markdown Doc to WordPress Posts and Pages

Adversarial Examples That Fool Both Computer Vision and Time-Limited Humans

Show HN: Google Earth for live radios

HTTP-over-QUIC will officially become HTTP/3

Show HN: 100x Faster Slicing of SCAD Files for 3D Printing

A Git Horror Story: Repository Integrity with Signed Commits

Differentiable Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Through Edge Sampling

Interactive online quantum circuit simulator

The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights

25 years ago today, NCSA Mosaic 1.0 was released

Small robots may kill the tractor and make farming efficient

Researchers study the genetics and behavior of elephants born without tusks

Should you use www or not in your domain? (2017)

Why Militaries Destroy Cities to Save Them

Beware the Metagame

“Churchill” on Prepositions (2016)

Why Good Developers Write Bad Unit Tests

California Based P2P Trader Convicted of Illegal Money Transmission

Mark Zuckerberg pressured a Facebook executive to conceal his support of Trump

Aardman Animation Is Giving the Company to Their Employees

Why intel processors draw more power than expected: TDP and Turbo explained

Egypt’s newly discovered tombs hold mummies, animal statues

The Absolute Easiest Way to Debug Node.js – With VS Code

Two men are each trying to become the first person to cross Antarctica alone

Visualizing turbulence with a home demo [video]

Myth-busting the origins of the the vibrator

Ancient genomics is recasting the story of the Americas’ first residents

LMDB – Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Manager

Don’t Want to Fall for Fake News? Don’t Be Lazy

Grunya Sukhareva characterized autism nearly two decades before Asperger

Faire (YC W17) Is Looking to Hire a Senior Data Scientist

Die Threads: Python async code [video]

Show HN: Opunit Simple unit tests for servers and containers

My Band Has 1M Spotify Streams. Want to See Our Royalties? (2016)

C-Sky: A $6 Linux dev board with HDMI and USB

Redner- a differentiable Monte Carlo path tracer

The isolating, maddening, shared experience of ’Insomnia’

Holt-Winters’ seasonal method for forecasting

The healthiest people in the world don’t go to the gym

Diplomats suffered “concussion without concussion” and we still don’t know why

Limbo – Commodore 64 [video]

The Effects of Marijuana Legalisation: An Update

H-1B visa fraud: Sunnyvale man indicted for bringing in 600 workers illegally

Cascade: A Just-In-Time Compiler for Verilog

George RR Martin: ‘When I began GoT I thought it might be a short story’

PigletC, a toy C-like language compiler for PigletVM

When Do You Start Using Decentralized Social Media

Credit Card Chips Have Failed to Halt Fraud (So Far)

Marijuana use tied to serious diabetes complication

Twenty Years of Attacks on the RSA Cryptosystem (1999) [pdf]

TED: Why you will fail to have a great career (2011)

‘It Wasn’t a Job, It Was a Cult’: The Definitive Oral History of DoubleClick

William Kahan (Father of Floating Point): A Numerical Analyst on Deep Learning

ASUS Z390 Motherboards Automatically Push Software into Your Windows Install

Show HN: I created a miniature SaaS to automate putting addresses on envelopes

Show HN: Bosslog – The Note App for Managers

Show HN: Word suggestion based on partial word input