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AlphaStar: Mastering the Real-Time Strategy Game StarCraft II

Revery – Native, high-performance, cross-platform desktop apps

What Happens When You Try to Sue Your Boss

Mockingbirds show heightened aggression after lead exposure

Coming Soon to a Police Station Near You: The DNA ‘Magic Box’

Iris Automation Is Hiring a Computer Vision Expert – AI for Drones

Movfuscator – Single instruction C compiler

Richard Feynman and the Connection Machine (1989)

Save Data Directly to B2 with Backblaze Cloud Backup 6.0

Computer History Museum has made the scans of RFCs 1 through 9 available

DLS – The digital logic simulator game

Evolution of the x86 context switch in Linux (2018)

Skinny genes the ’secret to staying slim’

Show HN: Queueing theory intro for software developers

When to Buy Your Own ISBNs

Google Search Operators: A Complete List (2018)

Right to Repair is already hurling into action in 2019

Yarn’s Future – v2 and beyond

India satellite: Student-made Kalamsat V2 put into orbit

Why these media layoffs keep happening

Photographing computers to show the art inside the black box

Troubled legacy of Terry Davis, ‘God’s lonely programmer’

Teen diving enthusiast’s project has removed 50,000 golf balls from off CA coast

DeepMind StarCraft II Demonstration [video]

A week in the life of a London murder detective

Detecting Ghosts by Reverse Engineering: Who Ya Gonna Call?

PopSockets turned a simple lifehack into $169M in revenue

Signals from Space: A Lemonade Transparency Chronicle

Show HN: Code generation tool for quick struct content comparison

Saait: a boring HTML page generator

Facebook lobbied in favour of upload filters

GPUVideoDecode on Linux is impossible without patching

Geometric Understanding of Deep Learning (2018)

Language-Agnostic Sentence Representations

An investigative reporter has changed his tech habits after what he has learned

Aetna, Anthem, IBM Announce Healthcare Blockchain Collaborative

Internet experiment goes wrong, takes down a bunch of Linux routers

Show HN: CloudQuery – Turn any website to serverless API with SPA support

Show HN: Fnm – Fast and simple Node.js version manager built in ReasonML

Adiantum: encryption for the low end

Show HN: Vue-router-prefetch – Prefetch links that are only visible in viewport

Life emerges from a simple particle motion law [video]

Designing for the web ought to mean making HTML and CSS

Issue with GitHub Forks: Private repos can be accessed after being removed adds improvements to speech recognition tech

What Is the “God Mode” Folder in Windows 10, and How Do I Enable It?

GStreamer WebRTC: A flexible solution to web-based media

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Logs 15 Years on Mars

A little fail-safe filesystem designed for microcontrollers (2017)

For $29, This Company Swears It Will ‘Brainwash’ Someone on Facebook

Algorithmic Beauty of Plants (1996)

Earth’s oldest rock was found by Apollo 14 astronauts – on the moon

How to make the Chord DHT correct

Refunc: Kubernetes native serverless platform

Show HN: Deep Learning in TensorFlow – The Roadmap for Study and Learning

Show HN: Brutal.JS – markup as functions of state

Node.js Express API development security checklist (2017)

RPi Camera v2 uses DRM to prevent clones (2016)

China just blocked its last major foreign search engine

FDA’s opioids adviser accuses agency of having ’direct’ link to crisis

President of Flight Attendants Union Suggests General Strike to End Shutdown

Planetary collision that formed the moon made life possible on Earth

Independent research shop claims 50% of Facebook users are fake

Attempt to Get Google to Vanish My Article About a Forged Court Order

BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen breaks ground on Chia’s “better Bitcoin” protocol

Is saturated fat bad for your health?

I Wanted a Canada Goose Coat. I Got Something That Smelled Weird Instead

Intel Core CPUs: Everything You Need to Know about Coffee Lake and Ice Lake

I Stopped Using a Computer Mouse for a Week and It Was Amazing

Millions of Americans Flood Mexico for Health Care: The Caravan Not Heard About

China tests opening up social credit scores to WeChat with debt map

Microsoft’s Bing search engine blocked in China

They Build Spacecraft and Fight Epidemics; Shutdown May Scare Them Away

All Chinese money into Silicon Valley stops after Huawei ban

Robots Will Take Jobs from Men, the Young, and Minorities

Facebook knowingly duped game-playing kids and their parents out of money

"I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower." (2013)

Organ Harvesting from Falun Gong Practitioners in China

Russian company has been flying customers to the edge of space for years

Google DeepMind StarCraft Demonstration (Scheduled 1pm EST)

Lisp, Jazz, Aikido – Three Expressions of a Single Essence (2018) [pdf]

Microsoft Acquires Citus Data: Creating the World’s Best Postgres Experience

Remote Code Execution in apt/apt-get

WhatsApp limits message forwarding in bid to tackle spread of misinformation

Google hit with £44m GDPR fine over ads