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Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra: Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares

Write Your Own Virtual Machine

Virgin Galactic successfully reaches space

Everything you should know about certificates and PKI but are too afraid to ask

UC Berkeley to build open-source secure enclave using RISC-V

FLI: A binary interface to let Scheme use Python, Lua, Ruby etc’s Library

DevHub: TweetDeck for GitHub – Android, iOS and Web with 99% Code Sharing

Neural Ordinary Differential Equations

Show HN: Vaex - Out of Core Dataframes for Python and Fast Visualization

Show HN: Minimal Google Analytics Snippet

Amazon uses dummy parcels to catch thieves

Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma when jumping from aircraft

AWS Outperforms GCP in the 2018 Cloud Report

Make photomosaics, GIFs, and murals from pictures in Python with ML/OpenCV

Show HN: Try run deep learning inference on Raspberry Pi

Fragmentation Is Why Desktop Linux Failed [video]

Use Hooks – A Collection of Reusable React Hooks

Niantic, Maker of Hit ‘Pokémon Go’ App, Refuels with $3.9B Valuation

Instead of Writing a Thousand Words, Part One: Ideas

PlanetScale makes it easy to build multi-cloud databases

A Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks [pdf]

Ruby 2.6 introduces an initial implementation of JIT compiler

Microservices Circuit-Breaker Pattern Implementation: Istio vs. Hystrix

Fbs: Create Linux GUIs with Qt in minutes

China Involved in 90 Percent of Espionage and Industrial Secrets Theft, DOJ says

IPT – Image Perspective Transformation (1996)

Windows 10 Sends Your Activity History to Microsoft, Even If You Tell It Not To

BOOM Open Source RISC-V Core Runs on Amazon EC2 F1 Instances

He Helped Build an Artists’ Utopia. Now He Faces Trial for 36 Deaths There

US Congressman Offers to Fund Mexican Border Wall Using Blockchain, ’Wall Coins’

A significantly faster way to handle cardinality estimation

In what sense is quantum computing a science?

Interesting logos are being replaced with boring ones

China harvested organs from political prisoners, says tribunal

Don’t Post Evergreen Content on Medium

The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules

Is Windows 10 still telling what you’re doing even if you don’t want it to?

Struct2Depth – Predicting object depth in dynamic environments

Show HN: High-performance ahead-of-time compiler for Machine Learning

C, C++, x86/x64 assembly: The case of forgotten return

AI Transformation Playbook – How to lead your company into the AI era

Pornhub’s owner has more user data than Netflix or Hulu, here’s why

Evidence behind EPA’s obligation to regulate greenhouse gases stronger than ever

Show HN: A list of books recommended by Indie Hackers

Why do people keep throwing electric scooters into rivers and lakes?

Unabomber’s Manifesto(Industrial Society and Its Future)

Apple to build campus in Austin and sites in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City

We finally talked to an actual Waymo passenger – here’s what he told us

The Boy Scouts of America may file for bankruptcy because of sex abuse suits

Dr. Elon and Mr. Musk: Life Inside Tesla’s Production Hell

The fire that has been burning for 56 years

The “Arcade” Workprint, 90s Cyber-Cinema Without Music or Sound Effects

The Return of the Charming Kitten: phishing attacks by Iran state-backed hackers

Rodney Brooks “The Future of Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”

ASUS CEO resigns as company shifts mobile focus to power users

Show HN: Meetup Utils – Create ready to print posters and indicators for meetups

Nasa’s Jupiter mission Juno reveals giant polar storms

Free Printable Posters, Infographics Celebrating Voyager’s Interstellar Voyage

A Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks

The bad news on human nature, in 10 findings from psychology

Microsoft Clarity – a product to visualize user interactions

2 Stalagmites Found in Chinese Cave Are ’Holy Grail’ for Radiocarbon Dating

Apple threw shade at Amazon ’HQ2’ as ’beauty contest,’ but then it did the same

Commenting without the comments

Banned from a meeting because of GDPR by the Romanian Ministry of Education

Meat allergies are on the rise. The weird part is that we know what’s causing it

Brave browser moves to Chromium codebase, now supports Chrome extensions

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Block 5 set for first expendable launch with USAF satellite

California’s Multibillion-Dollar Private-Equity Boondoggle

Quick fix for an early Internet problem lives on a quarter-century later (2015)

A Short History of People the ‘Locals’ Don’t Want Here Taking Over San Francisco

Google Illegally Revealed Murder Suspect’s Name via Mass Email

University of California challenges Elsevier over access to scholarly research

Word processor pioneer Evelyn Berezin dies aged 93

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Reaches Space for First Time

Photographs: Removed

Tesla-inspired EV startup Xiaopeng launches ~$33,000 all-electric SUV

Oracle is suing the U.S. government over $10B Pentagon cloud contract process

I Built an Apple Music Web Player to Use Apple Music on Linux

XKCD creator Randall Munroe: “What If?” (Talks at Google)

Supermicro CEO Letter and 3rd Party Investigation Find No Hardware Hack

Don’t Worry About Deepfakes. Worry About Why People Fall for Them

Using Golang to Building Microservices at The Economist: A Retrospective

The #kidtech movement: a zero-data architecture for children’s apps and sites

New manga tells the story of SteveJ, Woz, and the founding of Apple

Dr. Elon and Mr. Musk: Life Inside Tesla’s Production Hell

Taylor Swift used facial recognition to track her stalkers at a concert

A Russian robot hailed as hi-tech on state TV has been unmasked as man in suit

Richard Branson’s Space-Tourism Company Rockets Out of Atmosphere for First Time

Apple to build $1B Austin campus, add thousands of jobs in US expansion