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Show HN: Bubblin – Bandcamp for books

Show HN: Fully-automatic image background removal tool

Equivalence of State Machines and Coroutines

Google’s Secret China Project “Effectively Ended” After Internal Confrontation

Millitext – A subpixel text encoding font

Making of Byrne’s Euclid

Implementing VisiCalc (2015)

The Practical Guide to Hacking Bluetooth Low Energy

Lessons Learned Implementing Common Lisp with LLVM [video]

Cook My Meat: heat diffusion through meat over time

A Gentle Introduction to Erasure Codes (2017)

Chronicle, Alphabet’s cybersecurity defense company moonshot

BloomRPC: GUI Client for GRPC Services

There’s no such thing as a free watch (2017)

The What’s Next Intermittent Computing Architecture [pdf]

Discovered: The Most-Distant Solar System Object Ever Observed

Improvisational theater can reduce anxiety in teens who struggle socially

A-Frame: Web framework for virtual reality experiences (WebVR with HTML)

HyperLogLog in Presto: Faster cardinality estimation

LLVM Relicensing Effort

Google isn’t the company that we should have handed the Web over to

Google announces major expansion in New York City

Minikanren – An embedded DSL for logic programming

Political Aspects of Full Employment (1943)

Plastic Water Bottles, Which Enabled a Drinks Boom, Now Threaten Industry

For avant-garde poets, audio recording was both a breakthrough and a threat

Aller Artix-7 FPGA Board with M.2 Interface

Mux is hiring a SRE to help build globally-distributed video streaming software

Pwnedkeys – A database of compromised asymmetric encryption keys

Show HN: LEAR – A simple and fast HTTP server to serve static resources

Cornell Graduate School Helped Make New York Appealing to Amazon

Awesome PHP Security – Security Related Resources for PHP

Bloomberg Beta Investment Documents

Amazon faces boycott ahead of holidays as public discontent grows

Cigarette smoking: an underused tool in endurance training (2010)

Show HN: VPNHome – 1-click, self-hosted OpenVPN deployment and management app

Elon Musk’s New Boring Co. Faced Questions Over SpaceX Financial Ties

Show HN: KubeDB – Kubernetes-ready production-grade databases

‘Transmissible’ Alzheimer’s theory gains traction

The massive CO2 emitter you may not know about

Next-generation of GPS satellites are headed to space

The universal decay of collective memory and attention – Remove Image Background

Byrne’s Euclid – A reproduction of the celebrated work from 1847

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

Show HN: Decentralized Cloud Storage, X Cloud (Beta)

Show HN: Furnace – A lightweight pure-python container implementation

Cryptographically Certified Hypothesis Testing [pdf]

Amazon Alexa Can Now Detect Smoke Alarms Or Glass Shattering and Notify You

Improving Lua performance using baked functions

Applied machine learning at Facebook: a datacenter infrastructure perspective

Facebook blocked multiple National Weather Service sites during winter storm

Intel’s Optane DC Persistent Memory DIMMs Push Latency Closer to DRAM

Sleeping Rough in the Mattress Economy

Show HN: Hardware-agnostic library for near-term quantum machine learning

Killed by Google

Chaim Soutine’s consoling portraiture

US ballistic missile systems have very poor cyber-security

California transit agencies have 21 years to build zero-emissions bus fleets

Why China’s electric car industry is leaving Detroit, Japan, Germany in the dust

U.S. internet speeds rose nearly 40 percent this year

Trump said Janet Yellen wasn’t tall enough to run the Fed: report – TheHill

How to convert video files format with c language

School Contractor in Texas Denied Work Over Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath

Australia’s encryption laws are ’highly unlikely’ to dragoon employees in secret

PEP 8016 – The Steering Council Model

Basilisk web browser

Startups and Investors React to Apple’s Expansion Plans in Austin

Microsoft open sources Trill to deliver insights on a trillion events a day

Tesla says someone fired a bullet in Model S that caught on fire

Is the Psychology of Deadly Force Ready for the Courts?

Israeli test-tube steak smells real, feels real… and may even be kosher

No more doubts: Two independent studies confirm LIGO’s Nobel discovery

Tips to help non-techies move to Linux

Student rescued from ISIS zone by mercenaries hired by thesis advisor [Swedish]

Build a healthy coral reef to get the job

Tumblr begins hiding adult content: “This has not been an easy transition”

Acne vulgaris: a disease of Western civilization (2002)

The Consequences of Your Code

Show HN: A Twitter bot that sends you random abuse

How to Use Real-Time Object Detection in the Browser Using TensorFlow.js

People eat so much chicken that it’s changing the geological record

Efficiency is fundamentally at odds with elegance (2013)

Russia social media influence efforts ongoing, report says

Show HN: Fancy fonts you can use almost anywhere

Blazor – A .NET web framework that runs in the browser with WebAssembly

SF to developer who tore down landmark house: Rebuild it exactly as it was