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Cache Eviction: When Are Randomized Algorithms Better Than LRU? (2014)

Flightradar24 – how it works

LD_PRELOAD: The Hero We Need and Deserve

Muscle memory discovery ends ’use it or lose it’ dogma

JPL Institutional Coding Standard for the C Programming Language (2009) [pdf]

Warning: Debian stable kernel upgrade breaks most ARM SBC

Deciphering the Messages of Apple’s T2 Coprocessor

Why I Gave Up on Extreme Minimalism (2015)

How I Built the Flying Cart (1960) [pdf]

Show HN: On the fly color scheme selection for rxvt-unicode

NL-Graphs: A Hybrid Approach Toward Interactively Querying Semantic Data [pdf]

Technical Recruiting Needs to Focus on Selling the Position

Oral history interview with George H. Heilmeier (1991)

Y Combinator’s latest batch of startups is too big for one Demo Day stage

You probably don’t need a single-page app

16 Inch MacBook Pro and Other Apple Products predicted coming in 2019

Evaluation of Supposed Contemporary Existence of Carcharodon Megalodon (1998)

Etsy sellers say their bank accounts were emptied in major billing snafu

An architecture of diversity for commonsense reasoning (2002) [pdf]

Facebook ’intentionally and knowingly’ violated UK data privacy laws

Apple Said to Launch 16-Inch MacBook Pro with All-New Design in 2019

Meaningful life at older ages – relationship with prosperity, health, biology

Janet – A dynamic language and bytecode VM

Why a modern language like Kotlin makes a developer more productive

Man discovers 30 year old Apple computer still in working order

Mesh: Compacting Memory Management for C/C++ Applications

Git-signatures – Multiple PGP signatures for your commits

Why limiting work-in-progress works

Study Looks at Why Neolithic Humans Buried Their Dogs with Them

Deck-build – A powerful and tiny bash framework to build custom Docker images

Streak (YC S11) Is Looking for Engineers in Vancouver, BC

The Book of Secret Knowledge – A collection of lists, blogs, hacks

Tech tips for people who are going to die someday (2015)

Tracking the trackers: Draw connections between scripts and domains on website

The value of owning more books than you can read

‘Trotsky’ Is an Icepick to the Heart of Soviet History

Is “Senior Software Developer” a Meaningless Title?

Builder vs. Programmer Perspective

AAAS: Machine learning ’causing science crisis’

Graceful Shutdown

Declutter your downloads, one file at a time – Torimori Sweeper

The log/event processing pipeline you can’t have

Why My New Blog Isn’t on Medium – Dan Abramov

The EU’s new copyright laws threaten to destroy the internet

Trail runner comes forward: How I killed that mountain lion

Parents at centre of measles outbreak didn’t vaccinate children

Google’s Waymo risks repeating Silicon Valley’s most famous blunder

Web page service workers bypass ad-blockers after Chrome 72 upgrade?

Show HN: ONNEMI-4211, A minimal coding style that can be used with any language

Cookiez – Chrome extension to track cookies

Return of wolves to Germany pits farmers against environmentalists

Western Digital’s RISC-V “SweRV” Core Design Released for Free

Show HN: A blog running on a terminal emulator

Show HN: Timeliner – A tool to download all your online content

Populism and the Future of White Majorities

All wide, randomly initialized deep learning models are Gaussian Processes

Show HN: Free Disposable Temporary Email Service

European Parliament Approves Controversial “Meme Ban”