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The symmetry and simplicity of the laws of physics and the Higgs boson

Every 7.8μs your computer’s memory has a hiccup

From Nand to Tetris: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles

Using carbon nanotubes and rectennas to yield a 90% efficient solar cell

Can’t Find Cameroon’s President? Try Geneva’s Intercontinental Hotel

New Study Indicates Silicon Valley’s Elite Are Not as Liberal as They Think

Lisp Machine Inc. K-machine (2001)

Show HN: – Your Gateway to the Distributed Web

Real-time 3D Face Reconstruction

The Resistance Is Real – Why Side Projects Are So Hard

U.S. Federal Railroad Administration Legalizes Lightweight Train Cars

Scientists find remains of huge ancient herbivore

Exploring Programming Language Architecture in Perl (2010)

Active inference and artificial curiosity (2017) [video]

Rating aggregator for Netflix movies

Study to determine typical transit time for a swallowed Lego figurine head

What’s Going on in Your Child’s Brain When You Read Them a Story?

What a Real Train System Looks Like (2009)

4,000-year-old termite mounds found in Brazil are visible from space

Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

BigInt: arbitrary-precision integers in JavaScript

Functional Pearl: Enumerating the Rationals [pdf]

Practical Cryptography for Developers

Study: Over 20 years, Silicon Valley workers’ median wage has fallen by 14%

Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II

Black Friday predicted to hit $5.9B in online sales, $645M spent so far

‘12 Monkeys’: Why Terry Gilliam’s Movie Is So Relevant Today

Show HN: DocuRocket – A really simple single source of truth for your company

A Case Study of a Currency Crisis: the Russian Default of 1998 (2002) [pdf]

Finland freezes arms export permits to Saudi Arabia and UAE over Yemen

Tab Travel (YC W15) is hiring full-stack software developers in London

The human costs of Black Friday, explained by a former Amazon warehouse manager

Dr. Kiyoshi Shiga: Discoverer of the Dysentery Bacillus (1999)

The Geopolitics of China: A Great Power Enclosed (2012)

Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit new high

Sears Bankruptcy Engineered to Benefit Executives and Stiff Workers

A mathematical theory of semantic development in deep neural networks [pdf]

How the Rise of Amazon Has Destroyed Retail Chains, in One Chart (2017)

Anatomy of a Machine Learning Algorithm