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Zstandard – Fast real-time compression algorithm

Dive – A tool for exploring each layer in a Docker image

Ryanair, Hamiltonian Cycles, and using graph theory to find cheap flights

First gene-edited babies claimed in China

Swathing is going out of fashion, as most farmers desiccate to ripen their crops

Show HN: CLOR – Share your YC application with investors

German federal office publishes Windows 10 telemetry analysis

Tests of General Relativity

Google PageRank Is Not Dead

Aaron Klug, Nobel-winning scientist who examined molecular structure, dies at 92

Basic Blackbird Bundle with 4-core IBM Power9 CPU

Image Synthesis from Yahoo’s open_nsfw (2016)

The strange postulated link between the human mind and quantum physics (2017)

Black Holes, Quantum Systems, Superconductors and Planck’s Constant Are Related

WebAssembly doesn’t make unsafe languages safe

Scammers are changing the contact details for banks on Google Maps

GDPR in practice – chat app fined for plaintext passwords

Retirement video for the Philco 212 Mainframe Computer

Never mind the iPad – where are the full-time Android tablet users?

Show HN: – Race to solve generated mazes

On the reproducibility of Perturbative Neural Networks, in response to Reddit

Easy running totals with windowing functions in PostgreSQL

Show HN: Ulangi App – Make learning vocabulary easier

Patients shocked, burned by spinal cord stimulators touted to treat pain

How the Irresistible Lure of Curiosity Is Generated in the Brain

How to start a SaaS business with only excel, email and phone

Lawyer: ‘It’s a Free for All’ for Criminals on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

Show HN: Avanor – Avalanche observation platform

Cytoscape.js – Graph theory / network library for analysis and visualisation

The possibility of a small studio apartment for $50k in San Francisco (2016)

Stable isotopes of lithium: dissimilar biochemical and behavioral effects (1986)

Show HN: Essential – A weekly planner for work, personal and social life

ISS Timelapse – Progress MS-10 launch [video]

Revolution Pi, an open, modular and inexpensive RPi-based industrial PC

Ricky Jay, Magician Who Mastered Sleight of Hand, Dies at 72

Understanding PostgresSQL window functions (2013)

The Great Nadar: The Man behind the Camera

Gmail: can’t delete records of purchases and reservations; Protonmail?

A dying mall near Apple’s headquarters: a fight over Silicon Valley’s soul

Robots Are Killing People. How Worried Should We Be?

Elon Musk considers move to Mars despite ’good chance of death’

The Gold Standard Didn’t Disappear in 1971, It Just Went Underground

Facebook documents seized in ’unprecedented’ move by UK parliament

The faster you unlearn OOP, the better for you and your software

MONIAC Analog Computer

Show HN: Plisqin, an SQL generator written in Racket

Show HN: Chezmoi: a tool for managing your dotfiles across multiple machines

Steve Yegge: Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and the Quest to Kill EBay

New Scientist calls for the end of the scholarly publishing industry

Facebook documents seized by MPs investigating privacy breach

Bitcoin sinks below $4,000 as the crypto market takes another hefty beating