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FindChips – Get instant insight into any electronic component

How does one appear in the Google News carousel?

Rant – The all-purpose procedural text library

Apple tells app developers to disclose or remove screen recording code

Ocado’s burning robotic warehouse

Open Source Messenger App for Android – Real-Time Messaging, Voice and Video

Money Machines – An Interview with an Anonymous Algorithmic Trader

Where does a tip to an Amazon driver go? Sometimes, toward the driver’s base pay

Michael Crichton, Science Studies, and the Technothriller (2015)

The Northwest Climate Toolbox

A380 cancellations by Qantas raise new questions about the superjumbo’s future

Nurx Is Hiring a Head of Machine Learning

Building a fashion search engine with deep learning

Machine Learning for Everyone

Pika/pack – NPM packaging, reimagined

The Knot Book: Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Knots (1994) [pdf]

New Tonga island ’now home to flowers and owls’

Novels with giant, possibly magical, libraries

Theophrastus’ Characters: An Ancient Take on Bad Behavior

Making a DIY text laser projector

PDP-1 FPGA Implementation in Verilog, with CRT, Teletype and Console

Declarative Programming: Is It a Real Thing? (2015)

Sweden’s leave of absence system helps workers launch their own business

My disabled son – ‘the nobleman, the philanderer, the detective’

PC Speaker To Eleven

WTF is JAMstack?

Miyu Kojima Creates Miniature Replicas of Lonely Deaths – Rust async without the noise

How to prevent cryptographic pitfalls by design [video]

AMD Radeon VII Review: An Unexpected Shot at the High End

The Bad News About Helicopter Parenting: It Works

The designer who doesn’t code

Security researcher won’t share MacOS exploit details with Apple out of protest

Show HN: Drupal on AWS interactive architecture diagram

Show HN: Security and Docker: tips and tricks

Training bees to perform simple addition and subtraction

Explanation in Human-AI Systems: Meta-Review of Explainable AI

Google warns about two iOS zero-days ’exploited in the wild’

Raspberry Pi Opens First High Street Store in Cambridge

Eric Schmidt thought ’Don’t Be Evil’ was ’the stupidest rule ever’ (2013)

Marker: A terminal command palette

The Surprising Value of Obvious Insights

Germany cracks down on Facebook for ’abuse of market power’

In Controversial Study, Tiny Fish Appears as Self-Aware as Chimps, Dolphins

Show HN: Collect Email Replies into a Google Sheet

Spotify bans ad blockers in updated Terms of Service

VSCode January 2019 (version 1.31) released

I Cut the ’Big Five’ Tech Giants from My Life by Blocking Their IP Addresses

A Lyapunov-based approach for safe RL algorithms

The brain exceeds the most powerful computers in efficiency

Johnson and Johnson will be the first drugmaker to list pill prices in TV ads

RIAA Lawyers Botched a Big One Against – So What’s Next?

Google Fiber’s secret weapon in its gigabit comeback has failed

A deeper tech concern is at the core of the U.S.-Huawei spat

Show HN: Collection of networking tool examples for ordinary developers

What Queries Does Microsoft’s Telemetry Service Run on Your Sql Server?

Heroku – Sales and Use Tax

JavaScript Libraries for Data Visualization to Use in 2019

Troubleshooting Deep Neural Networks: A Field Guide to Fixing Your Model

Regular Expression Search with Suffix Arrays (2015)

A spider that preys on blood-filled female mosquitoes

My Chevy Bolt Is on Third Battery Pack: Here’s Why

Carl Hewitt, Creator of the Actor Model on Concurrency Past, Present and Future

An Introduction to SOLID, Tim Berners-Lee’s New, Re-Decentralized Web

$1.85B Postmates has filed to go public

Google and Waze Must Stop Sharing Drunken-Driving Checkpoints, NYPD Demands

Forget standing desks: to stay healthy, you’ve got to move all day

Watch a Single Cell Grow into a Full Organism in This 6-Minute Timelapse

Vantablack, one of the darkest substances known

Germany just told Facebook to stop tracking users around the internet

Beware of the Home DNA Kit You May Find Yourself Being Sued by a Sperm Bank

Skype Can Now Blur Background So You Don’t Have to Frantically Tidy Your Room

Solving Artificial Intelligence’s Problem with Gender and Racial Bias

Show HN: Vanillin – JavaScript DOM Library

Human consciousness is supported by dynamic complex patterns of brain signals

Researchers dismantle Mark Zuckerberg’s “meaningful interactions” argument

AAA confirms what Tesla, BMW, Nissan EV owners suspected of cold weather

Show HN: Konami Code Using React Hooks

What the ’meat paradox’ reveals about moral decision making

Reddit Set to Land $150M Investment from a Chinese Censorship Powerhouse

Raspberry Pi Opens First High Street Store in Cambridge

Germany Restricts Facebook’s Data Gathering