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Voltaire’s Luck: The French Philosopher Outsmarts the Lottery

An Eve Online corporation has been hit with a GDPR request from an ex-member

Unprovability comes to machine learning

SQLer – Turn Your SQL queries into RESTful APIs without any programming language

China’s Nreal raises $15M to shrink augmented headsets to size of sunglasses

Scale AI is hiring engineers to accelerate the development of AI

Why I Am Not an Austrian Economist

Node-Red – Flow-Based Programming for the Internet of Things

Cancer Progress: Much More Than You Wanted To Know (2018)

No Tuition, but You Pay a Percentage of Your Income if You Find a Job

Just a few drinks can change how memories are formed

A step-by-step guide to building a simple chess AI (2017)

Gauss’s Principle of Least Constraint (2017)

A Python cross-version decompiler

Yelp claims Chicago area’s best restaurant is 40 miles away in Waukegan

The dangers of streaming across versions of glibc: A cautionary tale (2014)

Drone Sighting Halts Departures at Heathrow Airport

Complete guide to GDPR compliance

Structuring spreadsheets with the “lish” data model (2017)

’Silicon cowboys’: The underdog story of personal computing (2016) [audio]

Maze-solving algorithm implemented in sed

Lazarus 2.0 RC3 – Delphi-compatible cross-platform IDE,43665.0.html

Exploring the effect of microdosing psychedelics on creativity

Laws of Tech: Commoditize Your Complement (2018)

Concrete blocks that once protected Britain

A website dedicated to sharing bird sounds from all over the world

Chronas – an interactive history map

Best of Show: PDP-7 and PDP-11/40 emulation

Coolest Things I Learned in 2018

Track daily tasks using Google Assistant, IFTTT and Spreadsheet

Meat-free ’Impossible Burger 2.0’ tastes even closer to the real deal

Show HN: A Course on Deep Learning Using Google’s TensorFlow

Machine learning leads mathematicians to unsolvable problem

U.S. Carbon Pollution Surged in 2018, After Years of Stasis

Lionsgate copyright claims over reviews by YouTuber AngryJoeShow [video]

Human spatial memory is made up of numerous individual maps (2016)

Relational inductive biases, deep learning, and graph networks

Show HN: Graphite Publishing – A decentralized, user owned blogging platform

Using the New AWS Secrets Manager for Serverless

Wired in 1997: Eastern European Math High School and Virus Exchange BBS

A YubiKey for iOS Will Soon Free Your iPhone from Passwords

When Boz Came to Town: Remembering Charles Dickens’s First Visit to New York

How to make sure your talk doesn’t suck (2011) [pdf]

Going Off the Rails: A Brief History of Interactive Storytelling

Direct3D team office has a Wall of GPU History

The Shutdown Shows Just How Vital Government Scientists Are

KDE is considering a migration to GitLab

AT&T gets burned by rivals over its fake 5G network

Software developer tops list of U.S. News and World Report’s annual best jobs

Something Twice the Size of Earth Slammed into Uranus and Knocked It Over (2018)

Bill Gates warns that nobody is paying attention to gene editing

Open-source and crowd-sourced book listing

Measuring devices from the time of Stonehenge (2018)

Tim Cook: ’Apple’s Most Important Contribution to Mankind’ Will Be in Health

How to Slow Down to Go Faster Than Ever in Software Development

Doordash substitutes tips for the driver delivery pay

4K OLED comes to Dell’s 15-inch XPS, Alienware and G laptops

How Corning Makes Super-Pure Glass for Fiber-Optic Cable

Show HN: The React Handbook

How we achieve +65% YoY growth by ignoring conventional startup advice

Hyundai’s Elevate robotic walking car steps out of the shadows

After three years of decline, carbon emissions rose sharply in the US in 2018

I’ve started wiretapping my kid because he hates photos (2017)

Teens Are Spamming Instagram to Fight an Apparent Network of Child Porn

Twitter’s API still spews enough metadata to reveal where you lived, worked

Intel sets out its plans for 2019: Ice Lake, Lakefield, and Project Athena

GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified Enterprise offering

Newly Released FOIA Documents on Border Patrol’s Seemingly Limitless Authority

Democrats Faked Online Push to Outlaw Alcohol in Alabama Race

I am calling from Microsoft and we detected an issue with your win installation

California island offers $130,000 for new lighthouse keepers

150 years ago, philosopher showed why pointless to start arguments on internet

Python-Awesome tutorial for Machine Learning

New hardware-agnostic side-channel attack works against Windows and Linux

Unprovability comes to machine learning

Lastpass is down

Never mind killer robots–here are six real AI dangers to watch out for in 2019

They’re dead to us: The Ars Technica 2019 Deathwatch

Did non-citizens vote last year? California officials still can’t say

eDEX-UI – A science fiction terminal emulator designed for large touchscreens

Learnability can be undecidable

More coal-fired power plants have closed under Trump than in Obama’s first term

Tox – An encrypted P2P chat protocol that does not rely on central servers

The Verified CakeML Compiler Backend (2018) [pdf]