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“Lambda and serverless is one of the worst forms of proprietary lock-in” (2017)

MIT Hacker Tools: a lecture series on programmer tools

If Software Is Funded from a Public Source, Its Code Should Be Open Source

MyBrandNewLogo – A 3-step Logo Generator

A Humility Training Exercise for Technical Interviewers

Show HN: Gitin – a minimal commit/branch/workdir explorer for Git

Firefox 66 to block automatically playing audible video and audio

Hatari: An Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon Emulator

Cheap Chinese electric cars are coming to the US and Europe

Z.lua – A new cd command that navigates faster by learning your habits

The Bleak Reality of the Instagram Experience

Ursula K. Le Guin Was a Creator of Worlds

BuildZoom (marketplace for construction) is hiring engineers

JD Salinger’s unseen writings to be published, family confirms

Unusual sugar from cyanobacteria acts as natural herbicide

A new predictive model for more accurate electrical grid mapping

Alphabet Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Results

Transformer-XL: Unleashing the Potential of Attention Models

Putting neural networks under the microscope

Scalable Video Technology for AV1 Encoder

Reltron: a GUI for exploring relational databases

Generating Mutually Recursive Definitions [pdf]

Show HN: Linjat, a small puzzle game

The Wasting of Britain’s Marshall Aid

Understanding the Network Interface Card

State of Clojure 2019 Survey Results

To protect users privacy iOS 12.2 will limit Web apps access to iPhone’s sensors

Stylelint – A modern linter for CSS

Usernetes: run Docker and Kubernetes without being root

SortSupport: Sorting in Postgres at Speed

TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning for the Web and Beyond

Rising CO2 won’t make trees grow more, study suggests

The Art of PNG Glitch (2015)

Behind one of the most iconic computer games is a theory of how cities die

Google GDPR fine shows ’embarrassing’ extent of how firms misuse people’s data

Istio – An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices

A web browser reference implementation using Mozilla Android Components

The Bodleian’s ‘secret trove of obscene material’

The Welfare Effects of Social Media [pdf]

Public APIs: A collective list of free APIs

WebAssembly Troubles Part 1: WebAssembly Is Not a Stack Machine

The fastest-growing job in each U.S. state

PolarPod – Around Antarctica

RetDec: open-source machine-code decompiler based on LLVM

Software is eating the world. And it’s only the beginning. [video]

Much of the surface ocean will shift in color by end of 21st century

Linking OpenStreetMap and Wikidata a semi-automated, user-assisted editing tool

Rules for a Better Conference Name Badge (2017)

Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet (2018)

American Colonists made a little ice age

Snake sex is every bit as peculiar as you would expect (2017)

Attorneys General in Six States Are Now Investigating Facebook’s Data Practices

Behind Tech’s Shine, Some Warnings Signs Appear

The Hutter Prize

Malicious Deep Fake Prohibition Act of 2018 [pdf]

Table Saw Accidents

Python Development in Visual Studio Code

Google hired microworkers to train its controversial Project Maven AI

Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking (2016)

WebAssembly Troubles Part 3: The Stack Is Not the Stack

Gym Class Is So Bad, Kids Are Skipping School to Avoid It

NPR’s How I Built This: What I Learned from 51 Episodes

Real-Time Continuous Transcription with Live Transcribe

Ride the Serverless Wave with DigitalOcean’s One-Click Droplet

The AdTech Industry Is Ruining Web Push Notifications for PWAs – Vance Lucas

Alan Kay, 2018: The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Create It. But

Adobe open sources Ops-CLI for cloud automation

BTC investors are out $190m after the only guy with the password dies, firm says

Crypto exchange can’t repay $190M because the CEO died with only password

An Astrophysicist Who Maps the Universe’s Terra Incognita

Why Semantic Versioning Isn’t (2015)

ExtremeNet: Bottom-Up Object Detection by Grouping Extreme and Center Points

Show HN: Hello, CSS – A CSS template focused on readability

European Commission orders mass recall of creepy leaky child-tracking smartwatch

Highest Court in Indiana Set to Decide If You Can Be Forced to Unlock Your Phone

Flying Squirrels That Glow Pink in the Dark

Colliding blocks act like a beam of light to compute pi

A large majority of health news shared on Facebook is fake or misleading

QuadrigaCX crypto exchange collapse: what we know so far

Nest Secure has an unlisted, disabled microphone

Peter Thiel funds a science publication questioning evolution and climate change

Hawaii is considering a bill that bans cigarette sales to anyone under 100

Hacker facing an 8-year jail term for exposing vulnerabilities in Magyar Telekom

I’m a crime-fighter, says FamilyTreeDNA after caught giving DNA data to FBI

Google Hired Gig Economy Workers to Improve AI in Drone-Targeting Project

Useful design guide for designers, creators and enthusiasts

Pot legalization activist turns sights on prostitution, ‘comes out’ as client

Show HN: pavoq – WebGL Shaders as Website Backgrounds – Written in Rust and Elm

Only half of Internet of Crap apps fumble encryption

The Guy Who Sent a Hiring Manager a Shoe to “Get a Foot in the Door”

Toyota is becoming more efficient by replacing robots with humans (2014)

Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization, 2019

Show HN: Huffgram helps you memorize data

Recent tweets linking to RT or Sputnik mentioning Dem presidential hopefuls

Facebook Hires Up Three of Its Biggest Privacy Critics

The State of the Zcash Foundation in 2019

YouTube will experiment with ways to prevent dislike button ’mobs’

Ubuntu vs. Debian vs. OpenSUSE on the POWER9 Raptor Talos II

YouTube is trying to prevent angry mobs from abusing “dislike” button

Pirate Bay ‘Promotion’ Increases Post-Release Box Office Revenue, Study Shows

Domain-Driven Design: The First 15 Years

Face Recognition with Python, in Under 25 Lines of Code

How to Build a Reading Habit (2019)

I built my own dial-up ISP on a desk

PolyMod: an open-source modular polyphonic digital synthesizer

Show HN: The New Organs – an archive of stories about creepy targeted ads