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Q2VKPT: Fully path traced Quake 2

L4Linux – Linux running on the L4 microkernel

Former IBM exec says company told her to hide layoff age data from government

MakeCode Arcade: Retro Gaming, Modern Programming

Gunk: Modern front end and syntax for Protocol Buffers

Why Carmaggedon never comes – Seattle edition

GNU Octave: A high-level interactive language for numerical computations [pdf]

To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

Supporters of Mexico’s Soda Tax Targeted with NSO Exploit Links (2017)

Twins get different results when they put 5 ancestry DNA kits to the test

How the Government Shutdown Warps Time Itself

Twenty legal battles that stand out across Ars’ 20 years of covering them

Predicting Variable Types in Dynamically Typed Programming Languages

Farms, More Productive Than Ever, Are Poisoning Drinking Water in Rural America

Fossilized Insect Discovered Not in Amber, but in Opal

To Cover China, There’s No Substitute for WeChat

The cerebellum is your “little brain”, and it does some pretty big things

Inkscape launches versions 0.92.4 and 1.0 alpha

Prevent users registering with passwords from data breaches

Costco opening a $440M chicken farm to escape America’s chicken monopoly

Twitter warns that private tweets were public for years

FDA is considering drugs to help kids quit vaping

The Acid3 Test (2008)

The Art of Unix Programming (2003)

Distributed Technologies Research

50 shades of C++ - Nicolai Josuttis - Meeting C++ 2018 Closing Keynote

Object Detection: An End-to-End Theoretical Perspective

Freno – Cooperative, highly-available throttler service

Google VP told employees to stop using the word “family” after staff complaints

RACK: a time-based fast loss detection algorithm for TCP (2018)

PG&E: The First Climate-Change Bankruptcy, Probably Not the Last

DeepLabCut: Deep learning based markerless pose estimation of user-defined parts

I Took a Couple Years Off of Work to Swing Trade. Here’s What Happened

Show HN: Musish – Web client for Apple Music

Building CockroachDB on top of RocksDB

MySQL client allows MySQL server to request any local file by default

Human Interest (401(k) Provider for SMBs) Is Hiring a Partner Marketing Manager

Show HN: HTML5 Video Player in TypeScript

Tiny animal carcasses found in buried Antarctic lake

An overflow error costing 500M dollars (1996)

Standard library for JavaScript and Node.js

Elon Musk: Moving to Mars would cost about $200,000

A Go Custom Flutter Engine Embedder for Desktop

LibGyro – Low-Level Multimedia API

Judge unseals trove of internal Facebook documents from 2012 legal action

Hey Google When did I ask you to read my purchase details

Openrsync – a clean-room implementation of rsync with a BSD (ISC) license

Show HN: Hacker News 2018, Year in Review

Examples and best practices for building recommendation systems

A u-blox GNSS receiver for orienteering mapping

GDPR complaints say Amazon, Spotify, and others are breaking EU law

25% of antibiotics prescribed in the US are unnecessary

Nigeria has now lost 96% of it’s forest. Here is an animated map to demonstrate

Netflix is burning through cash. This can’t last forever

Why Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Should Worry Amazon Investors

Texas Death Row Inmates’ Last Statements

Simone Giertz brain tumor is back

Q2VKPT: Fully path-traced Quake 2 fork using RTX

Microsoft recommends switching to iPhone, Android as it kills off Windows phones

Google faces renewed protests and criticism over China search project

Deep Learning State of the Art (2019) [video]

US Cartographers Inadvertently Created a House of Horrors in South Africa

Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.?

I deleted my 118k-follower, verified Instagram account

Scientists Finally Know What Time It Is on Saturn

Federal Court Rules That Patent Troll Can’t Hide Its Machinations

Show HN: A Golang library to build Turing machine

Anonymous Amazon worker says they listen to unrecognized Alexa recordings

Verizon will offer free spam protection to all of its customers

HyPerledger Fabric – the 20 most important terms made simple

You can see through frosted glass by using clear tape

Netflix says Fortnite is bigger competition than HBO or Hulu

Python Steering Council Nomination: Peter Wang

AngelList Year in Review, 2018

Elwood, Il Has Become a Vital Hub of America’s Consumer Economy. And It’s Hell

To Honor Murder Victims, Stop Fixating on the Race of Their Killers

MIT researchers use Bayesian inference, a form of AI, to make computer programs

Rare ’Super Blood Wolf Moon’ will be visible this weekend

Research Paper Abstract Mad Lib from MIT

This is what Google says search will look like under EU copyright laws

ZFS on Linux Landing Workaround for Linux 5.0 Kernel Support

Inspiration to Reality: Exploring Generative Art

Networking While Introverted: It Can Be Done

Dark markets have evolved to use encrypted messengers and dead-drops

My Desire to Learn from My Customers and How It Led to a New Business

Firefox removes UI dark pattern from Screenshot tool after months of complaints

Americans trust the military more than Big Tech to develop AI

A dirty secret that everybody in your industry knows about

Shareholders tell Amazon to stop selling Rekognition facial recognition to govt

Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledgebase

Get started with WTF, a dashboard for the terminal

Top 50 Programming Blogs and Websites for Programmers in 2019

Devastating quakes are priming the Himalaya for a mega-disaster

More Than Half of Coffee Species Are in Danger of Extinction

Show HN: Data Science Topic List and Textbook Reviews

AngelList Year in Review, 2018

Artificially produced cells communicate with each other

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Raise Taxes on the Rich and Americans Agree

Is It Time for RISC and CISC to Die?

Infants May Be More Likely to Die in America Than Cuba

Next Windows 10 version will let you search without Cortana’s involvement

Elon Musk’s Tesla to cut about 3,000 jobs as cars ’too expensive’