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Amazon DocumentDB, with MongoDB compatibility

Show HN: I taught my little brother JS, and he made this videogame in a week

Hubble takes gigantic image of the Triangulum Galaxy

Cardiologist-Level Arrhythmia Detection Using a Deep Neural Network

Defining Transit Service Areas with Unsupervised Machine Learning

Ambition (YC W14) Hiring Design, Product, Sales, Success

The Making of Nefertiti 1kb (2018)

Revolutionary radio telescope detects bevy of fast radio bursts

The Datacenter as a Computer: Designing Warehouse-Scale Machines

How Coca-Cola shaped obesity science and policy in China

British Museum realises ’vase’ is in fact an ancient mace-head upside down

Penguin travels every year to visit man who rescued him (2016)

Wittgenstein’s theories are the basis of all modern NLP

Building an physical Ingress Table with Flowhub

Understanding Perlin Noise (2014)

Marcel Proust Was Almost Impossible to Edit

How would user-centric payouts affect the music-streaming world?

ELSA: Efficient Long-Term Secure Storage of Large Datasets

Thoughts on Rust, a few thousand lines in

Hexyl: A command-line hex viewer

AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen ’Matisse’ Coming Mid 2019: Eight Core Zen 2 with PCIe 4.0

Show HN: App that lets you record a video and immediately share with a link

Strang’s “Linear Algebra and Learning from Data” is printed and available

The State of Software Security in 2019

Galactic glimmers: of milk and Old Sinitic reconstructions

How “At the Gates” took 7 years of my life – and nearly the rest

Looking back at Postgres

The state of gRPC in the browser

IBM internal secret docs show deliberate axing of older staff

Road Tripping Around Europe in a Tesla Is Less Fun Than You’d Think

Intro Docker Series – First part on conceptual landscape

New Version of the “Roadmap of Web Applications on Mobile” Now Avail from W3C

Show HN: Selenium-like user flow testing, but with a nicer interface

Is ARM Hungry Enough to Eat Intel’s Favorite Pie?

How the Boston Molasses Disaster Ushered in the Era of Modern Regulation

An Empirical Study on Crash Recovery Bugs in Large-Scale Distributed Systems

Show HN: Markdeck – author cool slides, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative

Show HN: Top PDFs Posted to Hacker News in 2018

Vinod Khosla with Sam Altman on How to Build the Future [video]

The “phantom reference”: How a made-up article got almost 400 citations (2017)

JavaScript January: a curated collection of blogs and tutorials, published daily

Rewarding Talent – Handbook on stock options for European entrepreneurs

Marie Kondo’s Advice Praised by Scientists: “Clutter Is Not a Good Thing”

Behind the Technology That Makes Facebook 3D Photos Possible

More young men dropping out of job market to spend time in an alternate reality

Inventory of Homes for Sale Is Rising in Silicon Valley and San Francisco

Lattice Attacks Against Weak ECDSA Signatures in Cryptocurrencies [pdf]

The Feds Cracked El Chapo’s Encrypted Comms Network by Flipping His System Admin

Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress

Modchips of the State

Show HN: Yggdrasil Network – compact mesh routing experiment for mesh networks

Tesla Roadster is going to be able to hover over the ground, says Elon Musk

Euphrates: A Sega Game Console Emulator

Dad style programming jokes

Renegade BBS server inside Docker

Robotic dildo barred from top tech showcase, prompting sexism claims

Simulation of OneWeb, SpaceX and Telesat’s Proposed Constellations

Denver could become the first US city to decriminalize magic mushrooms

The Book of Shaders: Noise (2015)

Scientists discover a process that stabilizes fusion plasmas

Availability of the Government of the United States

Government shutdown spotlights 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck

Kenya will start teaching Chinese to elementary school students from 2020

Show HN: A tool to find related subreddits

Coinbase Says Ethereum Classic Attack Included $500,000 in Double Spends

How US military cartographers and bad digital mapping created a house of horrors

AMD at CES 2019 Live Stream

A typo and bag of kitty litter might cost billions in nuclear waste cleanup

EFF dinks HP Inc finks in rinky-dink ink stink

Lonely George has died and now an entire species is extinct

Iconic Bookstore Owner Pleads with NYC: Don’t Landmark My Property

Show HN: Send encrypted secrets from the command line

How we achieve +65% YoY growth by ignoring conventional startup advice

Npm, Inc. Has a New CEO, Bryan Bogensberger

REMME – A blockchain-based protocol for issuing X.509 client certificates

Elwood, Illinois Has Become a Vital Hub of America’s Economy. And It’s Hell

Englanders’ greasy fish and chips blamed for 64-meter-long fatberg

Astronomers find another source of repeating radio bursts from outside galaxy

Democratizing Web Design: Vlad Magdalin

YouTuber breaks down Ed Sheeran’s formula for hits

Ghost Blogging Platform can now be used as a headless CMS

Full Auto REST APIs for PostgreSQL DBs

Direct3D team office has a Wall of GPU History slow connection

Qubes OS 4.0.1 has been released

See people’s faces from miles away in the 195 gigapixel photo of Shanghai

El Chapo Trial: How a Colombian I.T. Guy Helped the F.B.I. Take Down the Kingpin

Show HN: Procedural image generator in C

Show HN: React Messenger: Chat UX Components Inspired by Facebook Messenger

Show HN: Generate x86 Assembly with Go

List of Machine Learning/Deep Learning Conferences in 2019

Leela Chess Zero – an open-source distributed project inspired by AlphaZero

TensorFlow.js – Real-Time Object Detection in 10 Lines of Code

Despite promises, cell carriers are still selling your real-time location data