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Simdjson – Parsing Gigabytes of JSON per Second

U.S. Supreme Court Puts Limits on Police Power to Seize Private Property

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Phone Numbers (2016)

Cancer death rates are falling, five-year survival rates rising

Introduction to Algotrading (2011) [pdf]

ReadMe (YC W15) Is Hiring. Help Us Make APIs Easy to Use

OnionShare 2 adds anonymous dropboxes

Linux Kernel Through 4.20.10 Found Vulnerable to Arbitrary Code Execution

Sparta: High-Performance Static Code Analyzers Based on Abstract Interpretation

Show HN: Commento: a fast, privacy-focused alternative to Disqus

FDA warning brings young-blood transfusion company to a halt

Show HN: XFiles – FOSS File Manager and Archiver with Root Support for Android

Pee, Not Chlorine, Causes Red Eyes from Swimming Pools: CDC (2015)

Dystopia Is What Results from the Attempt to Create Utopia

Decentralized Clearing Network: A Protocol for Hybrid Decentralized Exchanges

Airtable CEO on the continued importance of getting a ‘unicorn’ valuation

Dr. Rhonda Patrick on DHA in Phospholipid Form and the Prevention of Alzheimers

A Genius for Being Human: Isaiah Berlin

What I’ve Learned from Hacker News (2009)

When does the concept of equilibrium work in economics?

A List of Hacker News’s Undocumented Features and Behaviors

Show HN: We Got Sick of Giving Out ’Ballpark Estimates’ So We Built This

Password Managers: Under the Hood of Secrets Management

CVE-2019-8912: Use After Free Vuln in All Linux Kernels Up to 4.20.10

QuillBot: Free Paraphrasing Tool

Matminer: Data Mining for Materials Science

Sourcegraph 3.1 Released – Easier Code Search, Better Code Intel

Y Combinator Resources for Developers

Show HN: Saltshaker-Crypto, NPM to Sign, Verify, Encrypt and Decrypt with Nacl

The Salish Woolly Dog’s Hair Was Used to Weave Clothing and Blankets

Show HN: Tech Productivity – A Newsletter for Techs Who Want to Get Stuff Done

California Law to Protect Immigrant Home Cooks May Help Tech Giants Instead

All You Need to Know About Elastic Search but Were Afraid to Ask

Linux Gaming Is on a Life-Support System Called Steam

Want a Glimpse of Facebook’s Soul in 2019? Look at Its Internal Propaganda Lab

An Update about Redis Developments in 2019

When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot for Humans?

Toxic Workers Are More Productive, But the Price Is High

Show HN: GitNews Web – Trending Repositories from GitHub, HackerNews and Reddit

China Will Likely Corner the 5G Market–and the US Has No Plan

Emoji Number Plates Launched in Queensland

Undefined medium – A free and open-source monospace typeface

China’s Uses Social Credit System to Ban Millions from Taking Flights, Trains

Using Artificial Intelligence to Engineer Materials’ Properties

Amazon Federal Taxes: How the Company’s Corporate Tax Bill Was $0

This Cat Does Not Exist

Why the Last Words of Anne Boleyn Remain a Mystery (2016)

Accused College Students Deserve the Presumption of Innocence

Show HN: GitHub Code Review with Emacs

Show HN: A Hands-On Guide on PySpark Coding and Best Practices

PeerTube. What It Is, and What I Think It’s Problems Are

What Is the Dark Spot Visible Below the Cockpit on A-10s? False Cockpit

Transfusion:Understanding Transfer Learning with Applications to Medical Imaging

Which Face Is Real?

Patent Exhaustion Could Have Surprising Beneficial Effects for Free Software

Fighting Cybercrime – What Happens to the Law When the Law Cannot Be Enforced?

Information Hazards: A Typology of Potential Harms from Knowledge [pdf]

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Praises Lightning Network-Enabled Tipping Solution

Pinterest Blocks Vaccination Searches in Move to Control the Conversation

Password Managers: Under the Hood of Secrets Management

Pinterest Cracks Down on Anti-Vaxxers, Prompting Facebook to Follow

Today we had someone fake their entire interview via Skype - Story (r/devops)

Unearthed Emails Could Be Smoking Gun in Epic GDPR Battle Against Google, Adtech

Feds Share Watchlist with 1,400 Private Groups

California Considering Lanes with No Speed Limit

‘Sustained and Ongoing’ Disinformation Assault Targets Dem Presidential Can

Show HN: ML Model That Predicts Your Mindset Based on Your LinkedIn Profile

Microsoft Edge Lets Facebook Run Flash Code Behind Users’ Backs

Nike’s Smart Sneakers Are Breaking When Used with an Android Phone

Learn Enough Git to Be Useful – 4 Essential Workflows for GitHub Projects

Nestle and Others Have Suspended YouTube Ads Over News of a Pedophile Network

How to Build a Customer Service Chat App with React

Save Alice: Tell the Patent Office to Apply Supreme Court Law

Deploy InfluxDB and Grafana on Kubernetes to Collect Twitter Stats

Teen Builds Working Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Memphis Home

Free Education Platform to Help Increase Test Automation Success Rates

Popular Python Package SQLAlchemy Found Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attacks

Show HN:, Follow GitHub Developers and Repos to See What’s Going On

What Developers Can Learn from Company Rebranding Announcements

Best Startups to Work for in Stockholm

On YouTube, a Network of Paedophiles Is Hiding in Plain Sight

I Rode Africa’s First Superfast Train and I Understand Why It’s Controversial

Shadow Blade. How We Hired a Team of 8 Excellents Web Developers in 9 Month

VS Code – The Language Server Index Format (LSIF)

The Tragedy of Systemd [video]