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Reddit is raising a huge round near a $3B valuation

Vanlife: Build your own van to live on the road

Dutch radio amateurs image far side of the Moon using Chinese satellite data

Office Space turns 20: How the film changed the way we work

Cambly (YC W14) is hiring engineers to build a global tutoring marketplace

Previous: NeXT computer hardware emulator

Memory stick found in frozen seal faeces in New Zealand

Apple Names Deirdre O’Brien Senior Vice President of Retail and People

How A Young Woman Followed Two Hackers’ Lies to Her Death

Making Swallowing Safer for those who have trouble swallowing

Swift 5 Exclusivity Enforcement

Our physiological processes become increasingly simple as we age

Inter – open source and legible typeface

The Hanabi Challenge: A New Frontier for AI Research

Lightning-Fast Templates and Web Components: Lit-HTML and LitElement

Real-time Continuous Transcription with Live Transcribe

Security Researcher Assaulted Following Vulnerability Disclosure

Bubble Sort: An Archaeological Algorithmic Analysis

The Science of Paper versus Screens (2013)

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation backtracks on one-year parental leaves

Showing the power of startup women’s health brands, P&G buys This is L (YC S15)

Flowblade – Free and Libre Video Editor

Amazon has finally admitted to investors that it has a counterfeit problem

Small World: The Tiny House Trend

Notion – The Hassle-Free JavaScript Toolchain Manager

Ike Jime, the Japanese Slaughter Method for Tastier Fish

Lectures in Quantitative Economics as Python and Julia Notebooks

What would a EvE online Internet look like?

Expanding Access: Engineering Uber Lite

Scientists Found a Compound That Reverses Aging in Mice

Why do business people love cross-platform so much?

Mandrill has been down for over 30 hours with no explanation

Chinese, Taiwanese Restaurants Drop ’Golden’ and ’Dragon’-Take on Mandarin Names

Show HN: My Implementation of "Quick, Draw", a Game Developed by Google

An Astrophysicist Who Maps the Universe’s Terra Incognita

Zcash Counterfeiting Vulnerability Successfully Remediated

Vuvuzela: Metadata-private messaging

Time passed since cURL creator applied for a US visa

Can’t Unsee: Select the design that is most correct

Enforcing Unique Code Target Property for Control-Flow Integrity (2018) [pdf]

Show HN: Flatfile – a drop-in CSV / XLS importer for web apps

McClatchy upgrades CEO’s housing stipend to $35K a month amid buyouts

A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits (1937) [pdf]

DataFusion (Rust Query Engine) Donated to Apache Arrow

Google releases Chrome extension that alerts users of breached passwords

Article 13 Is Back On: Worse, Not Better

Google hired microworkers to train its controversial Project Maven AI

Why Has No One Heard of the World’s First Poet? (2017)

Towards Federated Learning at Scale

Super-tall,super-skinny,super-expensive: the ’pencil towers’ of NYC’s super-rich

Static vs. Dynamic Website – What’s the Difference in 2019?

Protect your accounts from data breaches with Password Checkup

The map is not the territory (2015)

Wasted Creativity in the GNU/Linux Distribution Diversity

WebComponent libraries lit-HTML and litElement released

Liberals and Conservatives React in Wildly Different Ways to Repulsive Pictures

The Onion headlines could teach AI what makes satire funny

Tips for making the switch from a consumer to a creator

Google’s new Chrome Extension automatically checks your passwords are secure

Mastodon for Metalheads

Why existing profanity detection libraries suck and how I built a better one

Mark Zuckerberg: “Here’s to a great 15 years to come.”

“debt-trap” around Chinese loans shows Africa’s weak economic diplomacy

How to prioritize tasks of a software development project?

In Estonia, students’ transit, school meals, and textbooks are all free

Google has quietly dropped ban on personally identifiable web tracking (2016)

Why tech’s favorite color is making us all miserable (2018)

Show HN: TextBlast Bulk SMS – Send Personalized Mass Messages Easily