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First contact made with melted nuclear fuel at Fukushima plant

Even years later, Twitter doesn’t delete direct messages

Jerry (YC S17) Is Hiring Senior Software Developers (Toronto, Canada)

Distributed web not ready for Runet cutoff from the Internet

Altavista: The rise and fall of the biggest pre-Google search engine

What principal investigators taught me about my failure to land tenure

Talos – A modern Linux distribution for Kubernetes

A Common Lisp Interpreter Built in Cobol

Google needed to build a graph serving system

Controlling a 2D Robotic Arm with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Build your own old-school 3D shooter in a weekend

My Chromecast Ultra would not start until I began answering

An Inside Look at the Backblaze Storage Pod Museum

TinySeed applications close today

PlaNet: A Deep Planning Network for Reinforcement Learning

Portland Considers Protection Against Discrimination for Atheists, Agnostics

Why has Plan 9 chosen statically linked binaries instead of dynamic ones? (2004)

Consider Yourself a Developer? You Should Solve the Project Euler Problems

Facebook tracks users it thinks could threaten employees and offices

Show HN: Purview – A server-side component framework

Anti-Aging Drug That Kills Old Cells Passes First Human Trial

Facebook’s security team tracks posts, location for ’BOLO’ threat list

Biological sex shapes tumour evolution across cancer types

Dopamine framework: Fast prototyping of reinforcement learning algorithms (2018)

The Space Review: Building a better booster (part 1)

IIR filters can be evaluated in parallel

Spectre is here to stay: An analysis of side-channels and speculative execution

The Human Revolution in Understanding Programs [pdf]

Are robots better baristas? Berkeley’s Bbox café thinks so

Chem journal yanks paper because authors had stolen it as peer reviewers

Did New York Lose Anything with Amazon’s Rejection? It’s Complicated

I’ve made yet another sudo-like tool for Windows, to run things as admin

Amazon’s Home Surveillance Chief Declared War on “Dirtbag Criminals”

Show HN: Chord Assist – An accessible smart guitar for the blind, deaf and mute

Amazon Will Pay a Whopping $0 in Federal Taxes on $11.2B Profits

Chinese facial recognition company left database of people’s locations exposed

Brain connections that disadvantage night owls revealed

Google’s Waymo risks repeating Silicon Valley’s most famous blunder

Benchmarking AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Packet, and Vultr

Search Engine Art: Internet Imperialism and the image in context (2018) [pdf]

In State of Emergency President Can Control Your Phone, TV, Your Light Switches

Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall

Why the children of anti-vaxxers are taking to Reddit for advice

“This guy’s arrogance takes your breath away” – Jiahao Chen

Verily to build a high-tech rehab center in Ohio to address opioid epidemic

Study finds that professors’ attitudes affect students’ grades

An Open Letter to Game Developers from America’s Largest Labor Organization

Drinking 2 diet beverages daily linked to high risk of stroke, heart attacks

GAO gives Congress go-ahead for a GDPR-like privacy legislation

A new book argues that violence laid the foundation for virtue

(German) Niklaus Wirth – a pioneer of computer science turns 85

Classical Music on Apple Music: What’s Wrong and How Apple Can Fix It

Is Amazon Violating the Sherman Act?

America’s 1% hasn’t had this much wealth since just before the Great Depression

Facebook enables ads to target users interested in ‘vaccine controversies’

Two Starkly Similar Novels and the Puzzle of Plagiarism

Show HN: – a tool to test and visualise glob pattern matching

The Verge Abusing Copyright Claim System to Hide PC Build Video

Why you should passively invest your savings

Show HN: Mastering Web Development – EBook

Tetris 99 isn’t just a great twist on a classic–it’s a gameplay revolution

Daycare Dismantles Swing Sets to Score Higher on State ’Early Achievers’ Test

Super Mario Maker 2, Link’s Awakening Remaster Headline Latest Nintendo Direct

We Just Got New Sketches of Russia’s ’Secret’ Uncrewed Spacecraft

What are the biggest threats to humanity?

Trump declares national emergency to build border wall