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Notion – All-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases

Guix: An advanced operating system

Porting 30K lines of code from Flow to TypeScript

Ideology Impairs Sound Reasoning

Xapiand: A fast, simple, modern search and storage engine

Field notes: London, England (2018)

Return of the Runtimes: Rethinking the Language Runtime System (2017) [pdf]

Our culture has two types of forgetting

Getting an IBM AS/400 Midrange Computer on the Internet

Security Checklist

Slack Plans to Follow Spotify on Unconventional IPO Route

What is Life? by Erwin Schrödinger (1944) [pdf]

Writing an OS in Rust: Introduction to Paging

Icecast: Open Source multimedia streaming

Project Alias hacks Amazon Echo and Google Home to protect privacy

Highly mutated cancers respond better to immune therapy

Secure and Ad-Free Internet Anywhere with Streisand and Pi Hole

AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source

Mystro (YC S17) Is Hiring a Software Engineer

Jannie Duncan: “Beautiful Human” or Fugitive Killer?

Neuronal Dynamics: From single neurons to networks and models of cognition

Incident Response Documentation

Towards verified compilation of CakeML into WebAssembly [pdf]

Testing isn’t everything

Ministry of Mr. Rogers – By Robert Sullivan

Show HN: Fff – A terminal file manager written in bash

We wasted $50K on Google Search Ads and the insights we got on the way

Computational and Inferential Thinking: The Foundations of Data Science

Why access and API tokens are the new passwords but worse

Kerr black holes images and videos (2012)

Using Git Bisect to Find Bugs

Urbit / Primer (2019)

Here is my collection of 600+ “old” digital cameras

Show HN: SoundZoom – Microtonal and Isomorphic Keyboard HTML5 App

A summary and curation of the top-ranked content on Node.js best practices

Show HN: HeyFromTheFuture – Advice people wish they had at your age

AlaSQL.js – JavaScript SQL Database for Browser and Node.js

Tidal Under Criminal Investigation in Norway Over ’Faked’ Streams

Consumption of dark roast coffee blend reduces DNA damage in humans

David Maurer, the Dean of Criminal Language

Xenix tales: 8086 and Xenix 386 networking

Chezmoi: manage your dotfiles securely across multiple machines

Elixir v1.8.0 released: better introspection, faster compilation and speed-ups

Show HN: Security Checklist – resources to improve online privacy and security

MacKenzie Bezos likely to be world’s richest woman after divorce

Factors in authentication

Halo was written with a Lisp dialect called blamscript (2014)

Your new smart TV is so cheap because it’s collecting and selling your data

Designers Spill the Beans: How to Make Your Own Logo from Scratch

Apple stops you playing different music on iPhone and HomePod

Apple Wanted to Use Qualcomm Chips for 2018 iPhones, Qualcomm Wouldn’t Sell Them

Widely used access badge system PremiSys has a hardcoded backdoor

Treadreaderapp homepage is a conspiracy theory tire fire

Copyright Week 2019: Join Us in the Fight for Better Copyright Law and Policy

Africa by Toto to play on eternal loop ’down in Africa’

Newspack by – A New Publishing Solution for News Organizations

TypeScript Express Tutorial #7. Relational Databases with Postgres and TypeORM

Study: Bias Drops Dramatically for Sexual Orientation and Race – But Not Weight

MacKenzie Bezos and the Myth of the Lone Genius Founder

A Look at the PayPal Mafia’s Continued Impact on Silicon Valley

Voder 1939 voice synthesizer

Disable Flash support by default in Firefox 69

Tesla is giving a Model 3 away to a hacker who can crack it – Electrek

A Wake-Up Call for Tech Managers: Listen to Your Programmers

Solutions to social problems must consider the human perspective

Mutiny on the Sex Raft: how a 70s science project descended into violent chaos

China Sentences Canadian, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, to Death

Css tricks design v17

Show HN: WSL compatibility for Windows ssh-agent

Things I learnt after quitting Google for a job at a hyper-growth startup

Retro-Bit: Sega Controllers Are Coming This February, and They’re Glorious,news-29100.html

A three-page paper that shook philosophy, with lessons for software engineers

Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development

Will Headless Intel Woo AMD’s Lisa Su?

How Trump-Russia facts look from a counterintelligence perspective

SQL 3d engine (interactive preview)

Mitochondrial DNA can be inherited from fathers, not just mothers

Lambda School – interesting model, only pay for lessons when you get a tech job