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One-Shot Training of Neural Networks Using Hypercube-Based Topological Coverings

NetHack beaten in 7 minutes 15 seconds realtime

The Early History of F# [pdf]

You Weren’t Meant to Have a Boss (2008)

pgsql: Use perfect hashing, instead of binary search, for keyword lookup

Lisp Badge – Self-contained ATmega1284 Lisp computer

Making a Game Boy Game. Part 1: Getting Started

How to get your money’s worth from your startup lawyer

The Eternal Treadmill of Fitness Trends: From Hot Pants to Hot Mess

Iris Automation Is Hiring a Computer Vision Expert – AI for Drones

Privilege escalation through Kubernetes dashboard

Typeful Programming (1993) [pdf]

Show HN: Docker-based immutable workstation

OpenRex – Open Source Hardware Project

An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms

High Performance Numeric Programming with Swift: Explorations and Reflections

Mysterious “hair ice” is formed by fungus (2015)

How We Designed the Librem 5 Dev Kit with Free Software

Anxiety and burnout: why kids are consumed with worry

System Down: A systemd-journald exploit

Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography, it suggests it

Rook: Storage Orchestration for Kubernetes

Snowflake Archeology: Early computer animation (1960s) for the DEC PDP-1

Avo: Better X86 Assembly Generation from Go

How to Do Data Science Using SQL on Raw JSON

Show HN: Timeops, a fake API for testing or educational purposes

Hubble telescope camera is broken and US government shutdown could delay repairs

Anonymous Google Employees Voted Arms Control Persons of the Year

Ethereum: A number of hard forks turn out to be scams

Show HN: JournalBook – Privacy centric, offline first, personal journal app

Bar Induction Is Compatible with Constructive Type Theory [pdf]

People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds

Privacy Tools – Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance

Windows 10 will chew up another 7GB of disk space to make sure it can update

Google board tried to cover up sexual misconduct, shareholders allege

Anime.Js 3.0.0 is out now

Machine learning leads mathematicians to unsolvable problem

Virtual Reality Version of Second Life with Open Source Code

Alphabet’s board of directors sued for covering up claims of sexual harassment

Show HN: Shellvault – Cloud SSH terminal accessible from any browser

Lisp Badge – Self-contained ATmega1284 Lisp computer

Amazon is reportedly building a Netflix-like service for video games

NLP Architect by Intel AI Lab

Biotech firm Grail conducting large study for early breast cancer detection

For Owners of Ring Security Cameras, Strangers May Have Been Watching Too

Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2019

Show HN: 1800W Balcony Solar/Battery Microgrid that can power your fridge

Why Is It So Hard to Detect Keyup Event on Linux?

Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds

So Long, Macbook. Hello Again, Linux

Using Local OPTIND with Bash Getopts

Ring reportedly gave employees access to customer video feeds

OpenBSD: New console font Spleen made default;sid=20190110064857

Show HN: TetrEFIs, tetris as an EFI application

Run 6502 Assembly Code on Mac, Linux or Windows

Cruise’s new video showing driverless car navigating very tricky traffic in SF

The richest families in Florence in 1427 are still the richest (2016)

Show HN: Bimble – List and share your favourite places

T-Mobile First to Launch Caller Verification

NLP for Fake News Detection (2018)

Serum concentrations of PFASs and exposure-related behaviors in women

Your Flaws Are Probably More Attractive Than You Think They Are

Poker player bets $100k he can last 30 days in pitch black solitary confinement

Launch HN: Cloud Optimizer – Find the cheapest compute at eight cloud providers

Blow to low carb diet as landmark study finds high fibre cuts heart disease risk

The Changing of the Guard (1991)

Personal Finance Lessons for Technology Professionals

Show HN: Frequently – The easiest way to create a free FAQ page for your project

Windows 10 will chew up another 7GB of disk space to make sure it can update

Amazon accused of knocking off AWS customers’ products (2013)

Former Google exec: AI will replace 40 percent of jobs in 15 years

Stranded seals wreak havoc in Canadian town

Reports Suggest Ring Allowed Employees Access to Customer Camera Feeds

T-Mobile CEO Announces Payment Options for Federal Workers

America’s Electric Grid Has a Vulnerable Back Door–and Russia Walked Through It

Show HN: NVK – A Vulkan Rendering API for JavaScript

We won a CES robotics innovation award, then they took it back

Call for Papers for Percona Live Open Source Database Conference

How oil traders make big bucks by using satellite surveillance

MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise Matrix as a ELK Dashboard

Assistive tech can’t handle the unusual fonts people use on Twitter to be cute

Deconstructing Decentralized Exchanges

Facebook and fake news: elderly more likely to spread misinformation

How China’s Elite Hackers Stole the World’s Most Valuable Secrets

Dimensions Resource for Everyday Objects

How Cartographers for the U.S. Military Inadvertently Created a House of Horrors

Scientists seek ways to finally take a real measure of pain

Prevalence and predictors of fake news dissemination on Facebook

Venezuela Is in Crisis. So How Did Maduro Secure a Second Term?

Automatic image captioning with visual attention using PyTorch

Subtle Asian Dating: Why a Raunchy, Self-Aware Subtle Asian Traits group grows

Amnesty: Chinese anti-censorship activist gets 2 years in jail

Blockchain Can Wrest the Internet from Corporations’ Grasp

Ring reportedly gave employees full access to customers’ live camera feeds