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Redis Turns 10 – How it started with a single post on Hacker News

k3s – Lightweight Kubernetes

Amazon Personalize: Real-Time recommendation, based on tech used at

Nginx 1.15.9 adds support for dynamic certificate loading

FTC Brings First Case Challenging Fake Paid Reviews on an Indie Retail Website

Taxing Uber and Lyft rides is L.A’s latest plan to free up congested roads

Pi-Hole – A black hole for Internet advertisements

Zeus Is Hiring Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc.

Nadella: Microsoft will sell war tech to democracies to “protect freedoms”

Additively manufacturable micro-mechanical logic gates

Show HN: Visual Studio Code for Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi

Show HN: AdaBound, an optimizer that trains as fast as Adam and as good as SGD

The Unscalable, Deadlock-Prone, Thread Pool

Find Files (Ff) – File Search Utility in Rust

Keeping the Keck Telescopes Running

WAL-G – fast archival and restoration for PostgreSQL

California keeps a secret list of criminal cops, but says you can’t have it

Show HN: Zero – A fast, zero-configuration server for React, Node.js, Markdown

Dori-Mic and the Universal Machine

MakerLisp Machine

Cloudflare expands its government warrant canaries

Environment Variables: For and Against

The most popular docker images each contain at least 30 vulnerabilities

Discerning the Origins of the Negritos, First Sundaland People

Is Elon Musk trying to commit ‘suicide by SEC’ by taunting the agency?

Running a Bakery on Emacs and PostgreSQL

Wonderful Python3 Library for working with webpages’ semantic content

Machine learning can boost the value of wind energy

Spinning Up in Deep RL – Workshop Review

Show HN: Archie – Easy cross-compilation for busy developers

80 Characters per Line Is a Standard Worth Sticking to Even Today

Discord’s OAuth permission prompt has joke permissions creating a confusing UX

Congresswoman questions Equifax CEO about data breach

Microsoft has open sourced their Front end Bootcamp training materials

Create a Clockwork Mechanical Camera for Venus

The wonderfully weird world of Shintaro Kago, manga outsider

History of Iterative and Incremental Development (2014)

Distroverify 1.0 released, the ultimate tool to verify ISO’s

Showing the world how real soy sauce is supposed to taste

A Book about Qt5

Source-to-Source Compiler (Transpiler)

Show HN: KeyDB – A Multithreaded Fork of Redis

A curated list of web-app firewall (WAF) stuff

FileSend – Simple open source client side encrypted file sharing service

Consumer Data Privacy Hearings Without Enough Consumer Data Privacy Advocates

Military wants to power bases with small nuclear reactors

Surveillance firm asks Mozilla to be included in Firefox’s certificate whitelist

Cask: A Scala HTTP Micro-Framework Inspired by Python’s Flask

New browser attack lets hackers run bad code even after users leave a web page

Hyper-G, a protocol that wanted to fix HTTP in 1995

The tech giant fighting anti-vaxxers isn’t Twitter or Facebook. It’s Pinterest

Intel’s neuro guru slams deep learning: ‘it’s not learning’

Orange Pi 3 review: A Raspberry Pi rival that’s a serious disappointment

Show HN: Bypassing ad blockers for Google Analytics

Semantics-Aware Code Generation to Find Vulnerabilities in JavaScript Engines

The Unscalable, Deadlock-Prone, Thread Pool

Thinking of Self-Studying Machine Learning? Remind Yourself of These Things

Governor and mayor say weed tax and congestion pricing will fund NYC subways

EU elections 2019: We will only vote for politicians who vote against Article 13

Asking these three questions will help you see through purpose-washing

A court official failed to click a box – and a witness paid with his life

Nasa Study: Human Activity in China and India Dominates the Greening of Earth

Boarding Passenger Arrested Sued After Tossing Coins in Jet Engine for Good Luck

USB-If Confusingly Merges USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Under New USB 3.2 Branding

DrainerBot infected apps play invisible videos to drain your data

Plain wrong: Millions of utility customers’ passwords stored in plain text

Most upvoted HN posts on bootstrapping

An Introduction to Go (CERN) - Why and how to write good Go code

Startup maestro dupes Alabama town through network of lies

Show HN: pdscan – Scan Your Data Stores for Unencrypted Personal Data

What can a technologist do about climate change? (2015)

Drowned out by the algorithm: Pro-vaccine advocates struggle to be heard online

New-Age Bullshit Generator (2014)

Breakthrough: US Military Files Patent for Room-Temperature Superconductor

This Startup Does Not Exist

SEC Says Elon Musk Violated Settlement, Asks Judge to Hold Him in Contempt