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Facebook has been paying people to install a “Research” VPN

Office 365 global authentication outage

How I ended up writing a new real-time kernel (2015)

Apple was warned about the FaceTime eavesdropping bug last week

AresDB: Uber’s GPU-Powered Open-Source, Real-Time Analytics Engine

Show HN: Deep Learning GUI to Create, Train and Visualize Models in a Browser

Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL

Down the Rabbit Hole – Part I: A Journey into the UEFI Land

The heroes of the Thai cave rescue

Instacart paying 80 cents an hour because worker received a large tip

Show HN: Serve Static GitHub Pages Locally

Nasa Used Art to Shape Our Vision of the Future

Building a “Simple” Distributed System – Formal Verification

Reconstructing intelligible speech from the human auditory cortex

A Self-Learning, Modern Computer Science Curriculum

San Francisco proposal would ban government facial recognition use in the city

On Building an Instagram Street Art Dataset and Detection Model

Royalty Free No Copyright Music for All Your Projects

Turn any program that uses stdin/stdout into a WebSocket server

Dress: learn how to GitHub by posting your cosplay

Walgreens, CVS test teeth straightening, cleanings in some stores

Inside the Apollo Guidance Computer’s Core Memory

A Screaming Boss Helped Steve Blank Develop His Brilliant Startup Philosophy

Predictors of mental health in employed adults with autism spectrum disorder

Show HN: Open startups with their revenue, metrics, and stories

Dark Messenger: Mobile XMPP Over TOR

Buzzfeed paid the teen who made its top quizzes in free swag

Lessons learned scaling a PostgreSQL database to 1.2bn records/month

I abused 2FA to maintain persistence after a password change

Diversity in Faces: A Dataset of Annotations of 1M Human Facial images

Ledger Live: A mobile companion app for Ledger hardware wallets

Facebook hires one of its biggest privacy critics to oversee WhatsApp privacy

Facebook Moves to Block Ad Transparency Tools

Israeli Scientists: We’ll Have a Cure for Cancer Within a Year

Microsoft decides IE 10 has had its fun: Termination set for Jan 2020

Mark Zuckerberg’s Delusion of Consumer Consent

Japanese government plans to hack into citizens’ IoT devices

Gmail Services Global Outage

Apple Financial Results – Q1 2019 Conference Call LIVE

A small notebook for a system administrator

Anti-corruption shortfalls fuelling ‘global democracy crisis’

What If Google Doesn’t Reward White Hat SEO?

Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech

The case for vanilla front-end development

Bjarne Stroustrup warns of dangerous future plans for his C++ (2018)

Designing a circular knitting machine from scratch [video]

Huawei’s attempts to copycat a T-Mobile robot read like a comical spy movie

5,000 Pages of Verdi’s Drafts, Long Hidden, Will Be Made Public

Believing without evidence is always morally wrong

Built for Speed: Custom Parser for Regex at Scale

[Illustrated Guide] the 10 Commandments of Higher Mathematical Learning

A teenager found Apple’s FaceTime bug – and why it was so hard to report it

Rails 6 just committed to shipping source maps by default in production

73-year-old sailor wins round-the-world solo-race without modern instruments

TensorFlow Lite adds GPU support for Android making ML models run 4-7X faster

What building Conditional Imitation Learning taught about reproducing a paper

DHH: Paying Tribute to the Web with View Source

Apple iOS Security Overview: Secure by Design [pdf]

Foodie Localism Loves Farming in Theory but Not in Practice

An Anti-Facebook Manifesto, by an Early Facebook Investor

Meth, Murder, and Pirates: The Coder Who Became a Crime Boss

Show HN: FlightConnections - Scheduled Flights from any Airport in the World

Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think (2014)

Show HN: Jrnl – A simple static site generator

US Intel Community Westling with Deep Fake and Other Technologies

The new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world – without changing anything

“Just stop talking about philanthropy, and start talking about taxes.”

REST and GraphQL really aren’t that different

Facebook Moves to Block Ad Transparency Tools

Google: Oracle Java win will kill software development, so SCOTUS must rule

Show HN: OpenFaaS Cloud – multi-user serverless functions managed by Git

Apple Disables Group FaceTime as Temporary Workaround to Major Privacy Bug

Oat Milk Could Change the Way You Drink Coffee (2018)

I Tried Linux as My Main Dev Environment but Was Forced Back to Windows

Apple Was Slow to Act on FaceTime Bug That Allows Spying on iPhones

The first independent tests of the EmDrive suggest a mundane explanation (2018)