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Adding Up the True Cost of Tax Breaks for Big Tech’s Data Centers (2016)

Cerberus – Semantic models for C

911 emergency services go down across the US after CenturyLink outage

Image Scanner Made from Lego Mindstorms EV3. Includes Source and Instructions

Fundamental rule of traffic: building new roads makes people drive more (2015)

Why MIT uses Python instead of Scheme for its undergraduate CS program (2009)

A free clone of the Age of Empires II engine

Inside Haddington Dynamics and Their Groundbreaking Dexter Robot Arm

Over half of older US workers are pushed out of longtime jobs before they retire

A Perspective on C++ Standardization in 2018

Acoustic Location and Sound Mirrors

Explaining Online US Political Advertising [video]

Every Building on Every Block: A Time Capsule of 1930s New York

Rainbow Warrior on shipbreaking beach in Bangladesh

Crypto 101 – Introductory course on cryptography

PHP + Ajax scripts or the modern ecosystem dilemma

Show HN: Open source JavaScript library to record and replay the web

Show HN: Pg-extend-rs – Easy Postgres extensions in Rust

FedBounty – A Federally Sponsored National Bug Bounty Program

A Cyclical Theory of Open Source

Show HN: LazyCode – C++14 composable, lazily evaluated map, filter, fold

Software Multiplexing: Share Your Libraries and Statically Link Them Too [pdf]

The Quantum Quest

Elixir: A Mini-Documentary 2018

Practical Guide to Bare Metal C++

Tesla Adds Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson-Thompson as Board Directors

Hybrid qubits solve key hurdle to quantum computing

The Skylab 4 Mutiny, 1973 (2012)

A fake hitman, a kill list, a darknet vigilante, and a murder

Show HN: CodePen-Style React Apps in VS Code

Run Cryptomator from a portable USB stick

Penetration Testing Tools Cheat Sheet (2017)

The Craft of Text Editing (1999)

Rollup 1.0 – Next-generation ES module bundler

Experiment: crossover between Reddit and Twitter

7400 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate: Neglected Survivor from a Pre-Microprocessor World

A Computer Scientist’s Guide to Cell Biology [pdf]

Show HN: Apathy – Analyzing web server call paths from access logs

Forget new year’s resolutions and conduct a ‘past year review’ instead

SSH Examples, Tips and Tunnels

Resource management: Linux kernel Namespaces and cgroups (2013) [pdf]

Show HN: Profanity-check – A fast, robust Python library for detecting profanity

5 Takeaways from Facebook’s Leaked Moderation Documents

Reverse Engineering Guide for Beginners: Methodology and tools

The C Object System (2010)

Election Cybersecurity Progress Report: Will the U.S. be ready for 2020? [video]

How Kevin Mitnick Convinced Motorola to Send Him Source Code

Recommended health screenings for you based on age and sex

CA11 – WebRTC softphone

US Dept of Energy AS32982 Network Possibly BGP Hijacked by China Telecom

Tab (YC W15) is hiring full-stack engineers in London

Chaos Communication Congress: In response to’s presentation

Kylin, a Distributed Analytical Engine with SQL for OLAP on Hadoop

Tactical technology collective

In January, the EU Starts Running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source Software

Diagnostic Overshadowing

How to use Rust to develop firmware for bare metal (microcontroller) devices

Sex robots to “feel” human touch with new ‘smart skin’

Learn how to use popular APIs

Is it just me or is AWS is a nightmare for beginners? (Reddit)

Quantifying the Security of Recognition Passwords: Gestures and Signatures

Python data types, interactive help, and built-in functions –

Learning to Learn: Develop Skills to Master Anything

MIT AI: Poker and Game Theory (Tuomas Sandholm)

Chinese schools enforce smart uniforms with tracking system to monitor students

WW2, 3 Japanese planes mistook Yorktown for their own carrier and tried to land

Global Assassination Grid: Infrastructure, People Behind Drone Killings [video]

If You’re Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave a Job Won’t Be Yours

Bostonian pulls fire-box alarm when 911 fails, unknowingly recreates history

Wells Fargo settles fake accounts lawsuits for $575MM

Libpostal: A C library for parsing/normalizing street addresses around the world

Show HN: Open Source Headless GraphQL CMS

Show HN: Blind for Apartments – Stay in touch with your neighbors anonymously

New Hampshire Police Arrested a Man for Being Mean to Them on the Internet

Should I install Google Analytics blindly? Let’s find out

Update4j – the Java update/launch framework – now has a cool demo app

An Intuitively Complete Analysis of Godel’s Incompleteness [pdf]

Chinese schools are using ‘smart uniforms’ to track their students’ locations

The Fresno Bee and the War on Local News

A $21,000 Cosmetology School Debt, and a $9-an-Hour Job

Learning JavaScript in 2018

Using huffman trees to improve typing speed

Google and Facebook fed ad dollars to child porn discovery apps

Netflix: Interactive Storytelling with ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

How the Surprise New Interactive Black Mirror Came Together

Total compensations at big tech companies

A man asked for his data from Amazon– they sent 1,700 recordings of someone else

Hundreds of python graph gallery

Musk lawyers move to dismiss cave explorer lawsuit over “pedo guy” tweets

A comprehensive Python cheatsheet

A beginner’s guide on how to win a Deep Learning challenge – Rakuten Tech Blog

Lecture Notes on General Relativity

Get out of the rat race in 2019, overworking is overrated

Why Amazon Still Doesn’t Think Prime Revenue Is Meaningful Enough to Disclose

The Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Programmers

What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory (2007) [pdf]