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Typed-Html: Type Checked JSX for Rust

Fibers are the right solution to improve Ruby performance

Show HN: All-pair similarity search on millions of sets in Python and on laptop

The History, Controversy, and Evolution of the Goto Statement [pdf]

How the World’s Most Difficult Bouldering Problems Get Made (2015)

What polymorphism and garbage collection have in common (2013)

Threads Cannot Be Implemented as a Library [pdf]

The Longest Tech Support Call: hacking the Apollo 14 guidance computer in flight

The Very Rich Indie Writer (2011)

Revisiting Actor Programming in C++ (2015)

Show HN: Simple note-taking and blogging

WebSockets – A Conceptual Deep-Dive

What is the Monster? (2002) [pdf]

Zuckerberg told execs the company’s at ’war,’ called media coverage ’bulls---’

TripAdvisor Launches Redesign to Hook the Non-Bookers

Google’s Past Data Use Could Impede Its Health Care Push

Cycle.js – A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for predictable code

Google could buy $110M worth of land, without subsidies, for San Jose megacampus

Chess World Championship: Stockfish live-analyzing game 7

Prac­ti­cal Ty­pog­ra­phy

Show HN: Don’t code your UI, draw it

Statusfy – A Marvelous Open Source Status Page System

Uber/makisu: Fast and flexible Docker image building tool

The complexity of UNO (2010)

The World’s Loudest Sound (2014)

With Facebook at ‘War,’ Zuckerberg Adopts More Aggressive Style

Apollo Guidance Computer Restoration [video]

Rust and SPARK: Software Reliability for Everyone (2017)

Here are the ’cyber 9/11’ scenarios that really worry the experts

The Remarkable Brain Waves of High Level Meditators [video]

Show HN: PhotoSwipe – Responsive JavaScript Image Gallery

A French Novelist Imagined Sexual Dystopia. Now It’s Arrived

Paint16b: A 16 byte paint program written in 12 lines

OpenZFS vs. Btrfs and other file systems (2017)

Shaved Heads, Snipped Tubes, Imperial Marines and Dope Fiends: On Synanon (2013)

Show HN: Opensourcing geolocation server written in crystal language

Overlooked No More: Pandita Ramabai, Indian Scholar, Feminist and Educator

End-to-end encryption does not prevent Facebook from accessing WhatsApp chats

Never mind the iPad – where are the full-time Android tablet users?

Show HN: The new All-in-One Database in the making

Targeted advertising has become the norm on the internet, and it’s hurting us

Sociologists Examine Hackathons and See Exploitation

RISC-V CPU BOOM Architecture Talk

ISP punishes Elsevier for forcing it to block SciHub by also blocking Elsevier

’AI is very, very stupid,’ says Google’s AI leader, at least compared to humans

When the FDA Drastically Curbed Fecal Transplants, I Performed My Own

China matches Nato in information arms race with deal for ‘Ferrari of war room’

Concealed weapons: erectile claws in African frogs (2008)

Stamos says the US must ‘come together to protect’ democracy from misinformation

What Happens to All the Asian-American Overachievers When Testing Ends?

Here’s de Blasio’s logic for loving Amazon, but hating Walmart

Why Google can’t technically do customer support (2011)

Introducing Amazon Corretto, a No-Cost Distribution of OpenJDK with LTS