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Boeing Withheld Information on 737 Model, According to Safety Experts and Others

How to self-publish a book: A handy list of resources

Tantalizing but preliminary evidence of a “brain microbiome” by Google

The poetry and brief life of a Foxconn worker

YouTube CEO calls EU’s proposed copyright regulation financially impossible

New Study Details Toxic Particles Spewed by 3D Printers

Web Writable Files API: Simplifying Local File Access

Show HN: HomelabOS – Ansible scripts to deploy self hosted cloud services

Distributed consistency at scale: Spanner vs. Calvin (2017)

Pseudonyms to protect authors of controversial articles

Show HN: – free pizza for usergroups, meetups, hackathons, talks

Beginner’s Guide to Product-Qualified Leads

Google, Facebook, and Amazon benefit from an outdated definition of “monopoly”

Show HN: WebRTTY – Share a terminal session over WebRTC

UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation

An 1861 illustrated Japanese book on the American revolutionary war

Improving DuckDuckGo

Parsing Excel Spreadsheets with Swift’s Codable Protocols

Measuring and Improving Your CI/CD Pipelines

Things I Wish I’d Known About Spark When I Started (One Year Later Edition)

WHLSL: Web High Level Shading Language is hiring a frontend engineer to build devtools

Hello, and welcome to libh2o

FaceStyle / Puppetron: Example-Based Synthesis of Stylized Facial Animations

Show HN: WriteFreely – minimalist, federated blogging platform

The Rebel Real: an attempt to design a new mouse

Gradient Descent Finds Global Minima of Deep Neural Networks

In China, Desperate Patients Smuggle Drugs or Make Their Own

C2x: the next real revision of the C standard

Shane Parrish has become an unlikely guru for Wall Street

Transitioning from Video to Physical Game Development: An Education (2014)

Tesla extends ‘bug bounty’ to energy products, increases payout by 50%

Derivatives of Regular Expressions (2007)

Glyphosate perturbs the gut microbiota of honey bees

Leapfrogging the IDE

From the Oil Field to Silicon Valley: How Coding Changed My Life

Show HN: A JavaScript Handbook

Short-Run Effects of GDPR on Technology Venture Investment

Plaintext Recovery Attack of OCB2 [pdf]

Xbox 360 Emulation is here on the PC. The story of Xenia

1972 Solar Storm Detonated U.S. Mines in Vietnam

Tech workers seeking an edge on peers turn to all-meat ‘carnivore diet’

Best and Worst Cities for Nursing Homes in the US

London Lib. discovered books Bram Stoker used for research when writing Dracula

Our memory comes from an ancient virus, neuroscientists say

Microservices to Workflows: The Evolution of Order Management System

Austin’s Fix for Homelessness: Tiny Houses, and Lots of Neighbors

Kelloggs cornflakes were developed to prevent masturbation

I call my OCD ‘Olivia’

Ceph open-source storage takes an organizational step forward

Show HN: Comprehensive Tutorials in Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

Apple iPhone sales fears rock Wall Street

Shumway: Flash implementation in JavaScript

Visual Studio Code Update – October 2018

Squoosh: image codecs and compression in every browser that supports WASM

Change careers like Tarzan

Show HN: Turn YouTube playlists into video podcasts

Google’s IP prefixes routed via China, Russia and Nigeria due to a BGP hijack

Stan Lee, Superhero of Marvel Comics, Dies at 95

Suspect Remotely Wipes iPhone X While It Sits in Police Evidence

Turbocharging Python with Command Line Tools

How Has San Francisco Run Out of Money for Affordable Housing?

Build your own ’Portrait Mode’ using machine learning on iOS in ~30 minutes

A former Google employee has written a survival guide for women: how to succeed

Stan Lee, creator of a galaxy of Marvel superheroes, dies

Stan Lee: Marvel Comics co-creator dies aged 95

The Performance Impact of Spectre Mitigation on POWER9

Preparations companies are making for Brexit

Chrome: Closing the capability gap between the web and native