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Queueing theory: The science of waiting in line

WasmWinforms – .NET WinForms in a browser

Microsoft’s Azure DevOps: An Unsatisfying Adventure

BuildZoom (marketplace for construction) is hiring engineers

Canada’s New Food Guide

“The artists live their life, and I live my laundry life.”

Individualism, Self-Selection, Cultural Change During the Age of Mass Migration [pdf]

Antedating “datatype” all the way to Plankalkül (2017)

Oracle allegedly underpaid $400M in wages to underrepresented employees

Network protocols for anyone who knows a programming language

Our Software Dependency Problem

Silhouette: The Story (1998)

7-zip broken password random number generator

Cast All the Things: Send videos from many online sources to your Chromecast

What bioRxiv’s first 30,000 preprints reveal about biologists

17th-century painting discovered behind a wall during renovation

Case against behavioral advertising is stacking up

Customer Service Agents Can See What You’re Typing in Real Time

Revolutionary Enhancement of Visibility: Exploiting Active Light-Fields (REVEAL)

Updated Debian 9: 9.7 released

Palantir CEO rips Silicon Valley, accuses it of selling out America

Kotlin is now an official language for Android development inside Google

China factory jobs dry up as trade tensions hit manufacturing

DiffEqFlux.jl – A Julia Library for Neural Differential Equations

Chromecast Support for Firefox

Show HN: MIT DeepTraffic 75.01 MPS Solution

Millions of bank loan and mortgage documents have leaked online

Paper Technologies, Digital Technologies: Early Modern Medical Records (2016)

What are the limits of deep learning?

CheXpert/MIMIC-CXR datasets: ~600,000 labeled chest X-rays from Stanford and MIT

Introducing the Atlas Obscura Community Forums

Encryption efforts in Colorado challenge crime reporters, transparency

Starting a Company Outside Silicon Valley Just Saved Me $1.1M

Mendeley encrypts users’ database after Zotero provides an importer

Show HN: Git Butler – IFTTT for GitHub pull request and issue workflows

Microsoft’s mobile Edge browser begins issuing fake news warnings

GridDB v4.1 Officially Released

Scaling Klaviyo’s Event processing Pipeline with Stream Processing

Risk of Discovery (2017)

People with boring jobs tend to design dull jobs for their colleagues

Rural America’s “brain drain”: How student debt is emptying small towns

Blissymbols, an Ideographic Writing System

Cause of Alzheimer’s: gingivalis, the key bacteria in chronic gum disease

Show HN: Source Code Plagiarism Detector

Long Lines for Women’s Bathrooms Could Be Eliminated. Why Haven’t They Been?

CEO of IBM Says Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Is Vital

Every year, millions try to navigate US courts without a lawyer

How hot are atoms in the shock wave of an exploding star?

Data Broker That Sold Phone Locations Lobbied FCC to Scrap User Consent

Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic (maker of Substance Designer)

Anchorage Emerges with $17M from A16Z for ‘Omnimetric’ Crypto Security

Cleaving to the Medieval, Journeymen Ply Their Trades in Europe (2017)

Huawei Wooed Europe with Sponsorships, Investments and Promises

OSTIF and Quarkslab Audit of OpenSSL Is Complete

Show HN: Not all JavaScript frameworks have a book. AppRun has one

Brain Cells That Make Pain Unpleasant Identified

Stream-Ripper Firmly Defeats the RIAA in U.S. Federal Court

HTTPS in Development: A Practical Guide

AI Thinks Rachel Maddow Is a Man (and this is a problem for all of us)

Historic Packard Plant Bridge Collapses in Detroit

Una Corda, a piano with one string per note

Show HN: MTR.CSS – Hong Kong MTR Station Colors as CSS Variables

Two in five tech job applicants don’t have the right tech chops, survey finds

Despite Bitcoin’s Dive, a Former Soviet Republic Is Still Betting Big on It

I Tried to Block Amazon from My Life. It Was Impossible

World’s Oldest Known Periodic Table Found During Cleanup of Scottish Lab

Chrome Extension Manifest V3 Could End UBlock Origin for Chrome

GStreamer WebRTC: A flexible solution to web-based media

Americans’ climate change concerns surge to record levels, poll shows

Spotify cracks down on reverse-engineering and ad blocking

Jack Dorsey says Mark Zuckerberg served him a goat he apparently killed himself

Pupils refused hot school dinners due to credit debt

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Absolutely Right About Racist Algorithms

Why free software evangelist Richard Stallman is haunted by Stalin’s dream

Database Operators Bring Stateful Workloads to Kubernetes

Rise of Netflix Competitors Has Pushed Consumers Back Toward Piracy

A Matchmaker Who Flirts on Dating Apps for You (2017)

Apple’s New Keyboards Also Still Plagued with Issues (2019) [video]

Everytime Employee 2 walks by a cubicle, one of the screens blacks out

Oregon Bottle Deposit System Hits 90 Percent Redemption Rate

Boeing’s Self-Flying Taxi Completes Its First Flight

15-inch, 4K OLED laptops are coming thanks to new displays from Samsung

Intel 80386, part 3: Flags and condition codes

Show HN: Top 300 books were counted from hn in 2018

U.S. Recognizes Opposition Leader Guaido to Replace Venezuela’s Maduro

Facebook Is Helping Husbands ’Brainwash’ Their Wives with Targeted Ads

Elon Musk says Tesla vehicles will soon get a ‘Sentry Mode’

The TypeScript Tax: A Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

PHP PEAR server is down because of a security breach