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Faceswap Github repo is public but requires a logged in user

Finding Lena Forsen, the Patron Saint of JPEGs

When Divorce Was Off the Table, English Couples Dissolved Marriages with Beer

Chaos Monkey Guide for Engineers

Artificial intelligence, algorithmic pricing, and collusion

What ABC called "pink slime," USDA now says can be labeled "ground beef"

Air Force ’rods from god’ kinetic weapon hit with nuclear-weapon force

Forget the 401(k) – Let’s Invent a New Retirement Plan

Google backtracks on Chrome modifications that would have crippled ad blockers

Intel Starts Publishing Open-Source Linux Driver Code for Discrete GPUs

Naming elliptic curves used in cryptography

Butterflow: motion interpolated videos from the command line

Data leak reveals China is tracking almost 2.6m people in Xinjiang

London’s billion-pound guilds

The design and building of a large dish antenna rotor

Running an LED in reverse could cool future computers

Txti – Fast web pages for everybody

Show HN: Compiler Fundamentals – Closure Conversion

AIL Framework – Open Source Analysis Information Leak Framework

Vulkan Raytracing Tutorials

We Must Revive Gopherspace (2017)

Startup Credits – Free/discounted plans for startups

Japanese Newspaper for Recluses, by Recluses

Leaky Database Reveals GPS Surveillance Of China’s Uyghur Muslims

Sci-Fi Author Robert Heinlein Was Basically MacGyver Ranks Slow Using New Google PSI Speed Rank

Psychedelics are a potential cure for everything from depression to addiction

Doing more than 40 push-ups shows you’re 96% less likely to get a heart attack

Expertise in real world contexts (2005) [pdf]

Tiny meteorites are everywhere. Here’s how to find them [video]

Google .dev domain early access

See China’s Chang’e 4 on moon’s far side

From Vimperator to Tridactyl

Losing Your Privacy in the Digital Age: Share Your Stories

Further Reflections on Amanita Muscaria as an Edible Species (2012)

Where is the universe hiding its missing mass?

Most Americans don’t realize what companies can predict from their data

Hacker News (recommended) Books

Microsoft Research’s community of software engineering tools

New experimental drug rapidly repairs age-related memory loss and improves mood

Simon Norton, mathematical prodigy, subject of bio ‘The Genius in my Basement’

Mino Games (YC W11) Is Hiring a Lead Back End Engineer

Closed-door meetings on unions preceded Amazon’s withdrawal

How the vegan food trend made a star of the stinking jackfruit

Show HN: API for medical guidelines

Browning Fever: A story of fandom, literary societies, and impenetrable verse

Why Good Writers Can Be Bad Conversationalists

A Security Company Cashed in on America’s Wars–And Then Disappeared

Internet Privacy: Federal Authority Could Enhance Consumer Protection [pdf]

Towards a New Epistemology of Mathematics (2008)

CLI managing GitHub milestones as sprints with YAML file

The technology behind OpenAI’s fiction-writing, fake-news-spewing AI, explained

Why does that website take forever to load?

Orange – Interactive machine learning and data viz toolbox

Somali militant group Al-Shabab bans single-use plastic bags

First Rigorous Study: Microdosing Fights Depression, Improves Focus

Minimum-wage worker needs 2.5 full-time jobs to afford a one-bedroom apartment

Show HN: Flutter, Fluro, GraphQL, Graphene and Google Datastore Experiment

A Reddit subreddit made out of only text-generating neural networks

Show HN: Cool Resources about Fashion + AI

Western Digital’s RISC-V “SweRV” Core Design Released for Free