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Sequel Pro – Open source macOS native MySQL GUI client

Dbeaver – Multi-platform database tool

My dog was killed on a walk with a walker ordered through Wag

The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing (1999)

Count the people around you by monitoring wifi signals

How I use my Raspberry Pis to help me work on with my side projects

Iris Automation Is Hiring a Computer Vision Expert – AI for Drones

HeidiSQL – GUI client for MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL

Going old school: how I replaced Facebook with email

Oklahoma Department of Securities Leaked Millions of Files

Digitally cloning a 1914 Delage Type S engine block

Portland’s Land Rush for New ’Opportunity Zone’ Tax Breaks

UN General Assembly adopts record number of resolutions on internet governance

DNS Flag Day on February 1, 2019: check your domains

AMD is edging closer to breaking Nvidia’s graphic dominance

Show HN: 10 year challenge with browser history back button

Show HN: Shots AI – Turn designs into code with one click

Raylib: a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy game programming

A bot for Starcraft in Rust, C or any other language

Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030 (2016) [pdf]

Screen time: how much is too much?

Spectrum – Image transcoding library for Android or iOS

Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. Take One That Isn’t

FBI ‘Can Neither Confirm nor Deny’ That It Monitors Your Social Media Posts

Federal HTTPS domains that’ll expire soon because of US government shutdown

Show HN: Json2graphql – From a JSON file to Postgres-backed realtime GraphQL

Roger McNamee is really sad about Facebook

Professional programming resources

Something Is Broken in Our Science Fiction. Why Can’t We Move Past Cyberpunk?

Acid test: on drugs and science fiction (2017)

KDE Plasma 5.15 Beta: Lightweight, Usable and Productive

Inkscape launches versions 0.92.4 and 1.0 alpha

Xilinx sends lawyers after an engineer teaching FPGA programming

Software Development: modern practices and where it’s headed

Phosphorus: 350 years after its discovery, this vital element is running out

A 4 year old boy trapped in a teenager’s body

Show HN: enables to “docker run” in the clould with a subdomain

Tim Cook: You Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Get It

Tim Cook: You Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Actually Get It

Minnow Server: Fast and embeddable websocket SSL server for microcontrollers

Autonomous Vehicles: Fact vs. Fiction at CES 2019

Saturn’s rings were formed when dinosaurs roamed Earth

Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior from Russia

Is Ancient DNA Research Revealing New Truths – Or Falling into Old Traps?

Website detailing difficult guest experiences on AirBnB called “AirBnB Hell”

Strangest thing we’ve found in the CIA’s declassified archives (so far)

Facebook employees busted leaving 5-star reviews for Portal on Amazon

Only 40% of Boston’s valedictorian’s make more thank 50k a year

How Men and Women Approach Open Source Differently

Is It Time to Rewrite the Operating System in Rust? [video]

Crypto Trading 2018 in Review: I backtested 32 strategies with full year of data

The Braindead Megaphone (2007) [pdf]

We Don’t Need More Moral Elites. We Need Less Powerful Ones

Guy Says He’s the First Person to Attempt Editing His DNA with CRISPR

Show HN: Realtime Web UI for Chrome Headless

Walmart abandons plans for video-streaming service will focus instead on Vudu

Scientists grow perfect human blood vessels in a petri dish

M.Rubio introduces privacy bill to create federal regulations on data collection

What could a (visual) Clojure/Lisp editor be like?

Ghostery Plus makes money while blocking publishers from doing the same

Poll-Rigging for Trump and Creating WomenForCohen: One IT Firm’s Work Order

’Smartphone zombie’ fine cheered on Chinese social media

Northridge Earthquake – January 17th, 1994 (25 years ago today)

How to Stop Lighting Your Company’s Cash on Fire

You Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Get It - Tim Cook op-ed

Millions of Households Could Lose Internet Access Due to Government Shutdown

Facebook makes its image compression tech available to all

Michael Cohen reportedly gave a tech firm $12,000 to rig polls in Trump’s favor

Six ways the media is blaming the victims covering bike and pedestrian deaths

Show HN: Pgbackup: add an encrypted/off-site/zero-lag backup to your postgres db

New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists

Show HN: Reverse Engineering C++ just got a bit easier

Brexit: France activates no-deal plan

NES.css: 8-bit style CSS framework

A new free-software forge:

Facebook Open-sources Spectrum 1.0.0 for better mobile image processing

17 days into 2019 and companies still haven’t updated their copyright year