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YouTube will delete existing video annotations on January 15, 2019

Firecracker – Lightweight Virtualization for Serverless Computing

A military exercise staged 35 years ago almost triggered World War Three

East German secret police guide for identifying youth subcultures (1985)

Tipping Points, For-Profit Scientific Publishing, and Closed Science

Smoking Banana Peels Is the Greatest Drug Hoax of All Time

BSDs or Illumos may be good alternatives to Linux (2017)

Successful second round of fusion experiments with Wendelstein 7-X

A Break in the Quest for the Quantum Speed Limit

AWS Transfer for SFTP – Fully Managed SFTP Service for Amazon S3

If it’s not fun anymore, you get nothing from maintaining a popular package

How to Do Real Time Object Detection on Drones

Sequoia PGP: The Seeding Sees the Light of Day

Goro – An implementation of PHP written in Go

Amazon’s own ‘Machine Learning University’ now available to all developers

Float Exposed

Evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion in social networks (2014)

Backdoor in event-stream library dependency

Creating Records That Will Last

The Science Is Clear: Dirty Farm Water Is Making Us Sick

OCaml for the Masses (2011)

HSN-1000 Nuclear Event Detector (2005) [pdf]

Intermittent fasting: No advantage over conventional weight loss diets

Devsense commercial VSCode PHP debugger is obfuscated open-source library

Rivian unveils all-electric pickup truck with unbelievable specs

Montezuma’s Revenge Solved by Go-Explore

Mission Control Live Stream: NASA InSight Mars Landing [video]

Ncc: Node.js Compiler Collection

Field of dreams: heartbreak and heroics at the World Ploughing Championships

Causal Inference Animated Plots

Visual overview of radiator valves used in Germany [pdf]

A real-time chat app in 23 lines of Python and 35 lines of JavaScript

Bill Gates thinks a coming disease could kill 30M people within 6 months

EventStorming: Continuous discovery beyond software modelling

Hacker backdoors popular JavaScript library to steal Bitcoin funds

New – Automatic Cost Optimization for Amazon S3 via Intelligent Tiering

Bias in student evaluations of teaching

What was the role of the blacksmith in medieval society?

How Quincy, Florida Became a Town of Secret Coca-Cola Millionaires

DNS Queries over HTTPS

The App Destroying Iran’s Currency – Foreign Policy

Cortical control of a tablet computer by people with paralysis

Some species of birds like to rub themselves with ants (2017)

NASA InSight Lander Arrives on Martian Surface

You should never spend $825K on a domain – but here’s why I’m glad I did

Why are tech companies making custom typefaces?

Show HN: I Made the Tinder for Poetry, Quilius

Category Theory for Programmers – Scala Edition [pdf]

Paradoxes of Material Implication (1997)

How China’s Rulers Control Society: Opportunity, Nationalism, Fear

Latest Windows 10 update breaks Windows Media Player, Win32 apps in general

Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3 (Delphi, C++) Product Feature Matrix [pdf]

Heaps – Haxe game engine by the language’s creator

Show HN: Not Some Cats – A collection of tools for web devs/designers

Elon Musk teases Mars breakthroughs as Starship design radically changes [video]

MIT researchers show how to detect and address AI bias without loss in accuracy

Facebook spooked after MPs seize documents for privacy breach probe

How Surveillance Inhibits Freedom of Expression

HTTP/3 explained – The book

Continuous Integration with Python: An Introduction

The Hidden Dangers You Have Never Noticed: Target = “_blank” and “opener”

Show HN: Snigl – a Forth with a Lisp in C

Show HN: I’ve made a GUI for my tool that cluster images by similarity

Show HN: Tweet messages that unlock in the future

German eID card system vulnerable to online identity spoofing