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Chinese Tokamak reaches over 100M degrees

Build a do-it-yourself home air purifier for about $25

Private by Design: How We Built Firefox Sync

Infinite procedurally-generated city with the Wave Function Collapse algorithm

Waymo CEO Says Alphabet Unit Plans to Launch Driverless Car Service

Food taste ’not protected by copyright’ rules EU court

Abusing C macros to render the Mandelbrot Set at compile-time

C library system-call wrappers, or the lack thereof

Fun with NFL Stats, Bokeh, and Pandas

Crater believed to be formed by asteroid impact 66M years ago

How to Keep Your Job as Your Company Grows

Embracing the Laws of Physics: Three Reversible Models of Computation

Comparing the Quality of Debug Information Produced by Clang and Gcc

Bill Godbout, a legend in the S-100 community, died in the Camp wildfire

Web Browsing Data Offer Better Election Predictions – Research

Redox – A Unix-Like Operating System Written in Rust

Findex – Another try to build a portable computer

Sipeed MAIX, a $5 dual-core RISC-V board with deep-learning support

Capstone, Intel XED, and Zydis, which is faster in decoding x86?

Decentralizing the web with Beaker

GitLab Made $10.5M in Revenue with Every Employee Working from Home

Memory-Level Parallelism: Intel Skylake versus Apple A12/A12X

Show HN: TensorSpace.js – Neural network 3D visualization framework

The Dragon: Fear and Power

HermitCore-rs – A Rust-based, lightweight unikernel

FDA isn’t doing enough to prevent medical device hacking, HHS report says

Why New York Is Resorting to Paying Amazon for What Google Will Do for Free

Thirty Years After Manufacturing Consent, How Mass Media Keeps Thought Inbounds

Puzzle Montage Art by Tim Klein

How Big Is Amazon? Its Many Businesses in One Chart

Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Should Be Illegal

How plants evolved to make ants their servants

The Lost Art of Steam Heating (2017) [video]

Making Lemonade: The Importance of Social Media and Community

Magenta Studio (Beta): Music Generation Using Tensorflow

Microsoft resumes rollout of Windows 10 version 1809, promises quality changes

Gaia spots a ’ghost’ galaxy next door

Google’s Squoosh (Image Compression Project) GitHub

U.S. schools should leave partnerships that persecute Chinese students

IP Geolocation Through Reverse DNS

A Commodore hacker’s story

Particle emissions from consumer fused deposition modeling 3D printers

Show HN: Rebuilt My CSS Grid Generator with Vue.js

Show HN: Sticky Sidebar – Pure JavaScript plugin for making smart sticky sidebar

Real URLs for AMP Cached Content Using Cloudflare Workers

Show HN: Emojifs – Create Animated GIFs from Emojis

Ex-Detainee Describes Torture in China’s Xinjiang Re-Education Camp

How Harley-Davidson’s All-In Bet on Its Past Crippled Its Future

Show HN: Typing Hero – Text Expander App for Android

Prof. Dr. Style: Top Web Design Styles of 1993 (2010)

More Information About Last Week’s Takedowns

Ketamine’s effect on depression: an update

Google is absorbing DeepMind’s health care unit to create an AI assistant

The Consistency of Arithmetic [pdf]

Facebook bug let websites read ‘likes’ and interests from a user’s profile

Things nobody told me about being a software engineer

The Simple Joy of “No Phones”

The Ethereum-blockchain size has exceeded 1TB, and yes, it’s an issue

Russian Hackers Largely Skipped the Midterms, and No One Really Knows Why

A catalog of ingenious cheats developed by machine-learning systems

Brexit: UK and EU ’agree text’ of draft withdrawal agreement

Google web traffic hijacked and routed through China and Russia

Google Services Inaccessible Due to BGP Leak

Thousandeyes Breach Spamming Google Search with Fake PDFs