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An update about Redis developments in 2019

Why’s a Big Red Tanker Drifting Near Boston?

Software Piracy Birthed an Underground Art Scene (2018) [video]

Sam Altman: Bay Area is no longer the obvious place for startups

What Charles Bukowski’s Glamorous Displays of Alcoholism Left Out

Mcpp: A Portable C Preprocessor

A Heavily-Commented Linux Kernel Source Code [pdf]

Data-Driven Flowcharts in R Using DiagrammeR

12-Year-Old Claims to Have Achieved Nuclear Fusion at Home (2018)

Linus Torvalds on Why ARM Won’t Win the Server Space

Apple to Close Stores in Eastern District of Texas to Fight Patent Trolls

Hayabusa-2: Japan Spacecraft Touches Down on Asteroid

Four new DNA letters double life’s alphabet

Facebook Planned to Spy on Android Phone Users, Internal Emails Reveal

Weirdest Programming Languages – Codesmith Development

Producing an Application for Both Desktop and Mobile

A Brutal Look at Balanced Parentheses, Computing Machines, and Pushdown Automata

Human Interest (401(k) Provider) Is Hiring Engineers to Build Financial Systems

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Open Source Software

It Started With a Jolt: How New York Became a Tech Town

Show HN: Material Kit – Open Source UI for Bootstrap, React, Vuejs, React Native

0patch Blog: No Source Code for a 14-Year Old Vulnerable DLL? No Problem

Apple Is Blocking Linux User-Agent on

Intel Confirms Non-Volatile MRAM Is Being Produced with High Yield

How Did They Make TV Graphics in the 80s and 90s? Meet the Quantel Paintbox

Learning to Generalize from Sparse and Underspecified Rewards

Virgin Galactic Makes Space for Second Time in Ten Weeks with Three on Board

I Lost Faith in the Industry, Burned Out, but the Cult of the Tool Saved Me

The Mystery Behind How Adult Entertainment Boosts Technology

Pro-Amazon Protesters Paid to Demonstrate Against Company’s Withdrawal

Mark Zuckerberg Promised a Clear History Tool Almost a Year Ago

Seven Myths in Machine Learning Research

Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams Is Leaving the Company’s Board

Firefox to Block All 3rd Party Trackers by Default

Navy Files for Patent on Room-Temperature Superconductor

Privacy vs. “I Have Nothing to Hide”

YouTube to limit ads for creators whose videos receive ’inappropriate comments’

This Startup Does Not Exist

What Tesla’s Union-Busting Trial Means for the Rest of Silicon Valley (2018)

Apps Are Sharing Health and Finance Information with Facebook, Not Telling Users

Download 400 Colouring Books by Museums and Libraries Based on Their Collections

Architecting Waferscale Processors – A GPU Case Study [pdf]

Security PSA: “Hidden” Content Is Readable in Shared, Readonly Google Sheets

How An Investigation of Fake FCC Comments Snared a Prominent D.C. Media Firm

Jane Goodall: How Ending Poverty and Protecting the Environment Go Hand in Hand

Three Principles of Data Science: Predictability, Computability, and Stability

Build Modern HTML5 Desktop Apps in Go

Microsoft Workers’ Letter Demands Company Drop Army HoloLens Contract

Observability for Your Microservices Using Kong and Kubernetes

Why the National Debt Is the Wrong Problem to Care About

Why Tooltips Are Terrible, and How to Better Design Them

How to Make Your Organization Attractive to Engineering Talent

Show HN: Spam Your Friends Noodles MMS for an Hour

Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends the Tesla Model 3

2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty Debuts New ’Godzilla’ 7.3-Liter V8

“Make the Worst Volume Control You Can Imagine”

Netflix – Extending Vector with EBPF to Inspect Host and Container Performance

Is Haskell the Language of Geniuses and Academia?

Follow the Path of Least Resistance: An Oral History of ‘Office Space’

Democratizing Chrome Extension Security

Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target Users Interested in Nazism

Show HN: Digital Therapy App for Depression Treatment

Awful Products That Succeeded (Sales-Wise) Because of Great Marketing (2018)

The Russian Sleuth Who Outs Moscow’s Elite Hackers and Assassins

Show HN: Termpub – Epubreader for the Terminal

Build Your Own ‘Medicare for All’ Plan. Beware: There Are Tough Choices

EA and Activision Blizzard CEOs Featured in ’The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs’ Report