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Interactive 3D ASCII scenes

Making SetInterval Declarative with React Hooks

God Mode Unlocked – Hardware Backdoors in Via C3 CPUs (2018) [video]

GreatFire is tracking Apple iOS applications for instances of censorship

All late projects are the same (2011) [pdf]

Asterius – Haskell to WebAssembly Compiler

Studies Shoot Down Tech’s Harmful Effects on Kids – So Now What?

Antarctic Weddell expedition targets Shackleton’s lost ship

CSS Reference

Show HN: Gita – a CLI tool to manage multiple Git repos

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks (2015)

A Mini-Introduction to Information Theory

Obfuscated JavaScript, scam emails, and American Express

Visiting the Anderton Boat Lift on My Narrowboat (2017) [video]

GPU-sentry: Flask-based package for monitoring utilisation of GPUs

Debugging Emacs, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DTrace (2018)

A Faster Pseudopolynomial Time Algorithm for Subset Sum (2015)

Show HN: The operating system I built as my high school project (2016)

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About CMake

Rough sleeping has been almost eradicated in Helsinki

Show HN: Vue Workshop aimed at engineers with no front-end knowledge

Swift value constant can mutate using Copy-on-Write (CoW) and multi-threading

Leela Chess Zero

A brief history of the UUID (2017)

The Soviet license plate game and Kolmogorov complexity

Show HN: YouTube GIF Maker with Full Search and No Watermark

California’s constitution makes affordable housing hard to build

Unemployment is low only because ’involuntary’ part-time work is high

Rare snow rollers spotted in field near Marlborough, UK

Things that are more inequitable than road pricing

GM to lay off 4,250 salaried workers in North America starting Monday

FCC struggles to convince judge that broadband isn’t “telecommunications”

Biohackers encoded malware in a strand of DNA

Streak (YC S11) Is Looking for Engineers in Vancouver, BC

Behind the Lion Air Crash, a Trail of Decisions Kept Pilots in the Dark

Super simple graph in TypeScript using an adjacency matrix experimental mercurial support

Bird CEO on scooter startup copycats, unit economics, safety and seasonality

Class schedules, a cease and desist from Viacom, and accidental monetization

Flashing My Lenovo X230 with Coreboot

Stack Overflow: Helping One Million Developers Exit Vim (2017)

Pi-Hole v4.2 Available with Shared Memory, New Blocking Modes, and More

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet

Apple patents MacBook with key switches under a flexible touchscreen keyboard

Scientists cut the tolerable intake of PFAs by 99.9%

Robot automation will ’take 800M jobs by 2030’ (2017)

Google bans slew of malicious Android apps that stole user photos

Every HN front page post of last 3 years

Kubernetes at CERN: Use Cases, Integration and Challenges

Colliding Blocks Act Like a Beam of Light [video]

Fiberbots: Design of a multi-agent, fiber composite digital fabrication system

A Nazi Interrogator Who Revealed the Value of Kindness (2014)

Defense of Amazon’s Face Recognition Tool Undermined by Only Known Police Client

Hostility toward spiritual traditions may be hampering empirical inquiry

Bill Gates Made These 15 Predictions Back in 1999

Outputting 3D VGA graphics with an ESP32 [video]

Japan’s Working Mothers: Record Responsibilities, Little Help from Dads

Application-Database Co-Evolution: A New Design and Development Paradigm [pdf]

NSA webcam cover, given away as promo item, is transparent

Chinese employee charged for stealing Apple Car project details

NSA is giving out webcam covers with backdoors

Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness

Show HN: An open source, swift, offline only MacOS password manager

Italian court forces BitGrail CEO to repay $170M in ‘lost’ cryptocurrency

Xkcd on the dishonesty implicit in the sharing options in social media