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New York Sky Turns Bright Blue After Transformer Explosion

Best Paper Awards in Computer Science since 1996

Do Developers Understand IEEE Floating Point? [pdf]

Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech

Liquid: Vim and Emacs-inspired editor written in Clojure

LibreSilicon: Decentralizing semiconductor manufacturing [video]

Great Wall Motor unveils $8,680 electric urban car with nearly 200-mile range

ULID: Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier

AirPods get stuck in low-quality 16 kHz audio mode when starting a VM

Orphaned currency: the odd case of Somali shillings

Kanren - Logic Programming in Python

Hacking the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets

One year into legal pot sales California doesn’t have expected bustling industry

Home Assistant Data Science

Multiparty Session C: Safe Parallel Programming with Message Optimisation

Feathers and Fur Fly Over Pterosaur Fossil Finding

Why I Don’t Want to Live in Silicon Valley

Daniel Kahneman on Cutting Through the Noise [audio]

Seeing Theory: A visual introduction to probability and statistics (2017)

Online Tracking: A 1M-site Measurement and Analysis [pdf]

The Social Credit System in China [video]

Powerful Photos of Life in the Old Glasgow Tenement Blocks – 1969-72

Winnipeg ‘chocolategate’: Does a box of treats come with strings attached?

Security flaws let anyone snoop on Guardzilla smart camera video recordings

Users report losing Bitcoin in clever hack of Electrum wallets

Liquid DSP – Software-Defined Radio Digital Signal Processing Library

Detecting GPS Jammers in Augmented Reality

NCC: 64-bit C compiler (and preprocessor, assembler, linker, etc.) for AMD64

What Kagglers Are Using for Text Classification

Public access Linux system: Your non-profit shell provider since 2002

Halide: a language for fast, portable computation on images and tensors

Vermont’s Remote Worker Grant Program

Atlas of the Far Side of the Moon (1961)

Compromising online accounts by cracking voicemail systems

35th Chaos Communication Congress Live Streams

Folding polyhedron sampler enables easy capture of delicate underwater organisms

The Now Habit (2015)

Jerry (YC S17) Is Hiring Senior Software Developers in Montréal

Non-technical founder? Learn to hack (2013)

Fast and accurate object detection in high resolution 4K and 8K video using GPUs

Finite of sense and infinite of thought [video]

Athletes Don’t Own Their Tattoos – a Problem for Video Game Developers

Racklog: Prolog Style Logic Programming [pdf]

A Tribute to Euler (2008) [video]

IBM‘s Project Debater does debate club-style discussions with humans

Flute: RISC-V CPU, simple 5-stage in-order pipeline

The impact of homelessness and the opioid crisis on San Francisco streets

Show HN: A signed arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library

How to break the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets

Japan to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission

What I Learned About Upwork from a Bumbling Scammer

Largest Ever Clinical Study on Vitamin D Shows We’re Wrong About Crucial Benefit

Larry Eisenberg, 99, Dead; His Limericks Were Very Well Read

Samsung’s 2019 TVs can remotely access your PC

The History of the Marshfield Mummers

GNU’s Framework for Secure Peer-To-Peer Networking

5 Signs Your Product Has Outgrown Its UX: The Little Black Dress

Chrome Dev: we’d rather you use another browser than an old version of Chrome

Show HN: Chronicler: Offline-first web browser

When Can a Distributed Ledger Replace a Trusted Third Party?

‘Learning to relax can be life-changing’: how to find your comfort zone

Frenchman to float across the Atlantic – in a barrel

How to recruit PhD students when industry pays so much more?

Show HN: ThemesForApp – Free landing page templates for startup

It’s all fake: WP AdTech Director describes adtech industry

To hold Facebook accountable, stop calling it a tech company

Ex-tech worker finds higher calling than coding, opens Silicon Valley church