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We need to talk about systematic fraud

Orca – Live Programming Environment

List of Open Source Real-Time Operating Systems

Differentiating SSA-Form Programs in Julia (2018) [pdf]

Biography of Christopher “moot” Poole: The Hacker Known as “4chan”

Show HN: Zero-Knowledge Proofs in WebAssembly

U.S. Telcos Sold Highly Sensitive Customer GPS Data Typically Used for 911 Calls

To help replace the CAC card, Pentagon enlists AI startup

Complexity, contingency, and criticality (1994) [pdf]

Facebook ex-security chief: How ‘hypertargeting’ threatens democracy

Rules for Choosing Nonfiction Books

Spotify will now suspend or terminate accounts it finds are using ad blockers

A small (and objective) taste of Objective-Smalltalk

Faster remainders when the divisor is a constant: beating compilers & libdivide

Thousands of scientists run up against Elsevier’s paywall

Cleaning plastic from the ocean using the flow of ocean currents (2017)

Jeff Bezos Turned Narrative into Amazon’s Competitive Advantage

Overwatch Gameplay Architecture and Netcode – A Great Explanation of ECS

What insects can tell us about the origins of consciousness (2016)

Could Get Millions to Turn Factory into Condos, Is Not Selling

Show HN: Nevod is easier and faster than RegExp

Conversations among German Nuclear Physicists at Farm Hall (1945) [pdf]

Show HN: Quickly browse the history of any GitHub file

A Manually-Curated Dataset of Fixes to Vulnerabilities of Open-Source Software

Sprint sues AT&T over its fake 5G branding

Mobile networks caught selling your emergency location data to bounty hunters

Nearly 60,000 Data Breaches Reported Since the Launch of GDPR

Scientists discover new type of magnet

Basic income in Finland did not lead to finding work, researchers said

People are willing to endanger human lives to protect robots

Facebook adds 5 divs, 9 spans and 30 CSS classes to every post in the timeline

Senator introduces a bill to legalize marijuana and it’s called S.420

Twitter Still Can’t Keep Up with Its Flood of Junk Accounts, Study Finds

Stalin’s Scheherazade: An opportunistic literary caper became a lifelong con

Google removes government-banned sites from Russian search results, report says

Sony Pictures Has Open-Sourced Software Used to Make ‘Into the Spider-Verse’

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest

Liberals and Conservatives React in Wildly Different Ways to Repulsive Pictures

“Wisp allows people to see code how Lispers perceive it.”

Deaths put e-scooters in spotlight

A Central Asian version of the Middle East’s hyper-saline Dead Sea

The Hummingbird as Warrior: Evolution of a Fierce and Furious Beak

Family spaghetti of programming languages

A heatmap of your Google Pay payments

Vixel: a WebGL path tracing voxel renderer

What’s wrong with USB sticks that you need 3 tries to plug them in correctly?

Seagate’s HAMR Hard Drives, Dual-Actuator Mach2, and 24 TB HDDs on Track

Dear Dawn: How a Nasa robot messed up our science fiction, “The Expanse”

The founder of Pinboard on why understanding fandom is good for business (2017)

’Everybody In, Nobody Out’: What’s Known About the Medicare for All Act of 2019

The False Promise of Silicon Valley’s Quest to Save the World

Trump likely to sign executive order banning Chinese telecom equipment next week

Tips for running free dynos on Heroku in 2019

The Backlash Against Marie Kondo of Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up’

HP’s Ink Subscription Has DRM That Disables Your Printer Cartridges

My original 14-page paper from 2013 word-for-word plagiarised

What Queries Does Microsoft’s Telemetry Service Run on Your Sql Server?

Misbehaving: being clever and wicked is a form of creativity

Google warns about two iOS zero-days ’exploited in the wild’

Reliable system was so reliable, no one noticed its licence had expired

What happens when Google says “we aren’t going to pay your fines”?

A touchpad is not a mouse, or at least not a good one

KiCad Open-Source PCB Design Software Keeps Working Towards Its Next Big Release

Finland basic income trial left people ’happier but jobless’

German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook’s Whole Ad Business

Jeff Bezos: Amazon Boss Accuses National Enquirer of Blackmail

Where sex therapy meets art: the magic of Shelby Sells