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The West Coast is beating the East Coast on transportation

Flair: A very simple framework for Natural Language Processing

The Commerce Department is considering national security restrictions on AI

PANE: Programming with visible data

Courier Prime: It’s Courier, Just Better

OpenSCAD: Software for creating solid 3D CAD objects

Automatic categorization of text is a core tool now

Programmer as wizard, programmer as engineer (2018)

Proving Cantor’s Theorem in Clojure Using LaTTe

The Worst Interface Ever: The Self-Destruct Switch (2004)

Optimization: An Introduction (2006) [pdf]

First Sednit UEFI Rootkit Unveiled [video]

Star Control: Origins removed from Steam after DMCA takedown notice

A list of useful books for game AI programming (2014)

RPN calculator implementations in 61 languages

“The default name prefix is changed to be ‘sqlite’ spelled backwards” (2006)

Show HN: Stowbots – Sort image downloads automatically using deep learning

In High-Tech Cities, No More Potholes, but What About Privacy?

“In 2018 the blockchain/decentralization story fell apart”

The old guard of Mac indy apps has thrived for more than 25 years

Community-based, human-centered design

Farmers and Ranchers Are Completely Screwed by American Healthcare(2017)

This year’s Nobel Prize winners gather for a talk [video]

Xi Jinping says Taiwan “must and will be” reunited with China

Platinum from the Road (2016) [video]

Merlin: A cross-platform command and control server and agent written in Go

Open Cascade: Open-Source 3D Modeling Libraries

Death is no leveller if some live much longer than others

How Well Do We Understand Probabilities in Medicine? (2016)

For years, Guatemalans traveled thousands of miles for jobs in Mt Pleasant, Iowa

Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You (2017)

A fifth of Earth’s geologic history might have vanished because of glaciers

If You Can Correctly Pronounce Every Word in This Poem, You’re Among the Elite

It has been 613 days since Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey

On linearity: straight lines, linear operators and the Fourier transform

Rust 2019: Tame Complexity through Community Involvement Tools

A Hotel Room Hacking Spree (2017)

The fate of reduce() in Python 3000 (2005)

Living and working in Sweden as engineers

Parsing the Redis replication stream with attoparsec

Still Got Your Crypto: In Response to’s Presentation

History of Computation, Logic and Algebra

Memory-Level Parallelism: Intel Skylake versus Intel Cannonlake

Suicide Rates After Discharge from Psychiatric Facilities (2017)

Street Fighter II: The AI Engine (2017)

A practical guide for thinking and writing more functional JavaScript

Hackers Threaten to Dump Insurance Files Related to 9/11 Attacks

The blind mind: No sensory visual imagery in aphantasia

Long Range Reconnaissance Imager Images (Raw Format) from Ultima Thule Flyby

Mozilla: Ad on Firefox’s new tab page was just another experiment

New Brexit side-effect for privacy

How to think of your business logic as data

Cross Platform GUI for D programming language

Show HN: Siri shortcut to delete EXIF metadata from pictures before sharing them

The Atlantic’s Science Desk: 83 Things That Blew Our Minds in 2018

Mozilla: Ad on Firefox’s new tab page was just another experiment

’Resign from Facebook’: experts offer Mark Zuckerberg advice for 2019