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ICANN Calls for DNSSEC for All Domains Following Domain Hijacking Attempts

The CPython Bytecode Compiler Is Dumb

New flaws in 4G, 5G allow attackers to intercept calls and track phone locations

FastMail loses customers, faces calls to move over anti-encryption laws

A psychiatrist who didn’t believe in mental illness (2013)

Why Pascal Is Not My Favorite Programming Language (1981)

Major survey finds worms are rare or absent in 20% of fields in England

Loglisp: An Alternative to Prolog (1982)

Is a shared database in microservices actually an anti-pattern?

How Discord Scaled Elixir to 5M Concurrent Users (2017)

Can Programming Be Liberated, Period? (2008) [pdf]

Paul Graham on the Transition to Meat Substitutes

Taiwanese horror game boycotted, removed from China market, company apologizes

CSS-Powered 3D Engine (2014)

A meta approach to implementing programming languages (2018)

WiPhone: A professionally-packaged Arduino phone

Remembering a Programming Language That Helped Shape the Digital New York Times

A FrankenPad Story: T25 with Quad-Core CPU and UHD LCD Panel

The Surprising Power of Online Experiments (2017)

How the 1918 Flu Spread Across America (2017)

The Case for Being Skeptical of Moral Outrage

The Cost of Abstraction (2016)

Lightweight versions of websites without all the bloat

Stream Ring Theory – A Turing-Complete Stream Algebra

AITopics, news and research about AI

Streak (YC S11) Is Looking for Engineers in Vancouver, BC

Enquire: Everything you wanted to know about your C compiler and machine

Tax Consequences of Medical Debt Forgiveness (2016)

Collection of 65 messaging patterns for enterprise integration

Facebook attacked over app that reveals period dates of its users

Directory of Open Access Journals

Containers as Kernel Objects – Again Hacked?

Meta-Learning in 50 Lines of JAX

Drafting Only Men for the Military Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

The Treeographer

ZPAQ – Incremental Journaling Backup Utility and Archiver

Mediums’ new model – why it sucks, and more business model ideas

Why Be Honest If Honesty Doesn’t Pay (1990)

Containers as Kernel Objects – Again

How to Make Your Organization Attractive to Engineering Talent

Developer Job Description Red Flags

Launch HN: Synbio School (Synthetic Biology)

Loccount 2.0: Count source lines of code in a project, now supports 74 languages

Optimize Python in Jupyter Notebook – A Comprehensive Guide

Kalashnikov assault rifle changed the world. Now there’s a Kalashnikov drone

Show HN: Burn After Clicking – One Time Use URL for Secrets

Show HN: Clarify – Awesome tools to Help You Launch and Manage Your Career

OpenAI’s GPT-2 on the Trolley Problem

Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on Serverless Computing [pdf]