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Bookworm: A Simple, Focused eBook Reader

Apple’s Latest Macs Have a Serious Audio Glitching Bug

Researchers Find Further Evidence That Schizophrenia Is Connected to Our Guts

Why a Grape Turns into a Fireball in the Microwave

Show HN: Summarized Finance / Tech Newsletter Using Natural Language Processing

How did the police know you were near a crime scene? Google told them

Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning

Advent of Code 2018, in Coq

Show HN: Inlets – Expose your local endpoints to the Internet

An Online Dictionary Integration to the Command Line

Explaining Code Using ASCII Art

BlazingSQL – GPU SQL Engine Now Runs Over 20X Faster Than Apache Spark

3264 conics tangent to five conics

The Single Rotation rule: simple and rich reversible cellular automaton (2013)

Implementing End-To-End Encryption in Matrix Clients

Chris Lattner on the Origins of Swift

A Newly-Generated Create-React-App 2.1.5 App Has 1,568 Dependencies

Harder programming questions do a worse job of predicting outcomes

Show HN: Fltrdr – A TUI Text Reader for the Terminal

How to Get Started with Building Serverless Applications?

A humble alternative to technical interviews

Japanese government will access home devices in security survey

Sheela-Na-Gigs: Women Adorning Britain’s Churches

Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction (2018) [pdf]

U.S. Dept of Defense: Harnessing AI to Advance Our Security and Prosperity [pdf]

When India Kicked Out Coca-Cola, Local Sodas Thrived

Zeplin (YC S15) Is Hiring a Customer Support Engineer

You Want How Many Years Experience?

You Can’t just rename your IT Ops team and call it “DevOps”

Unorthodox Methods of Choosing the Right Startup

Honda Plans to Leave Britain as Brexit Draws Close

I took 50k images of the night sky to make an 81 Megapixel image of the moon

Major Games Publishers Are Feeling the Impact of Peaking Attention

Self-Publishing a Book with ReStructuredText, Sphinx, Calibre, and Vim

Tview: Rich interactive widgets for terminal-based UIs written in Go

Tiny Homes for Homeless Get Go-Ahead

How to generate random geo-coordinates within a given radius

Why I Write CSS in JavaScript

I ruin developers’ lives with my code reviews and I’m sorry

Craig Wright Willing to Testify Under Oath to CFTC That He Is Satoshi Nakamoto

Show HN: – A new kind of planner

Show HN: Visualize Git Commits and Pull Requests Across Many Repos

HexagDLy – Processing Hexagonal Data with PyTorch

Ken Nordine, Chicago creator of ‘word jazz’, dies at 98

Towards an understanding of technical debt (2016)

Show HN: Two strange useless things to do with a neural net

Show HN: Simpler HN

Fire Drills: Communications Strategy in a Crisis (2011)

Splunk Will No Longer Be Selling Software and Services to Russian Organizations

The shady economics of ‘buy one, get one free’ deals

About $250K is needed for a company get to sustainability

Pulwama attack: Google searches ’hijacked’ to link Pakistan flag to toilet paper

Neuroscientists Say They’ve Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication

Museum of Failure

What Are Major Reinforcement Learning Achievements and Papers from 2018?

An internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell

2.7M phone calls to Swedish medical advice service laid open for anyone

Indane (Gas Company in India) Leaked 6,700,000 Aadhaar Numbers

What Happens When Techno-Utopians Run a Country

Show HN: Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android (Experimental)

Destroyer: underrated Nicole Kidman movie ALMOST gets everything right

Another blow to Blu-ray: Samsung will no longer make Blu-ray players for the US

A Plan for Spam (2002)

Gitlab used delayed replication for disaster recovery with PostgreSQL

EU Commission Deletes Article 13 Post Because ’Mob’ Understood It Incorrectly

NYTimes and others cite a gender-blind hiring study that doesnt exist

Show HN: – Simple uptime monitoring for websites and APIs

Why newsletters beat social media

Singapore Airlines have ability to spy in your flight seat with hidden cameras

YouTube Is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children

What’s the right amount of swap space for a modern Linux system?

EPA blasted for failing to set drinking water limits for ‘forever chemicals’

Google wants to make it harder for sites to detect Chrome’s Incognito Mode

The Power of Ten – Rules for Developing Safety Critical Code [pdf]

Researchers Find Further Evidence That Schizophrenia Is Connected to Our Guts

Before there was internet paranoia, there was Lyndon LaRouche

Switching from WordPress to Hugo

Signs Your Product Has Outgrown Its UX: The Wrong Footwear

An open-source rocket could reshape society in “A Theory of Flight”

Democracy’s Midlife Crisis a Conversation with David Runciman

The Haskell School of Music: From Signals to Symphonies

Data Privacy Bill Unites Charles Koch and Big Tech

Israel’s first lunar mission to launch this week

Show HN: Build and deploy an Event Sourced backend in minutes

The Imperfect Truth about Finding Facts in a World of Fakes

Show HN : How to write a simple toy database in Python within minutes

Huawei risk can be managed, say UK cyber-security chiefs

Guy Kawasaki on “embracing the startup mindset”

California high-speed rail and the American infrastructure tragedy, explained

Apple Rumors Point to 31.6-inch 6K Display, All-New 16-inch MacBook Pro for 2019