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Offline voice AI within 512 KB of RAM [video]

Recovering Nintendo’s Lost SimCity for the NES

Machine learning has become alchemy (2017) [video]

T * sin (t) ≈ Christmas tree

Deciphering the postcard-sized raytracer

Quantifying the Performance of Garbage Collection (2005) [pdf]

Pixar History Revisited: A Corrective (2011)

In 1991, Congress authorized $650M to make driverless cars a reality (2013)

A Beginner’s Guide to Scaling to 11M Users on Amazon’s AWS (2016)

Designing Resilient Systems: Circuit Breakers or Retries?

Alacritty, a terminal emulator written in Rust, now supports Windows

Programming a Problem-Oriented-Language (1970)

Solving Clasical AI Planning Problems with Fast Downward and Haskell

I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated. Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon

My video with 47M views was stolen on YouTube [video]

My one-liner Linux Dropbox client

Two years later, I still miss the headphone port

Show HN: CoolBeans, an IDE distribution

Thailand legalises medicinal marijunana – a “New Years Gift”

Category theory – A gentle introduction [pdf]

Yanis Varoufakis: The Euro Has Never Been More Problematic [video]

Magic Printer Cartridge Paintbrush

Sloc Cloc and Code Revisited – Optimizing an Already Fast Go Application

Pgweb – Web-based PostgreSQL database browser written in Go

Recovering Nintendo’s Lost SimCity for the NES

Language-oriented software engineering: a book review of Clean Architecture

React Kawaii – Cute React SVG Components

Surface Go with Linux Review: almost the perfect open source notepad

Life and Death of a Planetary System

Collapsing a Reflective Tower (2016) [pdf]

The mystery of the vanishing gun inventor (2013)

Gift card purchases – today’s personal story of machine learning run amok

iPhone Owners Irate After iOS Update Bricks Cellular Data,news-28922.html

Deep Beneath Your Feet, They Live in the Octillions

Is Santa Claus a God? (2014)

Libr: An open source alternative to Tumblr

Build your neural network from scratch using Numpy, with no framework involved

Time Traveller’s Cheat Sheet

Nassim Taleb on why IQ is baloney

Julian Assange: Will embassy shake-up leave WikiLeaks founder out in the cold?

A curated list of awesome Raspberry Pi tools, projects, images and resources

Dutch church clocks up 1,400 hours to prevent family being deported

Show HN: Free India Mutual Funds API

Bottleneck at Printers Has Derailed Some Holiday Book Sales

Time lapse of all big terror attacks for 2000-2015

More plants survived the world’s greatest mass extinction than thought

The Gasher is a hasher built on a fuzzer implemented as a genetic algorithm