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Want to Recruit Better Engineers? Open Source Your Code

LegoOS: Disseminated, Distributed OS for Hardware Resource Disaggregation [pdf]

Deep learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio is worried about AI’s future

Web scraping case fails under Supreme Court’s Dastar doctrine

Israeli scientists develop tissue implants that won’t be rejected

Relit: Typed Literal Macros for Reason

Functional, stateless JavaScript finite state machines and statecharts

EuclidesDB: a multi-model machine learning feature database

Automatic Differentiation in Machine Learning: A Survey [pdf]

Show HN: SkillUpper – practice coding interview questions step-by-step

“Devil Girl from Mars”: Why I Write Science Fiction (1998)

Valve discontinues the Steam Link, the best wireless HDMI gadget ever made

If you want to understand Silicon Valley, watch Silicon Valley

Swarmlike collective behavior in bicycling

A day in the life of Lloyd Squires, Vermont’s ’best’ bagel maker

FoundationDB 6.0 released, featuring multi-region support

Toward a deeper understanding of the way AI agents see things

Italy’s olive crisis intensifies as deadly tree disease spreads

A remote UK community living off-grid

It’s Time to Change the Narrative About Clean Energy

Police Can Remotely Drive Your Stolen Tesla into Custody

Tiny Emus: 8-Bit emulators

The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong (2014)

The Media Industry and the “Make-Google-Pay” Fantasy

ReX.js – Your RegEx companion

Show HN: Funky – Easier, flexible, and more interactive shell functions

Poppy Seed Tea Can Kill You

Build and deploy WebAssembly code to Fastly CDN

Psychology’s Replication Crisis Is Running Out of Excuses

Nissan Chairman Ghosn arrested in Japan over financial law violation

World’s first full-body medical scanner generates astonishing 3D images

Show HN: Share one-liner command snippets

Pachyderm is hiring Go engineers after raising Series A

Show HN: Airsessment – Practice job interviews, public speaking and more

World′s tallest elevator tower rises in Rottweil, Germany (2015)

Feeling the Pressure with Universal Tactile Imaging – ResOU

NYC Housing Authority routinely disputed tests that revealed lead in apartments

TalkTalk hack attack: Friends jailed for cyber crimes

Show HN: Paint any photo in the style of any painting, directly in your browser

Revisiting the West’s view of China internet censorship

Rabin-Karp Algorithm for finding matching substrings in text

Graph Data Structure Interview Questions

Simple Vector Graphics for Python

The Ethical Quandary of Human Infection Studies

Ktor 1.0 Released: A Connected Applications Framework by JetBrains

Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music

The State of JavaScript 2018

Super-smart designer babies could be on offer soon. But is that ethical?

Helium kills iPhones: MEMs oscillator sensitivity to helium [video]

Java Code Challenge: Shortest Code and Lowest Latency

Show HN: Write Qt for WebAssembly Applications Entirely in Go And/or JavaScript

Do You Even Bake, Bro? How Silicon Valley Fell in Love with Sourdough

Inside the Pricey War to Influence Your Instagram Feed

Obscure Python libraries for data science

Show HN: Words that don’t translate

The Best Cryptocurrency for International Money Transfer

Show HN: Send yourself messages on WhatsApp

What are some red flags for you when interviewing software engineers?

Our book launch was botched and it’s been crazy at work trying to fix it

Show HN: Most successful people have no idea what made them successful

How do you use the internet mindfully?

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