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Prosecutors Have Prepared Indictment of Julian Assange, a Filing Reveals

C Portability Lessons from Weird Machines

PSA: Firefox Nightly now with experimental Wayland support

Estimating the chances of something that hasn’t happened yet

Plans Revealed for Enormous Particle Collider in China – Mute background noise during your calls

Sony Venice – Full Frame Digital Cinematography Camera

What is the highest point on Earth as measured from Earth’s center?

The Free Coffee Test, or Lefkowitz’s Law of Corporate Financial Health (2013)

‘I Don’t Really Want to Work for Facebook.’ Say Some Computer Science Students

Facebook Applied for Patent to Predict Who’s in House Based on Family Photos

The Discoveries of Continuations (1993) [pdf]

Computing Higher Order Derivatives of Matrix and Tensor Expressions [pdf]

GPS mapping application in uLisp

Translate Pictures of Food into Recipes with Deep Learning, the hacker’s forge, now open for public alpha

The Vacuum Tube’s Many Modern-Day Uses

Show HN: An “automatic” way to learn Chinese

Standard Cognition Raises $40M Series A to Deliver Autonomous Checkout

One hundred clock codes

Overturned polygons: shapes with less than two sides

A Look Inside the Tactics of Definers, Facebook’s Attack Dog

LMDB Intel Optane SSD/IMDT Microbenchmark

Leaky database of SMS text messages exposed password resets and two-factor codes

SpamAssassin is back

Tulsa to pay remote workers $10k to relocate

The Screen of Enamoration: Love in the Age of Google

Beyond Passwords: 2FA, U2F and Google Advanced Protection

Researchers discover seven new Meltdown and Spectre attacks

Long Polling – Concepts and Considerations

The Essence of Nearly Anything, Drop by Limpid Drop (2007)

SmartAsset (YC S12) Is Hiring a Data Engineer

CSS Frameworks or CSS Grid: What Should I Use for My Project?

A JIT Compiler Skirmish with SELinux

Python and Qt: 3,000 hours of developer insight

Sheryl Sandberg: I want to address some of the claims that have been made

Show HN: Quicksy – Jabber with phone number verification and contact discovery

Crater under Greenland points to climate-altering impact in the time of humans

Lincoln Index: Estimating the number of bugs left to find (2010)

Show HN: Caverns and Kobolds – A Text Based RPG in C++

New Japanese unicode character needs to be implemented worldwide

PG&E stock plunged 32% after it disclosed a possible link to California’s fire

Standard Cognition raises $40M to replace retailers’ cashiers with cameras

Japan’s cyber-security minister has ’never used a computer’

A 1970s Essay Predicted Silicon Valley’s High-Minded Tyranny

World Philosophy Day: 70 Philosophy Books Everyone Should Read

Amazon HQ2 Will Cost Taxpayers More Than Twice What the Company Claimed

Show HN: A lightweight fullstack boilerplate based on VueJS and Node.js

Musk’s Boring Company is launching DIY watchtowers with bricks from tunnel dirt

Why You Should Use a Text Area for Address Form Fields

The magic of Automatic Differentiation

Heads ought to roll at Facebook over the Soros smear – starting with Zuck’sI’ll

Show HN: MS jobs search using bit fields, CloudFlare Workers, WASM, and no DB

Facebook’s Response to the New York Times

Show HN: An experimental Github/trending User Interface

Direct Conversion Receivers: Some Amateur Radio History [pdf]

Which College Produces the Most Billionaires?

Google and Facebook are monopolies. Does it matter? [audio]

C. Schafmeister “Lessons Learned Implementing Common Lisp with LLVM

Steve Wozniak has some advice for Zuckerberg: Stop putting money before morals

How Fei-Fei Li Will Make Artificial Intelligence Better for Humanity

Show HN: K8S – A Curated Kubernetes Newsletter Delivered Weekly

Time to Break Out of Your VMs. For Containers, Home Is Where the Bare Metal Is

My devices are sending and receiving data every two seconds, even when I sleep

Amazon’s Accent Recognition Technology Could Tell the Gov’t Where You’re From

Linux iptables compared to OpenBSD PF (through a real example)

Show HN: Linux Terminal Productivity course

Bewilderment is the antidote to scientific reductionism

Facebook to create independent oversight group to review content appeals

Reason America Refuses to Hold Saudi Arabia Responsible for Murder

Why China Can Do AI More Quickly and Effectively Than the US

Facebook Supported ’Sex Trafficking’ Law FOSTA to Cozy Up to Republican Critics

From Build to Launch in 5 weeks: A Firebase, Flamelink & Flutter Fairytale

Facebook at War: 6 Key Takeaways from the Times’s Investigation

Facebook removed over 1.5B fake accounts in the last six months

Facebook reportedly discredited critics by linking them to George Soros

How Russia Has Been Spreading “Fake News” Like a Virus Since the 1980’s

“I Didn’t Know” – Mark Zuckerberg

The new shows what’s possible for gov tech after disaster

An Efficient Algorithm to Exploit Arbitrage Opportunities in Crypto Markets

Facebook had its PR firm blame George Soros for anti-Facebook movement

Facebook reportedly discredited critics by linking them to George Soros

An Indian man in prison for cracking ’offensive’ jokes

Ubuntu 19.04 Development Starts Off with Python 3.7, Merged Usr Directories

Magic Leap Is Offering Individual Developers Up to $500K for Their AR Projects

Seeing Planetary Change, Down to the Smallest Wildflower (2016)

Your Children’s Yellowstone Will Be Radically Different

A powerful NASA telescope looked for ‘Oumuamua and didn’t find it

Python will be the official programming language for education in France

TIL – Holocaust tattoo numbers were primary keys for IBM machines (Dehomag)

A large impact crater beneath Hiawatha Glacier in northwest Greenland

OpenBSD in Stereo with Linux VFIO

Tesla Model 3 is starting to show some important flaws in cold weather

Show HN: WikiMatrix – wiki comparison site relaunched

Show HN: Snark Hyper – Serverless Deep Learning and Hyper-Parameter Search

Some people will pay for a subscription to a news site. How about two? Three?

A Massive Impact Crater Has Been Detected Beneath Greenland’s Ice Sheet

Ice Age Asteroid Crater Discovered Beneath Greenland Glacier