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Cdecl – Turns English phrases into C declarations

How to Start Learning Computer Graphics Programming

Show HN: Mkcert: valid HTTPS certificates for localhost

The Overloaded Soldier: Why U.S. Infantry Now Carry More Weight Than Ever

Hacker’s guide to Neural Networks (2012)

Show HN: Trilium Notes – Scriptable note-taking application

Kernel quality control, or the lack thereof

How innovative is Clojure as a Lisp dialect from Lisp expert’s perspective?

A Critique of Standard ML (1992) [pdf]

Show HN: Convert blog articles to high-quality audio

Developments around Microservices, API Gateways, Kubernetes and Service Mesh

Trying to deploy WPA3 on my home network

History of the Plan 9 kernel (1990 – 2003)

Concrete blocks that once protected Britain

Everything – Locate files and folders by name instantly on Windows

Do Not Use Task Manager for Memory Info

EasyPost Is Hiring – Build Logistics for the Fortune 10

Why is Maxwell’s theory so hard to understand? (2007) [pdf]

Netheads vs. Bellheads (1996)

Why I’m in Love with .Net Core – Future of .Net Core 2019

Pliocene and Eocene provide best analogs for near-future climates

Engineering Security (2014) [pdf]

HyveMind: Election Infrastructure on the Blockchain [pdf]

Dive into Deep Learning: Berkeley Course

Introduction to Dart VM

Threema – Seriously secure messaging

Tinyalloc: replacement for malloc/free in unmanaged, linear memory situations

The Verified CakeML Compiler Back End [pdf]

A Comprehensive Survey on Graph Neural Networks (2019)

A growing body of evidence links Parkinson‘s to the gastrointestinal tract

The Sounds That Haunted US Diplomats in Cuba? Lovelorn Crickets, Scientists Say

Study: number of Monarch butterflies in California falls 86% in a single year

Apple’s China Warning “Deflects Deeper Problems” for Firm

Show HN: I made this to get up on time, or do good

Radiation-hardened quine (2014)

Traffic deaths in New York dropped to 200 in 2018, the lowest level in a century

In Its First Decades, the United States Nurtured Schoolgirl Mapmakers

Empathy and Failures of Democracies

FiveThirtyEight’s Data

Download Hundreds of Japanese Fireworks Illustrations from the 1800s

Single C file TLS 1.2/1.3 implementation using tomcrypt

Skipper – An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition

DARPA’s New Self-Guided Bullets Turn in Mid-Flight Following Their Target (2016)

Hidden area in Legend of Zelda that 30 years later one player finally opened

Netflix put out 90,000 minutes of original series, movies in 2018

Would you still pick Elixir in 2019?

Vinyl and Cassette Sales Continued to Grow Last Year

The Folly of Hiring Winners and Firing Losers

Class of 2019: artists and writers whose works have entered the public domain

Show HN: Founder Stuff – A webpage for founders

Vespa, a 72-Year-Old Italian Star Barely Showing Its Age

C programmers with Mac experience wanted for revival of Eudora eMail client

The informal governance provided by leaks and whistleblowers

What I Learned from Working 32 Hours a Week

Fantastically Wrong: The Imaginary Radiation That Ruined Its ‘Discoverer’

Tesla owner says Autopilot automatically regained control after slide-video

Apple took out a CES ad to troll its competitors over privacy

Show HN: React Central State – A super easy to use react global state

Risch Algorithm – An Algorithm for Indefinite Integration

What America can learn from the fall of the Roman republic

Strategy – Alibaba and the Future of Business

We’re All Just Starting to Realize the Power of Personal Data

Show HN: Sofloo – A generative art algorithm built into a t shirt

4 Most Remarkable Shortcomings of Apple Watch Series 4 (e.g., why I returned it)

21 Rules of Thumb for Managing Software People and Teams

Python-prompt-toolkit: build powerful interactive command line apps

Record low numbers of millennials think buying a home is a good investment

Show HN: Making command line interactions fun in any python app

Show HN: Awe - Dynamic web based reports/dashboards in Python

Show HN: Fallgate – A tiny game built in TypeScript

Google’s new SMS and call permission policy is crippling apps used by millions

The Birth and Death of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images

The best data visualization in 2018, according to data visualization experts