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Show HN: Wiv.js – A library for a more wiggly div

Netflix Pulls the Plug on Feature Designed to Get Kids Addicted to Netflix

What Closing a Government Radio Station Would Mean for Clocks

SQLite as an Application File Format (2014)

Game for learning Web Typography: The Equilateral Triangle

Cornell University Ergonomics Web

Sydney Opal Tower: Thousands evacuated after ’crack’

Guitarist Has Brain Surgery, and Strums All the Way Through

Lenia – Biology of Artificial Life

Show HN: YouRepl – Watch video-tutorials and write code at the same time

Consciousness: The last 50 years (and the next)

Show HN: Inside Python Dict – an explorable explanation

Small stupid things that make up my dev environment

Patreon suspended my account. They have not notified me

How a City Agency Stockpiled Arms to Fight White-Collar Crime

Using data to determine if Die Hard is a Christmas movie

State Machines and the Strange Case of Mutating API

A Deep Dive into Implicit Thread-Local Storage

GCompris: high quality educational software suite for children aged 2 to 10

Laver’s Law – Costume and Fashion History

A Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times (2014)

Ex-Uber employee claims he wasn’t allowed to take bathroom breaks

Mind-Body Problems: Science, Subjectivity and Who We Really Are [online book]

FreeBSD’s January to September 2018 Status Report

Domain Registrar Can Be Held Liable for Pirate Site, German Court Rules

Facebook is not equipped to stop the spread of authoritarianism

Python Code to Generate Fully Custom “Random” Static Images

The Illustrated BERT: How NLP Cracked Transfer Learning

Re: [BREAKAGE] Since 4.18, kernel sets SB_I_NODEV implicitly on userns mounts

A giant dam is part of a national scandal in Ecuador

New UK homes ’crumbling due to weak mortar’

Show HN: A particle-animation Christmas greeting card

Japan Thinks Smartphones Are Destroying Students’ Eyesight

Sacha Baron Cohen Interview Turned Over to the FBI Over Fears of Pedophile Ring

FCC approves new text message rules, giving carriers more power

From Generative Models To Generative Agents – Koray Kavukcuogla @ DeepMind

A Beginner’s Guide to the Mathematics of Neural Networks (1998)

New Years Resolution Idea – Start a Blog

Show HN: The Straight Framework

Optimization of Hamerly’s K-Means Clustering Algorithm

How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization (2016)

EmuTOS, a free operating system for Atari computers

4 unexpected lessons I’ve learned after going through Y Combinator this year

UK police release airport drone suspects, admit there may not have been drones

Introducing Neuromodulation to Deep Neural Networks to Learn Adaptive Behaviours

Why It’s Hard to Escape Amazon’s Long Reach

ArXiv Looks to the Future with Move to Cornell CIS

The True Story of the Lost Sci-Fi Movie ’Brainstorm,’ Natalie Wood’s Last Film

I disagree with Linus Torvalds about C++ (2009)

Mark did everything to avoid FB as another MySpace, he forgot one crucial detail

We almost demolished teen smoking, and JUUL reintroduced it back

“My Call with Patreon’s Jacqueline Hart”