HN:Live JSON revision - 2018-12-30
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Show HN: Bake – A modular build system and package manager for C/C++

Guesstimate – A Spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain

Inter UI, a typeface designed for user interfaces

A little-known C feature: Static array indices in parameter declarations (2013)

Ibuprofen alters human testicular physiology to produce compensated hypogonadism

Spain will soon overtake Japan in life expectancy rankings

The habit of habit engineering

Make a Public Lab Spectrometer (2017)

Harvard Physics Problem of the Week (2002-2004)

Gravitee: Open-Source API Gateway

A tilt of the head facilitates social engagement

Cyberattack from outside the U.S. hits newspapers across the country

Some California beaches have been off-limits, but public outrage is changing

Windows file access performance compared to Linux

Stop adding cancer-causing chemicals to our bacon, experts tell meat industry

The Void (Linux) distribution

Notes on how systemd’s job engine is structured and other related bits

How we built a non-blocking, RESTful API based on Vert.x and Kotlin/Coroutines

Show HN: Fincher, a steganography tool for text

Lighter Load: Laundry Detergents Shrink for Amazon

An introduction to Georg Cantor’s transfinite paradise

How to Make a Crystal Radio – No Batteries, No External Power (2015) [video]

The Muse (YC W12) Is Hiring a Director of Design and UX

An Introduction to Spacecraft Operations [video]

The math’s not pretty on digital advertising’s future revenues? (2017)

Lenny’s history and why he isn’t Creative Commons (2017)

Quaternion modeling of the helical path for analysis of the DNA molecule [pdf]

Yahoo Query Language will be retired on January 3

Dop: Distributed Object Protocol

F-35 jet = case study in product market fit

GitHub – jonatasbaldin/awesome-awesome-awesome: Awesome list of repositories

Show HN: Text Analysis API Demo

The Untold Story of the Grateful Dead’s Short-Lived Wall of Sound

Attacking end-to-end email encryption [video]

Scott Adams’ Financial Advice (2014)

Zawinski’s law: Every program expands until it can read mail

An Estonian company developing unmanned weaponized ground vehicles

Truck owners are blocking Tesla Superchargers in ’ICE-ing’ protests

It is fast or it is wrong

Why aren’t Angular and React as scalable as game engines?

Connected Components – The one Graph Algorithm you need to know

What Foods Are Banned in Europe but Not Banned in the U.S.?

Meet the Bros of /r/WallStreetBets Who Lose Thousands of $ Day–And Brag About It

Pay for US truck drivers is ’unbelievably low’: Jetco CEO

How to speed up the code review

Playable ZX Spectrum Game from Bandersnatch (Black Mirror)

How we built a non-blocking, RESTful API based on Vert.x and Kotlin/Coroutines

The Ghost in the Machine: An AI Perspective on the Soul [video]

What happens when you try to send politically sensitive messages on WeChat

What Foods Are Banned in Europe but Not Banned in the U.S.?

Should We All Be Taking ‘Irony Poisoning’ More Seriously?

Our universe: An expanding bubble in an extra dimension

How Netflix Gives All Its Engineers SSH Access to Instances in Production (2016)

Show HN: Short-list of recommended tools, frameworks/languages

Microorganisms That Eat Seaweed Can Create Biodegradable Plastic

Pop Music Is Stuck on Repeat – Colin Morris – TEDxPenn

Show HN: New Machine Learning Library for PHP with Examples and Tutorials

Show HN: 2018 Job Trends, based on WhoIsHiring – line graph

PayPal has permanently banned The Hacker News and hold funds for 180 days

The ’Future Book’ Is Here, but It’s Not What We Expected

The Insane Battle to Sabotage a New Apartment Building in San Francisco

Minimalism: How I Structure Code Quickly in C Without Getting Log-Jammed

SHOW HN: Drive-CLI~Get ability to access Google Drive without leaving terminal

Machine Learning from scratch: Bare bones implementations in Python

LSTM and RNN Tutorial with Stock/Bitcoin Time Series Prediction Code Example

Show HN: Quirky-ux – inject a website with some glitter and character

BevMo payment breach affects thousands, with researchers pointing to Magecart