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Sandspiel – A falling sand game built in Rust and WebGL

Vue.js and Go example project

Oculus GoBlack – How to Make Your Oculus Go Better

Systematic Parsing of X.509: Eradicating Security Issues with a Parse Tree

My Dad’s Friendship with Charles Barkley

Can Repelling Magnets Replace the Spring in a Pogo Stick?

Netflix’s Movie Blitz Takes Aim at Hollywood’s Heart

Thoughts on, and pictures of, the original Macintosh User Manual

How Peter Jackson Made WWI Footage Seem Astonishingly New

Jered Threatin: A conversation with a false rock god

LiveAgent: Over $250K monthly recurring revenue with a spin-off project

Pampy: Pattern Matching for Python

Two Chinese Stalagmites Are a ’Holy Grail’ for Accurate Radiocarbon Dating

Show HN: Single-header C++11 HTML document constructor

Announcing flyio, an R package to interact with data in the cloud

A lesson on thinking and acting long term

4,400 year old Egyptian tomb discovered in the Saqqara pyramid complex

Google AMP case study: leads dropped by 59%

Show HN: My 7th Grade Young Entrepreneur Project -- interactive holiday cards

German exclaves in Belgium separated by a bicycle path from the rest of Germany

The Debasement Puzzle: an Essay on Medieval Monetary History (1997) [pdf]

Amazon Targets Unprofitable Items, with a Sharper Focus on the Bottom Line

Scale AI is hiring engineers to accelerate the development of AI

California Regulators Vote for Zero Emissions Busses by 2040

Hyundai Kona Electric Is Next Best Thing to Expensive Teslas

Hundreds March on Amazon Fulfillment Center in Minnesota

An Illustrated Theory of Numbers (2017)

What school doesn’t prepare you for in your first programming job

World’s first fully electric bus fleet quietens Chinese megacity

Can functional programming be liberated from the von Neumann paradigm? (2010)

Show HN: PuBilling – Embeddable billing portal for your SaaS app

Irish scientists prove Vitamin D levels linked to depression

There Are Now More Shows Streaming Than There Are on Broadcast or Cable

On the age of computation in the epoch of humankind

Better Take Your Inane Complaints to Google Because Yelp Is Over

From Buffer Overflow to JIT-Spray-ROP [pdf]

Tesla says someone fired a bullet into battery pack of Model S that caught fire

Headspace vs. Calm: A Meditation-App Battle That’s Anything but Zen

A collection of Pratt parsing articles

Michelangelo PyML: Uber’s Platform for Rapid Python ML Model

The Divide Between Silicon Valley and Washington Is a National-Security Threat

Overload Control for Scaling WeChat Microservices [pdf]

NetSurf Web Browser

How WhatsApp Fuels Fake News and Violence in India

ArchiveTeam: Tumblr NSFW (all NSFW content will be removed on 17 Dec 2018)

An entanglement-based wavelength-multiplexed quantum communication network

Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?

Computing is Everywhere: Bret Victor and Dynamicland [audio]

106: KubeKhan, Etcd, Weird Licenses, Securing K8s, JFrog Go Registry, and More

Owner who demolished famed San Francisco house must build replica

Test-induced design damage (2014)

World’s nations agree on rules to implement Paris climate deal

Bacterial growth: a statistical physicist’s guide

How We Cracked the Code Book Ciphers (2000) [pdf]

FormuLog – extending Datalog to manipulate, and reason about logical formulae

Academia is fucked-up. So why isn’t anyone doing something about it? (2017)

The majority of Americans say they did not get a pay raise this year

Upgrading PostgreSQL on AWS RDS with minimum or zero downtime

The Old U.S. Trade War with Japan Looms Over Today’s Dispute with China

State of Startups – survey of 529 startup founders

RAM Is Cheap So Why Don’t We Run Everything from It?

NASA Space Mathematics

The Most Important Software Innovations (2017)

An Intel Breakthrough Rethinks How Chips Are Made

Apple lied about iPhone X screen size and pixel count, lawsuit alleges

Comixify: Transform video into a comics

The “dot” Command in Vim – So Simple, yet So Powerful

Shadron – shader-based procedural graphics editor

Planetary emergency: After 30 years, leaders are still fighting climate science

Intuition on probability distributions

The science of “vibes” shows how everything is connected

This Year’s Hackaday Supercon Badge Is a Working 1980s Desktop Computer

Most Money Advice Is Worthless When You’re Poor

What is your least popular but deeply held opinion on personal productivity?