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France Enters the Matrix

Practical Go: Real-world advice for writing maintainable Go programs

Play.js: The Node.js and React Native IDE for iPhone and iPad

Segment Is Now Free for Early-Stage Startups

Computer Modeling Should Become a Popular Hobby

Notes from Malcolm Gladwell’s Writing Masterclass

Build and Deploy Serverless React Apps with Next.js 8 and Zeit Now

Nginx Is Giving Away a Free O’Reilly Book on Cloud Native Devops with Kubernetes

Serializability vs. Strict Serializability: The Dirty Secret of Isolation Levels

Macrostrat: A Global Geological Map

Facebook Will Shut Down Its Spyware VPN App Onavo

We’re Entering a Golden Age of Podcasts

COI – Chat Over IMAP

Deep Learning on the GPU in Clojure from Scratch: Sharing Memory

A Fairly Fast Fibonacci Function

Librem 5 Smartphone: Massive Progress, Exact CPU Selected, Shipping Adjustment

Zendar (YC S17) Is Hiring Computer Vision Engineer in Berkeley

Structuring Legal Documents with Deep Learning

Travis CI Is Laying Off Senior Engineer Staff

PostgreSQL’s Explain Analyze Made Readable

Show HN: Icotar – Generate Free Colorful Icon Avatars

Teaching People to Trade Stocks Is Like Starting Them on Heroin – Munger

Yelp Fired Manager After He Didn’t Take Calls, Check Email 24/7, Lawsuit Claims

Crazy Circuits: An Open Source Electronics Learning System

Show HN: ICONSVG – Customize and Generate Common SVG Icons

Ramses – A distributed system for rendering 3D content

An Open Letter to the FB Recruiter Who Gets Ordered, Every Quarter, to Email Me

How An Investigation of Fake FCC Comments Snared a Prominent D.C. Media Firm

Habits of Successful People: Start Before You Feel Ready

America’s Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable

PlotNeuralNet: Latex Code for Drawing Neural Networks

Intel Expecting Apple to Transition to Custom ARM-Based Chips Starting in 2020

Stop Saying, ‘We Take Your Privacy and Security Seriously’

From Sudoku Solver to Program Synthesis

Lessons Learned for Project Managers

Delta Chat

Tesla Customers Describe Maddening Problems with Returns and Refunds

Principles of Good Experience Design

An Analysis of All 1.3M Public Jupyter Notebooks on GitHub

It Looks Like Ibera Is Gutting Travis CI Just a Few Weeks After Acquiring It

Apple Falls from First to 17th Spot in ’World’s Most Innovative Company’ Ranking

Show HN: Facerank — A/B test your Tinder pics. What do you think?

Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime to Retire

MySigMail – UI Email Signature Generator

Pinterest Has Reportedly Filed for an IPO

Apple’s Move to ARM-Based Macs Creates Uncertainty – Axios

Facebook Decided Which Users Are Interested in Nazis – and Let Ads Target Them

The Power of Product Scoring Mechanisms – Product School

Japanese Spacecraft to Attempt Landing on Distant Asteroid

A Curated List of Falsehoods Programmers Believe In

Extracting a 19 Year Old Code Execution from WinRAR

If You Fold a Paper in Half 103 Times It’ll Get as Thick as the Universe

Amino: Live CSS Editor for Chrome

Programming Notes for Professionals Books

Use Swagger to Generate API Interface

A Categorized List of All Java and JVM Features Since JDK 8

Tiles: Report on Programmatic Code Generation

Learn Istio Service Mesh

Tesla’s Model 3 Loses Coveted Consumer Reports Recommendation

It Looks Like Idera Is Gutting Travis CI Just a Few Weeks After Acquiring It

Real-Time Chat Solutions vs. Chat Platforms

The Most Reputable Stack Overflow User

China’s Social Credit System:Millions Banned from Taking Flights, Trains in 2018

Five Best Practice Steps to Enterprise DevOps at Scale

KubeDB 0.10.0 Brings Redis Clustering Support

Flexport Hits $3.2B Valuation After $1B Investment Led by SoftBank

BMW Volleys Open-Source “Ramses” Distributed 3D Rendering System

Jupyter Notebooks – Cool Tricks- Timing Cells, Making Slides and Many More

Drupal Core – Highly Critical – Remote Code Execution

Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: UI Edition (Myths Retold as Dialog Boxes)

Ukrainian Software Development Industry: Year in Review, Prospects for 2019

Nike Just Bricked Its Self-Lacing Shoes by Accident

Show HN: Leon – Open-Source Personal Assistant

Waymo Car Responds to Human Direction at Broken Traffic Light

Opensource business intelligence and reporting solution

Public Records Reveal Shell-Company Secrecy That Google Uses

Facebook Has Behaved Like ’Digital Gangsters,’ U.K. Parliament Report Says