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The Creepy Line: a documentary about Google, Facebook and user manipulation

Facebook ends platform policy banning apps that copy its features

CEO of WekaIO on Using D to Create the World’s Fastest File System

Code2vec: learning distributed representations of code

One Codex is hiring a senior front-end engineer – Genomics, data viz, React

Scientists Find Gut Bacteria in the Human Brain

Modern China Is So Crazy It Needs a New Literary Genre (2016)

Using Zig to Provide Stack Traces on Kernel Panic for a Bare Bones OS

Building a Language and Compiler for Machine Learning

CVE-2018-19788 – PolicyKit (aka polkit) 0.115 fail-open for uid INT_MAX

String Matching Based on Compile Time Perfect Hashing in Zig

Samsung used my DSLR photo to fake their phone’s “portrait mode”

A history of the distributed transactional database

Show HN: Dark Reader extension – Dark mode for every website

Kubernetes’ first major security hole discovered

As couples age, humor replaces bickering

Built to Last: John McPhee’s Way of Seeing

BBEdit is turning 25

The EXT4 Corruption Issue on Linux 4.19 Is Caused by BLK-MQ

One test to diagnose them all: researchers exploit cancers’ unique DNA signature

Hg advent -m ’02: extensions’

Elowan: A plant-robot hybrid that drives itself towards light

While we blink, we lose the Web (a rant on WebKit/Blink monoculture)

Concurrency Is Not Parallelism (2013) [video]

What we learned from 3 years of bra engineering, and what’s next

Triton: Cloud management platform with first class support for containers

Google personalizes search results even when you’re logged out, new study finds

Aus Gov to pass laws forcing tech companies help police access encrypted msgs

Screenshoteer – Command-line website screenshots and mobile emulations

Tom Cruise wants to fix your TV by turning off motion smoothing

TiDB 2.1 GA: Battle-Tested to Handle an Unpredictable World

Windows 95 – It’s now safe to shutdown your computer

“What is the FCC hiding?” Pai still won’t release net neutrality server logs

Tom Cruise PSA: How to Fix the HDTV ’Soap Opera Effect’

Supporting older browsers–Part 3: JavaScript

Intro to Rod Logic (2009)

Patch for critical privilege escalation flaw in Kubernetes!topic/kubernetes-announce/GVllWCg6L88

Google announces ‘Hummingbird’ project to bring Flutter applications to the web

NPR‘s Best Books of 2018

The Secret Service wants to test facial recognition around the White House

What Is Windows Lite? It’s Microsoft’s Chrome OS Killer

Lxdock: Build and orchestrate your development environments with LXD

Too much sleep linked to a greater risk of disease and death, study finds

Critical Kubernetes security flaw (CVE-2018-1002105) in plain English

Show HN: Slimhtml – An Emacs org-mode export back-end which outputs minimal HTML

‘No Morals’: Advertisers React to Facebook Report

Open Source RISC-V Core Designed by Western Digital Announced

How to correct a slide on an icy road (and how to prevent them)

Review: Helm Personal Server gets email self-hosting (almost) exactly right

Joseph Lubin: Forget Price – Ethereum Adoption Is Growing Rapidly

Gift of General Dodds (2015)

CVE-2018-1002105 – Kubernetes privilege escalation flaw

Engineering Brain Parasites for Intracellular Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins

Universal flu vaccine remains ‘an alchemist’s dream’

Report: Microsoft is scrapping Edge, switching to just another Chrome clone

Anti-encryption bill: Labor and Coalition agree to encryption “compromise”

Microsoft Connect(); 2018 Livestream

Tell Congress Not to Make the Register of Copyrights a Presidential Pawn

Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Nearly 100 Shampoo Brands

Critical Privilege Escalation Flaw Patched in Kubernetes

First critical Kubernetes security hole discovered

Open sourcing e-commerce framework with Elixir

A Quiet War Rages Over Who Can Make Money Online

Microsoft wins $480M contract to supply U.S. Army with 100K HoloLens headsets

Gas-focused Qatar to exit OPEC in swipe at Saudi influence