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Show HN: Beautiful Python List Prompts Package

An Inside Look at How the Varroa Mite’s True Diet Was Discovered

Notes on the Amazon Aurora Paper

Show HN: Automatically synchronize subtitles with video

The Gyllenhaal Experiment

Universal Binaries Using WASM

Clair Patterson: scientist and campaigner against lead poisoning (2017)

Practical Facts about the Human Brain

’Extinct’ Formosan clouded leopard spotted in Taiwan

PureBoot, the High Security Boot Process

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: What Is Its Source Material?

De novo origins of multicellularity in response to predation

Stabilizer: Statistically sound performance evaluation [pdf]

GradientFlow: Training ImageNet in 1.5 Minutes on 512 GPUs

WebDAV (2010)

Unmutual friend: How Charles Dickens tried to place his wife in an asylum

Gopher: A Present for Redis

There May Be Money in Internet Art After All (1999)

Experiments and leaking company secrets through your testing infrastructure

About Face: Death and surrender to power in the clothing of men

Interview with Fritz Handel from BushBuddy (2009)

An Encoded Tree Traversal

Hydra – Live Coding Networked Visuals

Capsule Networks – A group of neurons which uses vectors to represent an object

Airtable Became a Unicorn by Reinventing the Spreadsheet

The Internet’s Back-to-the-Land Movement

Show HN: Game demo – Build a computer with logic

Azlo – Fee-free small business banking

Have Dark Forces Been Messing with the Cosmos?

Incentives to Attract Firms Induce Bad Selection [pdf]

Show HN: Serverless Page Builder

Tweets tell scientists how quickly we normalize unusual weather

Open-sourcing Magma to extend mobile networks

A Lightweight Kubernetes Distro Built for the Edge

A World Without Clouds: Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming

Iterative development: the secret to great product launches

Can We Delay a Greenhouse Warming? (1983) [pdf]

Microsoft CEO defends US military contract that employees say crosses a line

How to Break PDF Signatures

The structure of the special type of DOS files called directories (1998)

Android Is Helping Kill Passwords on a Billion Devices

Microsoft’s $399 Azure Kinect Dev Kit Now Available for Pre-Order

United and Delta Confirm That Their Premium Economy Screens Have Cameras

Show HN: Stand-Up/Meetings in VR for Remote Teams

Show HN: Make a hackintosh out of an older mac using Mojave patcher

Steven Sinofsky Twitter Thread on Mac/OS X on ARM

Oregon expected to enact first state-wide rent control law

Swansea Uni study: African wild dogs ’sneeze to vote’ (2017)

Suicide instructions spliced into kids’ cartoons on YouTube and YouTube Kids

Mission Is Possible: Tips on Building a Million Core Cluster

Microsoft CEO defends military contract that some employees say crosses a line

Going Deep on UUIDs and ULIDs

‘Austerity, That’s What I Know’: The Making of a Young U.K. Socialist

Cyber-Mercenary Groups Shouldn’t Be Trusted in the Browser or Anywhere Else

Papers from the computer science community to read and discuss

The Top 100 Marketing Blogs for Growth and SaaS

China’s Money Supply Has Outgrown Its Economy over Two Fold Since 2009

Mozilla may treat Aussie staff as ’insider threats’ to code base

Sqlite-utils: a Python library and CLI tool for building SQLite databases

Western Digital Unveils World’s Fastest 1TB UHS-I MicroSD Card

All Your VMs Are Disconnected: Attacking Hardware Virtualized Network (2017) [pdf]

SpaceX’s first Starship engine suffers “expected” damage during Raptor test fire

New microSD format promises insane transfer speeds, better battery life

Show HN: Tomato-Pie – A New UI for Pomodoro Technique

There is room for 1.2T new trees to absorb more C than human emissions each year

LisaDziuba/Awesome-Design-Tools: The best design tools for everything

California wants Silicon Valley to pay you a data dividend

California lawmakers introduce plan to end surprise ER bills

The end of Blu-ray and movie and TV show collecting

Nokia’s new budget phones promise clean Android for all

Some best practices for using Git

Google researchers say software alone can’t mitigate Spectre chip flaws

Understanding the Socio-Technical Challenges Faced by Law Enforcement [pdf]

Gorgeous maps of the world’s drainage basins

We Analyzed 13B Access Log Entries – Here’s What We Learned

Microsoft CEO defends US military contract that some employees say crosses line

Citing parental freedom, Arizona lawmakers move ahead with anti-vaccine bills

Safari’s default media controls blocked when applying a Content-Security-Policy

Some (Linux) Bugs Have All the Fun – Linux Journal

A Research Survey on Augmenting Source Code in Code Editors

Show HN: Featured Image Maker – Generator of Simple Featured Images

Syndrome K: The Fake Disease That Fooled the Nazis and Saved Lives (2017)

Lenovo’s External USB-C Display Could Be on Every Laptop User’s Wishlist

How the Saudis Made Jeff Bezos Public Enemy No. 1

AMD Athlon 240GE and 220GE Review: Retaking the Low Ground,5988.html

H-1B worker visas in doubt as Trump immigration crackdown widens

Can America Still Build Big? A California Rail Project Raises Doubts

The Seven Tools of Causal Inference with Reflections on Machine Learning

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Show HN: AirSecure – Simple, Open Source, 2FA Key Management Built at EthDenver

Show HN: React Resources – 2200 resources in 138 topics, by 1020 developers