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When a Bike Company Put a TV on Its Box, Shipping Damages Went Down (2017)

Verilog sources for Western Digital’s open source RISC-V core

Confessions of an Abstraction Hater

1600s England Through the Eyes of One of the First Modern Travel Writers (2017)

LaTeX Coffee Stains (2009) [pdf]

Memory usage of a toy C# server and client with 500K concurrent connections on

Bill Gates promises to add his own billions if Congress does nuclear power push

Making C Less Dangerous in the Linux Kernel [video]

Geek heroes rescue Tonga from worst case fibre optic cable blackout

Testing Hawking radiation in laboratory black hole analogues

Bruno Buchberger’s algorithm: Gröbner bases and applications [pdf]

OpenStreetMap Foundation investigation into unusual membership signups [pdf]

Machine Learning Feynman Experience: build models from scratch on Google Colab

The China Conundrum – are we headed for a supply chain meltdown?

Show HN: Deep Learning in TensorFlow – The Roadmap for Study and Learning

Snark Barker: A 100% compatible replica of the famed SB 1.0 soundcard

“Facebook are going to monetize encrypted messaging by consolidating metadata”

Josiah Royce: The philosopher we need today?

Fescar: High-performance, Java-based, OSS distributed transaction solution

List of review articles on ML and AI that are on arXiv

Micro Sociological Ingredients of Charismatic Leadership (2015) [video]

An analysis of censorship in Chinese open source projects

US diplomat convicted over Iran-Contra appointed special envoy for Venezuela

NIST Cybersecurity Framework in MOSP

They Own the System: Amazon Rewrites Book Industry by Marching into Publishing

Microsoft’s fonts catch out another fraudster–this time in Canada

A Man’s Obsessive Fight to Reclaim His Cambridge Analytica Data

The Perils and Pleasures of Bartending in Antarctica (2017)

China is transforming Africa into the next ’factory of the world’

The Beat’s Holy Grail: The Letter That Inspired ’On the Road’

Meet Virginia Stopher, 19-Year-Old “Girl Hobo” of the 1920s

How the Second Law Nearly Fell into a Black Hole

Podman and Buildah available in RHEL 7.6 and RHEL 8 Beta

A tale of Visigothic treasure lost and found

Humanity Has Hope: Pro-Gamers Win 1 of 11 StarCraft Matches Against DeepMind AI

Report on unusual signups before OpenStreetMap Foundation board election A micro-framework for C web applications

Undercover agents target cybersecurity watchdog

History of Computing: Discovering Interactivity

What Do People Use the Internet for in the EU?

KDE Plasma Mobile Running on RISC-V Hardware

1fps Atari 2600 Emulator in Vanilla Minecraft 1.13 [video]

Show HN: Terminal CSS

Wi-Fi router security has deteriorated since 2003

The technical feasibility of Bloomberg’s “Chinese backdoored servers” story

Microsoft’s Code Jumper teaches blind kids to code

Lawmakers are raising concerns about Facebook’s plans to merge its message apps

“Not proven” is a verdict available to a court in Scotland

AlphaStar: The inside story

Dark Side of the Kremlin: 108 GB of Files from Russian Oligarchs in Ukraine

Amazon’s facial-analysis tool showed gender and race bias, says study

Open source, privacy-enabled smartphone operating systems