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For First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter Public Domain

Alphabet spinoff Malta raises $26M for technology to store power in molten salt

MagicaVoxel: A free voxel art editor and path tracing renderer

MiSTer: Run Amiga, SNES, NES and Genesis on an FPGA

Work with Git Forges inside Emacs

Show HN: Autodrome – Framework for Development of Self-Driving Cars

Breakthrough ultrasound treatment to reverse dementia moves to human trials

Korg NuTube, vacuum tube for the 21st century

Debian’s Anti-Harassment Team Is Removing a Package Over Its Name

Estimating Value of Facebook by Paying Users to Stop Using It

Improving compression at scale with Zstandard

Clearing Up a Few Things About Facebook’s Partners

Amazon driver arrested after taking GPS ’bait’ package off Washington Co. porch

Why are amplitudes complex?

Open-sourcing DeepFocus, an AI-powered system for more realistic VR images

Neural Networks and Graph Algorithms with Next-Generation Processors [pdf]

Python gets a new governance model

Water-stabilized hydrogen promises twice the range of gasoline at half the price

What I learned in ten years of blogging

Cortex: a multi-tenant, horizontally scalable Prometheus-as-a-Service

LibreRouter: Powering community networks with free and open hardware

As Seas Warm, Galápagos Islands Face a Giant Evolutionary Test

Facebook’s Clear History privacy feature is still months from launching

Writing copy for landing pages

Internet-Draft: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 3 (HTTP/3)

Keybase advisory: Local Privilege Escalation on Linux via Keybase-Redirector

GoAccess – Visual Web Log Analyzer

Suiteness (YC S16) needs a travel-loving PR specialist

US Senate Passes Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Amazon and Facebook Reportedly Had a Secret Data-Sharing Agreement

AIVA – Music Engine

OpsMop – Config management and app deployment from the creator of Ansible

Alphabet’s X lab spins out molten-salt energy storage project Malta

Show HN: YourNote, a note-taking app that puts users’ data first

Uber loses latest legal bid over driver rights

Accelerated Wound Healing from Wearable Electric Field Generator

Hacking DigitalOcean’s New Kubernetes Service

Facebook’s Data Sharing and Privacy Rules: Takeaways from Our Investigation

Zuckerberg did everything to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but

Runtime Analysis of the M-to-N Schedulling Model (1996) [pdf]

Project Argo Goes Open Source: On-Prem Automation and Path to Hybrid Environment

History of SPARC systems from 1987

The Multiverse Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be in ‘Come with Me’

Privacy no more: How machine learning in the cloud will strip us naked

How Total War: Rome II’s Ambition Was Almost Its Undoing

The unknown hackers (2000)

Amazon Prime is getting worse, and it’s making me question the nature of reality

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco, estimates landmark review

Show HN: CoolQLCool – Turn Websites into GraphQL Accessible APIs

With trust destroyed, Facebook is haunted by old data deals

Show HN: A new annotation tool for information extraction with Mechanical Turk

Show HN: Python JSON library in Rust, faster than ujson

Show HN: Programming FTDI devices in Python

Byuu (Author of SNES Emulator Higan) Deleted All His Articles

Evaluating high availability solutions for TimescaleDB and PostgreSQL

Ways Docker Changed the Way Software Engineers Work in Past Half Decade

A Close Look at Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Modules

Logitech disables local access on Harmony Hubs, breaks automation systems

Treasury Targets Russian Operatives Over Malign Activities

Apple confirms some iPad Pros ship slightly bent, but says it’s normal

Facebook let outside companies read its users’ private messages for years

Fireman Capital Isn’t Disrupting Craft Beer. It’s Sustaining It

Google denies altering YouTube code to break Microsoft Edge

Tesla Model S catches fire in California parking lot and reignites hours later

New Porsche 911 Reaches Top Speed in 6th Gear; Not 7th or 8th

Is ASP.NET Core Now a Mature Platform?

Twitter Abuse Toward Women Is Rampant, Amnesty Report Says

Real-time air pollution map of the world

The 50 Best Places in America to Start a Business framework’s CLI tracks all commands and sends it home by default

Windows Refund Day – When Linux users demanded their money back [video]

Shots fired at Rosario City Council: “Don’t mess with the mafia”

PSA: Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement program ends soon

How Freenet keeps communication friendly with anonymity

Potential Personally Identifiable Information (PII ) Compromise of NASA Servers

Apple Shares Six Free Classic Audiobooks Narrated by Celebrities

A woman first wrote the prescient ideas Huxley and Orwell made famous

Jump just made all new e-bikes to fix everything wrong with e-bike sharing

When Best Practice Isn’t Good Enough - bypassing common forms of 2FA

Sweden’s ’man-free’ festival was discriminatory, rules Swedish ombudsman

Fomu: an FPGA board that fits inside your USB port

Stanford team locates nearly all US solar panels in satellite images with ML

Federal Reserve Raises Rates a Quarter Point

Cloudworker - A Local Cloudflare Workers Runner

Using Gmail auto-complete emails on your friends is just wrong, sorry

‘Dead Skunk’ Stench from Marijuana Farms Outrages Californians

Extreme heat wipes out one third of Australia’s spectacled flying fox population

QUIC version 17 (including HTTP/3 and QPACK) drafts have been published

Elon Musk’s first tunnel is finished. what it’s like to ride in it

Half a Century in the Making: Tree ‘Crop Circles’ Emerge in Japan

Researchers make RAM from a phase change we don’t entirely understand

Matter Sucked in by Black Holes May Travel into the Future, Get Spit Back Out

Show HN: Visualize the project plan and schedule the work of the team

Apple’s Self-Destructive Qualcomm, China Strategies

To BLOB or Not to BLOB: Large Object Storage in a Database or a Filesystem? [pdf]

Hacked European Cables Reveal a World of Anxiety About Trump, Russia and Iran

Extreme heat wipes out almost one third of Australia’s spectacled flying foxes

Trump administration moves to ban bump stocks

Facts About Facebook’s Messaging Partnerships

Facebook gave Spotify and Netflix access to users’ private messages

Der Spiegel reporter Claas Relotius sacked over ’invented’ stories