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NSA to Release Their Reverse Engineering Framework GHIDRA to Public at RSA

Sanos Operating System Kernel

Investigating Nvidia’s Jetson AGX: A Look at Xavier and Its Carmel Cores

Mino Games Is Hiring Game Programmers in Montreal

Lego Porsche Crashtest in Slow-Motion (2017)

Show HN: Gaia – Build pipelines in any programming language

Rats ’wrongly blamed’ for 1900 Glasgow plague outbreak

Compass Pathways has set itself up to be the first legal provider of psilocybin

Crev: dependency vetting with a web of trust

Marriott Concedes 5M Passport Numbers Lost to Hackers Were Not Encrypted

From relational DB to a single DynamoDB table

Show HN: An experimental data-flow analysis tool for JavaScript

Wealth: The Toxic Byproduct (2013)

Show HN: Spotify – now playing information and playback control from menu bar

Tensor considered harmful

Show HN: LiteCLI – A CLI for SQLite with auto-completion and syntax highlighting

For-profit college cancels $500M in student debt after fraud allegations

Toward race-free process signaling

Show HN: Matrixprofile-ts – A Python library for timeseries motifs and discords

Software Engineering at Google (2017)

Show HN: A Clojure-based on-demand delivery routing system

Proto-internet trolls: Struensee and press freedom in 18th century Denmark

Serving Bandwidth-Friendly Video with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Woman says her son couldn’t afford his insulin – now he’s dead

Use React.lazy and Suspense to Code-Split Your App

Saudi Arabia: Khashoggi was not an isolated case

Venus – RISC-V Simulator

A new concurrency system for Nim (2013)

Show HN: Electron/browser-free reactjs slack app (40M usage)

The Path to Give California 12 Senators, and Vermont Just One

CRIMP: C Raster Image Manipulation Package, Tcl Extensions for Image Processing

Singapore activist found guilty of hosting ‘illegal assembly’ via Skype

German politicians targeted in mass data attack

German politicans doxxed, massive leak of private information

Torrents with public domain paywalled papers from before 1923

’Hidden Figures’ NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson to Release Autobiography

Lessons in WebAssembly: Client Side Video Editing

Fewer Americans bike to work despite new trails, lanes, bicycle share programs

When you code, write down everything

Lawsuit: Weather Channel illegally shared user location data with advertisers

RunJS: A MacOS JavaScript ’Scratchpad’ Tool

Show HN: Server Hunter

A New York City lawmaker is taking on companies that mine your face

Hundreds of TSA screeners, working without pay, calling out sick at airports

Canadian court declares Uber’s arbitration process illegal and unconscionable

Experts explain the science behind graphene, the new supermaterial

Machine learning can offer new tools, fresh insights for the humanities

Google shifted $23bn to tax haven Bermuda in 2017, filing shows

Icy super-Earth exoplanet spotted around nearby Barnard’s Star

Mercurial rollout on the massive Google monorepo continues

Show HN: ArXiv papers for your phone with PDF reflow

I’m a Brit and America, your health care system is torturing me