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A decade-long boom is ending as consumers hang on to devices for longer

IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm Running on Haiku

Open source Molten salt nuclear reactor design

Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir

Related subreddits based on behavior for Hacker News

Original Bauhaus Journals for Free: Gropius, Klee, Kandinsky and More

Hospitals release lists of retail prices for services

Boards – A tool for collaboratively organizing notes

Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made [pdf]

SSA is Functional Programming (1998) [pdf]

Vincent van Gogh: On the Road to Revolution

MAG-LEV Audio – Levitating Turntable

An Art of Air and Fire: Brazil’s Renegade Balloonists (2014)

Show HN: Stensal SDK: Retrofitting C/C++ code with quasi-memory-safety

In China, the smiley face emoji means something else

Tech’s diversity problem is because of toxic LeetCode interviews

“Secret Writer’s Society”, the best way to swear at children in 1998

California’s Camp Fire Was the World’s Costliest Natural Disaster in 2018

Arborists are bringing the “dinosaur of trees” back to life

Plants Can Hear Animals Using Their Flowers

Say no to Venn diagrams when explaining SQL joins (2016)

Pork Cake Recipe Discovered at the Internet Archive

The best privacy policy I’ve ever read

Branca – Authenticated and encrypted API tokens using modern crypto

An example of very controlled video feedback using all analog 1970’s equipment

Using Slack through an IRC client

Government shutdown: TLS certificates not renewed, many websites are down

About Daniel Stenberg (creator of curl)

Introduction into Microservices – Minimize Costs of Change

Apple buys 50 business class seats to Shanghai daily

“Proof-Of-Work” Proves Not to Work (2004) [pdf]

The Border Patrol Has Been a Cult of Brutality Since 1924

Michael Atiyah’s Imaginative State of Mind (2016)

Direct3D team office has a Wall of GPU History

Image Style Transfer:Style transfer from famous paintings using CNNs in Pytorch

Python Best Practices for More Pythonic Code

Escape the corset: South Koreans pushing back against beauty standards is down due to a lapse in government funding

Billionaires Like Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos Live by Ancient Stoic Philosophy

Show HN: Our Fun lil’ 404 page