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The password “ji32k7au4a83” has been seen over a hundred times

First Confirmed Denisovan Skull Piece Found

Facebook won’t let you opt-out of its phone number ‘look up’ setting

A Book about Qt5

Scientists brew cannabis using hacked beer yeast

Python Data Science Handbook: Full Text in Jupyter Notebooks

China’s social network surveillance databases are apparently leaked to Internet

Amazon stops selling Dash buttons

Serverless collaborative editor using CRDT

The Shutdown Problem: How Does a Blockchain System End?

Lithium in drinking water and crimes, suicides related to drug addictions (1990)

Google reveals “high severity” flaw in MacOS kernel

Ten Years of Using SPARK to Build CubeSat Nano Satellites with Students


Designing a package manager from the ground up

Warren’s Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction (1991) [pdf]

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger FAQ

WRF Official Repository – Weather Research and Forecasting

California bullet train plan likely to run out of money before completion

Securing Update Propagation with Homomorphic Hashing [pdf]

Wayland McWayface (a tutorial compositor) on the JVM using jextract

The Birthday Paradox – On Jupiter, and Beyond (2012)

The computational geometry of deep rectifier networks

Room Temperature Conversion of CO2 to Coal

How to Draw a Startup That Looks Different from Other Startups

Bootstrapping Calculator: Do you have enough savings to fund your business?

India Loses Dogfight, and Questions Arise About Its ‘Vintage’ Military

Case Study: Npm uses Rust for its CPU-bound bottlenecks [pdf]

How Are Function Components Different from Classes?

In job interviews, 100% of respondents willing to stretch the truth, study finds

Drug Companies and Doctors Battle over the Future of Fecal Transplants

Top books discussed on Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites

Show HN: A tool to upload/download files from command line

Pika: Making it easier to find, publish, install, and use modern packages on npm

Cheatsheet for Sys Admins

Show HN: Clio Programming Language

The Life of a Comment Moderator for a Right-Wing Website

Facebook threatened to pull investment from EU and CAD if demands were not met

What you need may be “pipeline +Unix commands” only

Show HN: PivotHelper, utility for generating Pivot tables and charts

Microsoft, Red Hat, Mozilla, EFF Urge Supreme Court to Scrap Oracle Patent Case

Show HN: Exoplanets Data Visualisation Using D3.js

NIST 800-63B Digital Identity Guidelines

Carpocalypse now: Lyft’s founders are right – we’re in the endgame for cars

Decision-Making: The Most Undervalued Skill in Software Engineering

Listening to music ’significantly impairs’ creativity

You Can Negotiate a 3-Day Weekend: a book for devs who want a shorter workweek

How Do Mixture Density RNNs Predict the Future?

Probiotic-Based Sanitation Method Reduces Hospital Infections by 50%

Why Facebook and Google don’t care about their scandals–or you

What-the-pack: ultra-fast messagepack in JavaScript for Node.js and browsers

UK weather: February temperature jump was incredible, says climate expert

I’m Brian Fox, Author of the Bash Shell, and This Is How I Work (2017)

Python Security Best Practices Cheat Sheet

Facebook privacy settings are about as effective as a close door elevator button

Achieve Warp Speed with Rust

NLP Research Breakthroughs You Can Apply to Your Business

SpaceX Dragon ISS Docking in Progress

Show HN: Discord Bot Library Written in Emojicode

Dealing with absence of value in programming languages

A useful block diagram showing that AI projects are simpler than you think

Show HN: DCGAN Face Generator

Microsoft’s new tool to take a picture of a spreadsheet and import it into Excel

Facebook’s planned “cryptocurrency” – which almost certainly isn’t one

Facebook pressured Canada to ease up on data rules, U.K. reports say